GERMANY: Minority students are being threatened and harassed in school

64217Often they’re ridiculed, bullied, and sometimes are even beaten up for no reason. In class, barely anybody speaks to them, they keep a low profile, rarely voice their opinion – in short, they’re not integrated into their own school. But these are not Muslim immigrant children in a German school, these are German children being tormented by Muslims in their own schools. This is ‘Infidelophobia’ and it’s a problem nobody wants to talk about.


There are several schools in Germany where Muslim immigrant children outnumber Germans. As Muslim immigration, especially from Turkey, has poured millions of Muslims into Germany, they have started to outnumber native German students in some schools. Students are reluctant to report the bullying to their teachers for fear of being accused of racism. As a result, German parents are moving to neighborhoods where Muslims have yet to invade so their children can be safe in school.

One ten-year-old Christian boy who said he didn’t believe in God was chased and attacked by Muslim students who said, “You are Christian shit.” Female German teachers are disrespected by Muslim students who have no fear of saying, “Don’t speak to her, she’s just a German slut.”

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  1. “Syria was intentionally destabilised” 

    Part 1 “Flood Sweden, Norway, Germany, the EU and UK then eventually America with Islamic refugees, who will eventually create a powerful enough voting block in every country they enter by ensuring hard-left, pro-open door immigration politicians continue to get voted into office.”

    Part 2 Use militant Islamic groups of men to destroy social cohesion and through their violence and unrest totalitarian measures will increase under the pretence of managing the chaos. 

Part 3 “Once social cohesion and a sense of national identity have been shattered, the next phase is to destroy independent nation states in favour of a global Caliphate government.”

    President Milos Zeman claimed the influx was masterminded by Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood which uses money from several states to finance it in a bid to ‘gradually control Europe’.

  2. I would like to apologize on behalf of all Muslims who have misbehaved and cast a dark shadow on the teachings of our religion. Our religion does not teach this, I reassure you

  3. The journalist in the above video is one of the few naturalized Germans of Turkish descent who does not represent Muslims in the eternal victim’s role but rather as perpetrators. In her videos, she regularly shows what most ethnic Germans do not dare to talk about so openly for fear of being called a nazi. If we only had Turkish and other immigrants from Muslim countries like her, Germany would be a much safer place. Germans like Zick (who was mentioned in a recent BNI article about Germans hating Islam, too) however, do all their so called research in order to “prove” how xenophobic and narrow-minded the Germans are. The more Germans they can put in the extreme right-wing corner, the more well paid reeducation jobs they get.

    • I would like these people to come to NYC and rob all of my neighbors. That would give me great happiness. I would love them to come here after they get rid of US ARMY Europe and made EU citizenship rules with unlimited VISA to USA and get rid of illegal aliens….please BOYChIK take our SH*t jobs and FILL our tax coffers….

    • This article is right that these muslims are taking advantage of the minority- a case of the bullied bullying. Doesn’t mean if it happened to you, you have a right to do it to someone else. But I also think you are wrong. Islam is not the culprit- Islam is just the thing they identify themselves with. It like saying that you are not alcoholic, and binge drinking all day.

  4. It is up to the school system to defend their children from bullies. Any student that does not respect their teachers must be suspended. That is especially true of muslim male students disrespecting their female teachers because that is the way that muslims are taught to disrespect women as lower class citizens. The school system must take control or be ashamed of themselves.

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