THE UNBELIEVER’S HANDY GUIDE to understanding why you are NOT an ‘Islamophobe’ if you hate Islam

Make enough copies to hand out to all your fellow unbelievers (non-Muslims) as well as to Muslims who try to sell you on the ‘Religion of Peace’ crap. It’s much easier than arguing until you are blue in the face.

Newbernsj  (h/t winterspirit) Islamic scholars agree that Sharia (Islamic law) embraces the law, the state, religion and politics. In fact, Islam is not a religion in any Western sense of the word. It is a complete ideological system. Islam has military, political, legal, economic, social, and religious components. Islam primarily is a political and military doctrine, dedicated to world conquest that wears the cloak of religion. The religious cloak is the cover and the Trojan horse it uses to infiltrate the cultures, nations and civilizations it seeks to destroy and replace with Islamic totalitarianism.

Scholar and former Muslim Ibn Warraq says, “Islam itself is a fascist ideology. Islamic fundamentalism is a totalitarian construct derived by Muslim jurists from the fundamental and defining texts of Islam [Qur’an, ahadith, Sira].” Like Marxism and Nazism, Islam is a brutal, oppressive totalitarian ideology that is completely incompatible with democracy, individual liberty, and individualism.

Murder is a core Islamic “value.” Islam commands Muslims to kill non-Muslims. It is their religious duty. Surah 9:5, 9:29, and other Qur’anic verses command Muslims to, “Fight and slay the pagans wherever you find them…” More than 100 times the Qur’an calls Muslims to jihad until the supremacy of Islam over the entire world is complete. Islam is a system that institutionalizes war, conquest, imperialism and subjugation as its normative behaviors.

In his 1955 book “War and Peace in the Law of Islam,” internationally renowned Iraqi scholar of Sharia, Majid Khadduri explained that, “the Islamic state … sought to establish Islam as the dominant reigning ideology over the entire world. The jihad was therefore employed as an instrument for both the universalization of religion and the establishment of an imperial world state.”

Hatred is a core Islamic “value.” Hatred is built into Islam. Former Muslim Walid Shoebat says, “Hatred of Jews was my education, what I was taught each day by teachers and parents and the entire community. I knew nothing else.”

The Qur’an says Allah hates non-Muslims and sees them as worse than animals. He compares non-Muslims with dogs, pigs, apes. (Q8:55, Q25:44, Q7:176). Muslims and non-Muslims can never be equal (Q39:9; also Q6:50, 28:61, 32:19, 35:19-22, 38:28, 40:58, 45:21, 59:20, 67:22, 68:35). Muslims are the “best of peoples” (Q3:110); Unbelievers are the “vilest of creatures” (98:6). The Pagans are unclean (Q9:28).

Housed on the Hudson Institute website, The Center for Religious Freedom produced a report published in 2005 entitled, “Saudi Publications on Hate Ideology Fill American Mosques.” Here are a few quotes from the Saudi material: “Be dissociated from the infidels, hate them for their religion, do not admire them, and always oppose them in every way according to Islamic law. It is a religious obligation for Muslims to hate Christians and Jews. It is a Muslim’s religious duty to cultivate enmity between oneself and unbelievers.”

TQIYYA ( lying and deceit) is a core Islamic “value”:

* Muhammad said, “War is deceit.” Like other totalitarian ideologies, lies and deceit are common tools.

* “Lying and deceit are a part of the Islamic mind-set.” (Former Muslim, former Al-Azhar University professor, Dr Mark Gabriel)

* “Muslims have every right to lie and to deceive their adversaries, and a promise made to a non-Muslim can be broken whenever necessary.” (Amir Taheri)

* “It is permissible to lie if attaining the goal is permissible.” (al-Ghazali, 1058-1111)

According to the authoritative Arabic text, Al-Taqiyya Fi Al-Islam:

* “Taqiyya [deception] is of fundamental importance in Islam.

* Practically every Islamic sect agrees to it and practices it.

* We can go so far as to say that the practice of taqiyya is mainstream in Islam.

