EGYPT: Morsi official says, ” The Holocaust was a hoax invented by U.S. Intelligence operatives”

morsi-anti1He also claimed the 6 million Jews who allegedly were killed by the Nazis actually left Europe and moved to the United States. And these are the folks to whom Barack Hussein Obama is sending 20 F-16 jet fighters, at U.S. taxpayer expense.

The claims by Fathi Shihab-Eddim who is responsible for appointing the editors of all state-run Egyptian newspapers, came as the world marked Holocaust Remembrance Day on 27 January. Efraim Zuroff of the Simon Weisenthal Center said that “The sad truth is that [such] views are relatively common in the Arab world and are the result of ignorance and government-sponsored Jew-hatred.”


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  1. No, Mr. Morsi, it was not fabricated by American ‘Intelligence Assets’ (because too many American Soldiers SAW the Death Camps and both the ‘living skeletons’ and the ‘dead bodies’! It Was Not (and IS NOT) a Hoax!

  2. I remember comments by Gen IKE at the end of WW2 when he got film crews and the local german people to record what they found in the nazi death camps .It hasnt taken long for the denials to start.Maybe its time to replay these films on every TV channel as a reminder of what so many brave men and women did so some of the many idiots is this world freedom to speak the bullshit that is being said now.

  3. How embarrassing for the Muslim Brotherhood they can’t get their story straight, Egypt welcomed Hitler for a visit and so many of his Nazi monsters sought refuge there as WW2 closed out. Many of these individuals are known to have contributed to the hate propaganda that is the theme of modern day islam. Look at any of these islamofacist imams ranting and raving on YouTube today and it’s so evident the rhetoric is Nazi rehash. Islam is a joke.

  4. Oh boy! Now HAJI HILLARY can claim STUPID. I did not know that the Muslim Brotherhood wads bad. My aide Huma assured me they were nice gential people that just wanted freedom. She would not lie to me while having sex,would you my love?

  5. The more I hear about Muhammad Morsi, the more I am convinced that he is, as Penn Jillette puts it, “bug nutty, bat shit crazy!”

  6. Obama team to conquer the west!!!!!!!!!!!
    The dark age of fascisms is coming very, very fast!!!!!!!
    Buy guns and hide them as much you can, we will gonna need them to fight for our lifes, for our freedom!!!!!!

    • Hide them my ass, use them at the appropriate time, you’ll know when that is, trust in no one other then self, for preservation of both your God given RESPONSIBILITY as a free man and to defend those who would suffer at the hands of these damned evil fools. I would not recomend that approach, why? They seem to be under the spell of satan, you don’t hide from him, and as the old saying goes, “don’t bother to call upon the devil, he’ll come along without your request”, so goes with this regime of fools, otherwise known as obama’s bin lyn’ and his cronies. Hide, no fricken way, I want them to see the face of a determined Patriots who has no fear of them whatsoever and as they continue to suggest, I am a potential terrorist being as I am a Veteran with decades of Service to the Constitution, my people, family, to the Nation, I am a believer of our Bill of Rights and no its not a “living document, rendered useless in these days and times written by a bunch of old white guys who just happened to own slaves”, I don’t believe in their sin of murder of the innocence, babies in and out of the womb, I am one of millions who is a threat against their designs to enslave my Countrymen/ladies, our Nation for their evil purposes, nayI will not hide a thing from them, but, they will know my intentions are true, my aim steady, and fear of dying, nah don’t fear that at all, I only fear the Lord of being accused of being a coward, hide my ass, I will go looking for the trouble makers and make damn sure they pay a price for this wickedness they spread throughout this world, I will have my vengence in this life or the next, their choice, not mine.

  7. For morsi, from an American, you are a stupid son-of-a-bitch. Pure and simple. You would fit in nicely with this country’s administration. Apply online.

    • I TOTALLY AGREE. This is the part most reasoning human beings DO NOT UNDERSTAND. Too bad cuz their future generations will be going to school with a lunch pail under one arm and a prayer rug under the other. Looking forward to watching noses and hands cut off in the town’s square. Absurd? NOPE. What is absurd that most do not get that no one can make deals with these lying devils…..

  8. Say a lie loud enough and enough times and fools begin to believe it to be true. We are the fools too for thinking that we can be in treaties and allies to muslims who can not even be true to other muslims if they are from a different cult group, such as sunni’s hating kurds, hating shia and so on. You can make deals with the lying devils of islam because they are told to lie to d’himmis. We must never forget the atrocities done to the Jews by the nazi and the islamist. To forget is to repeat the horrors of the past. God bless Israel and all who stand with her.

  9. This is pure evil, LIAR !!!!
    i have also heard to my horror there is a new accusation going around and taking hold amongst Germans even, that thousands if not millions of German POW’s were sent to the USA and were starved to death in camps.
    Seems the spirit of Hitler ( the useful idiot influenced by I-slam is my theory) went nowhere and all his and other ancient libels and evil accusations against the ” Joooos” are being re- hashed and once again dished up as truth and the problem is, many (even “Christians”, but nothing new after all) are swallowing it whole.

  10. BNI: The following may be of interest to you.

    Is Fox News really different?

    Many even believe Fox leans to the right and provides news they can’t get anywhere else.

    But is Fox really different from the rest of the media?
    Or has it been successful merely at positioning itself as different?

    Would it surprise you to know that individuals at News Corp.,
    the parent company of Fox News, gave nearly six times as
    much money to Barack Obama than Mitt Romney in the
    2011-2012 election cycle?

    Would it surprise you to know that individuals at News Corp.
    gave more to Rep. Howard Berman, D-Calif., than to Mitt Romney?

    Would it surprise you to know that individuals at News Corp.
    gave more to Ben Cardin, Democrat from Maryland, than to Mitt Romney?

    Would it surprise you to know that News Corp. gave more than twice
    as much to Democratic candidates in 2012 than to Republicans?

    Would it surprise you that this pattern was about the same in 2010 and 2008?

    Would it surprise you to know that News Corp. gave far more money to
    Democrats running for both the House and Senate in 2012 than to Republicans?

  11. “Out of context”, is the Islamist polemic to their own words and actions. Lie – they can’t help themselves. Their god, allah, being Satan in fact, is the father of lies. I believe one of his 99 names is ‘the Great Deciever’. What more proof do you need?

  12. Lying cunt, because the country there I am from (Lithuania) happened one of the most cruel parts of Holocaust and I spoke with some elderly people who lived at this period and they told me much things about how nazis and local coloborants killed Jews. In my hometown before war lived 500 Jews, after war few left. Did these 500 people left to USA? No, they there brutually killed. I am pissed of people or should I say scum, who are living thousands miles away in different culture and telling such bullshit. I mean not just this lying cunt Mursi, but some non-muslim idiots who writting books that Holocaust didn’t happen. They live in Canada or USA, far from Poland, Lithuania, Hungary, Ukraine and other countries and they saying such bullshit.

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