* Taqiyya is very prevalent in Islamic politics, especially in the modern era.”

There are other forms of Muslim deceit, such as tawriya (creative lying) and different meanings for the same words. In Islam, “freedom” means perfect submission to Allah and Sharia. Peace means no opposition, a society under Sharia. Same with “terrorism”; they call it “resistance”. Islamic “resistance” includes mass-murder attacks against people

Since the sacred goal of jihad is to make Islam supreme in this world, every lie told to achieve that goal is not only permitted, but sanctified. Obviously it is good for Islam that the infidel should be kept ignorant of their true intentions, which leads us to the subject at hand.

Muslims are very shrewd when it comes to giving gullible infidels a sanitized, revisionist version of Islam, which has nothing to do with reality. Islam and its apologists have been very successful in placing blatantly false materials before the American public. Our media is filled with Islamic apologists who regularly mislead us. PBS has broadcast numerous “documentaries” filled with falsehoods that deceive viewers into thinking Islam is not violent. PBS is a shill for Islam. Leftists and Islam’s apologist dominate our universities. Factual and historical information is blocked. Students are given a false understanding of Islam and its intentions.

Books about Islam placed by Muslims in our schools and colleges do not address the aforementioned realities of Islam. Nor do they include the truth concerning Islam’s view of human rights (rejected), freedom of speech (not tolerated), religious freedom (not tolerated), oppression of women (including female genital mutilation), the plight of children (e.g., child marriages – a euphemism for child rape), slavery and slaveholding (still prevalent in Islam), or Islam being totally incompatible with, and hostile to democracy.  Dr. Thomas Sowell did the research and found that Islam has enslaved 25 million black Africans from the seventh century until the present day. Islam’s enslavement of Africans continues today.

Just because these materials are free doesn’t mean we should accept them. The Nazis would have been glad to place their propaganda in our schools for free to brainwash our youth. 

Hatred, deception, war, and oppression are central to Islam. Islam has been at war with the world for 1,400 years, and deceit is one of its most important weapons against us. Allowing a totalitarian ideology to place its propaganda in our education system is comparable to placing Nazi propaganda in our schools in 1939. It is outrageous and unconscionable.


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  1. assalam alaykom(السلام عليكم) ,This greeting of Islam; assalam=peace
    First of all, Islam exists in the Gospels and the name of Prophet Muhammad, too. Course, if you read the correct version of the Gospel. Conclude that the foundations of this religion is not deceive or trick. We believe that Jesus is the prophet of God, and not his son, because God does not need any have a son,We are in our religion, prohibits insulting the prophets and abuse them and this shows the value of tolerance in Islam.About jihad, you think the resistance in Palestine, for example, terrorism.But you forget or deliberately, the Zionist army’s crimes against innocent children and women and infants as well.A shame that Tat executioner to kill the victim.Remind that Taido read the Gospel and to prove that the name Muhammad is precisely Ahmed.’ll Learn the power of this religion

    • If you are a proud muslim then that must mean that you can defend the pervert prophet mohammed (may a 1000 gallons of pig shit be upon him), go on then, i have not yet seen a muslim defend islam or the pedophile rapist prophet mohammed (may he be spit roasted and take ATM for an eternity) yet, but with you being a “proud” muslim i truly believe that you will, just think!! if you successfully manage this, I would guarantee that this site and all others like it would close, just imagine what the rapist prophet mohammed (may a 1000 puppies shit in his mouth) and his cave pimp allah would give you in islamic heaven.. The question is…..Are you pious and strong enough in your belief of islam to do it??

    • Actually, the name “Muhammad” appears NOWHERE in the Gospels, or anywhere else, in the Bible. The Septuagint (Hebrew Bible translated into Greek in 275BC, 8 centuries prior to the start of Mohammedanism *Islam*) has NO mention of Muhammad, Islam, or allah. None of the 25k+ sections, fragments, entire bibles, or parts thereof contain any mention of Muhammad, allah, or islam.

      So, try that taqqiya somewhere else.

      Have a Yahweh/Yeshua-blessed day. :)

    • The POWER of “this religion” is entirely and SATANICALLY E—V—I—L!!!!!

      [I realise, Ms. BNI, that likely the following words will be discounted by most if not all Moslems; however, let this serve as a sort of summary whenever we answer them back as to why we abhor them…]

      Denying Mankind’s GIFTS of art, music, science and even Western medicine (among other things) is ALL Satanically EVIL: there’s absolutely NO WAY a True God would EVER Give Mankind ALL these gifts only to have him deny himself or God ANY – let alone ALL!!! – of the pleasure, glory and many other benefits of these TALENTS!!!!

      Thinking that God Would Create creatures to be hated and persecuted merely out of that they’re “unclean” (dogs {Mankind’s BEST FRIEND!!!}, pigs {also a great friend in not only food but also research as well as pets!} and apes {vital for understanding the closest cousin to Man Himself})is itself the sheerest possible BLASPHEMY!!!! God Almighty is NOT evil in the slightest – He Is the Fount of ALL Goodness!!! On the other hand, your “allah” is not only EVIL (of whom the Qu’rân speaks of as the “supreme deceiver” – NOT a “Godly” attribute!!!), but SADISTICALLY SO!!!! Only a Satanically-EVIL “deity” can rejoice in fomenting hate (especially from Mankind against women, children, animals and anybody & anything “un-Islamic”!!!!!).

      Only Satan can rejoice in wishing for DESTRUCTION and MISERY against ANY class of people, animals, spirits or anything and anybody else!!!! What good can the destruction of the Library of Alexandria in AD 640 or of the Bamiyan Buddhas in 2000 EVER proclaim??? WHERE is the Glorification of God in all those deeds of absolute BARBARISM???? How can one EVER rejoice in the total destruction of knowledge, especially if it can be put to good use???

      Your “allah” is NOT a ‘god’ of love (unlike our Yahweh {YHWH}!!!); furthermore, he is the most ‘impotent’ imaginable kind of ‘god’!!!! He does NO miracles whatsoever (again unlike Yahweh!!!) and needs his adherents to do everything for him, including cheating, hurting and killing people, especially ex-Moslems who want to leave Islam!!! Such are NOT the attributes of a truly-loving, all-mighty, all-good REAL God – to the contrary, they describe SATAN, the Devil, to a “t”!!!!!

      If Islam were so good, why do you have to kill your “apostates”?? Why the need to hate everything and everybody non-Moslem??? Why the need to stop anybody from thinking for himself? Why the need for total conformity and total lack of freedom? Merely because a “prophet” calls for these things?? In truth you Moslems are not worshipping “allah” but Mohammed – and how in good conscience can one EVER worship, or adulate, a murderer, genocide, rapist, thief, hater, liar (such that even his best friends couldn’t trust him), pædophile, necrophiliac, bestialist and overall somebody who had overall NOTHING GOOD ABOUT HIM WHATSOEVER?????

      Have you, “proud moslem”, EVER THOUGHT ABOUT THOSE THINGS???? Honestly!!!…

      That is why we Westerners – as Ms. BNI so correctly put it: “You [Moslems} should call” yourselves ASHAMED!!! That’s why we think of you as inbred morons!!!

      THAT IS WHY we Westerners abominate and loathe Islam with everything we have and are!!! That’s why we say, now and always and for evermore:

      DEATH TO ISLAM (and ALL totalitarianism whatsoever)!!!!!

  2. “Dr. Thomas Sowell…” on slavery. Add these notes:
    The legality of slavery in Islam, together with the example of the Prophet Muhammad,
    who himself bought, sold, captured, and owned slaves,
    may explain why slavery persisted until the 19th century
    in many [islamist] places (and later still in some countries).
    slavery claiming the sanction of Islam is documented presently
    in the African republics of Chad, Mauritania, Niger, Mali and Sudan.
    According to Robert Davis between 1 million and 1.25 million Europeans
    were captured by Barbary corsairs, who were vassals of the Ottoman Empire,
    and sold as slaves between the 16th and 19th centuries.
    Historians estimate that between 10 and 18 million Africans
    were enslaved by islamist Arab slave traders and taken across the Red Sea,
    Indian Ocean, and Sahara desert between 650 and 1900.

    How about that numpity Farrakhan, NBP, NAACP, and Folder and ‘his’ people?



  4. Nice Scholarly work. I’m glad that more people are getting aware of Muslim propaganda. Apologists will sure feed everyone with “Good Citizen” mask. But it is need of time that they are unmasked.

  5. What more do we need to heart about islamofascism, to understand that is not a religion, but the worst totalitary dicatorship that ever apear on face of earth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Yusuf al-Qaradawi (Egyptian Islamic Cleric)

    “Without the ‘Death for Apostasy’ laws, Islam would have failed with the death of Mohamed”

  7. As complete and informative as the above narrative is, I’ll permit myself to add a bit of perspective to it.

    There are 1,300,000,000 or more Muslims, world-wide. Perhaps 10% of them are actively violent in their pursuit of jihad. Another 30% would actively support those who are presently violent, and another 30% would cheer from the sidelines and encourage any advancement of jihad, but would likely not actively engage in either violence or support thereof. So, roughly one billion people fall into one or the other of the above categories.

    When not killing each other over minor disputes about the proper interpretation of the Quran’s true meaning, they are willing to kill, maim, undermine or use anyone and anything outside their “religion”, to advance what they perceive as the will of Allah in all parts of the non-Muslim world — especially Europe, Israel and (the biggie) the United States.

    No need to reflect here on what has happened in Britain, France, Spain, Italy, Sweden, Holland and elsewhere (and is starting to become visible in the U.S. — think “Dearborn”). It is terribly scary, but for the moment, hard to get ordinary citizens to focus upon. The stories seem kind of bizarre, and happening “somewhere else”.

    It is worth asking one’s self what Islam has contributed to the modern world. Advances in health care? In transportation? Women’s and homosexual rights? Architecture? Space or oceanic exploration? Military aircraft or space vehicles?

    Let’s face it — NONE OF THE ABOVE, and little you can think of in a very creative moment, either.

    Islam is all about destruction, not about contributing or developing. In our parlance, it is not only evil, but constantly negative. In all aspects of life including jihad, it is joyless and endlessly oppressive. It is full of lies, duplicity and the worst kinds of hypocrisy.

    The Islamists will never have their way in the U.S., but they will cause havoc before any resolution comes about (if any ever does), and it’s a terrible thing to contemplate that we have a president who, if not a professed Muslim, is highly tuned to making the Muslim community in the U.S. immune from criticism.

    Much more to be said, but the key words for all of us who might be affected, are “vigilance” and “activism”. If you can’t stop the new mosque in your area, then find out how to monitor what goes on there. Your life may depend upon that.

  8. there’s an excerpt of the book written by Dr.Peter Hammond makes the rounds on the internet The book is called Slavery, Terrorism and Islam: Historical Roots and Contempoary Threat.
    this excerpt details exactly how Islam and creeping Sharia manifests itself into the world bit by bit year by year and century by century.

  9. An Excellent Essay BNI telling the ‘Dark Truth about Islam’ I shall send this forward to people that don’t like reading about Islam in the hope that some wake up.

  10. I refuse to be labeled an ‘Islamophobe’ because the term was coined by the Muslim Brotherhood to stop criticism about their unholy farce of a religion. I truly do despise Islam with every fiber of my being because the hard truth about Islam goes against everything I stand for which includes my equality, rights, freedoms, and western way of life. I refuse to be submissive and silent to such hatred and violence cloaked in the veil of Islam. I also have amazing curly hair which will never, ever, be veiled. Had to say that.

    I should be labeled ‘smart’, ‘aware and educated’, ‘pro-freedom’, and ‘pro-Christian/Jewish’. Take the Islamophobe label away and you have a proud Canadian who will not be intimidated into silence.

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