WOO HOO! France has announced that it will deport even more radical extremist imams

French Interior Minister Manuel Valls has said that Paris is set to deport a string of radical religious imams as part of a fight against “global jihadism.”

al-Jazeera “Several radical imams will be expelled in the coming days,” Valls told a Brussels conference called to tackle Islamic extremism in Europe on Tuesday, without identifying any of the individuals concerned.

French Interior Minister Manuel Valls told a conference that several 'radical foreign preachers' will be expelled

French Interior Minister Manuel Valls told a conference that several ‘radical foreign hate preachers’ will be expelled

“There is a religious environment, there are radical Salafist groupings, who are involved in a political process, whose aim is to monopolise cultural associations, the schooling system,” he added. “We will expel all these imams who denigrate women, who hold views that run counter to our values and who say there is a need to combat France. “We have to be extremely firm and that I will be,” he said.

The move is part of a programme that France has carried for years against those who preach violence or considered to be a threat to public order and French values.

Last October, France has expelled a Tunisian imam accused of anti-Semitism and of calling his followers to “violent jihad” and violence against women, the interior ministry said. Mohamed Hammami was deported to Tunisia, where he is a citizen.” “In his sermons,” Hammami “encouraged violent jihad, made anti-Semitic remarks and justified the use of violence and corporal punishment against women.” 

Mohamed Hammami

Mohamed Hammami



37 comments on “WOO HOO! France has announced that it will deport even more radical extremist imams

  1. Then there is the next vital step….Razing their mosques as they deport imams and other moslems along with cancelling their citizenship. They will know they have it right when rapes drop to zero and there is not a mosque in france.

  2. well done france, at least you have got the bollocks to kick them out, not like the u.k and this fookin human rights act, all islamic exstreamists should be booted out of every country in europe, and the world and send the scum back to there own country. even if you were born there, you preach hatred then expect your punishment, there is no place for you in our country..

  3. I have a problem with the deportation of these Imams. Remember the overthrow of the Shaw of Iran and the result is, today we are looking at Nukes coming out of Iran, as a thank you to Jimmy Carter for being a lefty and on STUPID STEROIDS. We pay the price. So lets just hang em!

  4. C’est beau la France.Faites le ménage,c`est eux les racistes.La réaction des francais de souche est une réaction normale.

  5. Hurrah! They finally came to life. I had a thought that has nothing to do with this but just the same, I’d like to share it. I hope Obama has a monument built for himself. I’m amazed that with his ego he has let four years go by without building a monument of him on a horse ad the great leader. The reason I would like to see that is because I’d like to be on hand when we tear it down. It will give him a stroke.

    • there is low level movement and talk comeing out of the left about obama deserves a spot on mount rushmore ! we have in our bunch powder monkies who drill and blast rock for a liveing if the need should arise

  6. I don’t know if this involves Islam, but the UN is involved in this, although the UN denies it. The UN IS very much CONTROLLED by the Islamic block of nations and the Left. This is a frightening New World Order act against innocent humanity in Brazil. Will this be repeated in America, Israel and other countries?

    WND.COM: Troops bulldoze homes, leave thousands homeless.
    Soldiers wearing U.N. logos evict whole towns in land grab.

    Thousands of poor Brazilian families are living in wretched conditions at make-shift refugee camps after being evicted from their homes at gunpoint by federal forces, some of whom were sporting United Nations logos.

    …Among the most frequently cited: pressure from foreign NGOs like Greenpeace and religious persecution of the conservative and devout evangelical communities there by powerful Catholic “liberation theology” forces…

    Also identified as a probable cause the effort to advance socialism in Brazil and the broader region by eroding property rights and attacking independent citizens like farmers and ranchers, a process that is already well underway in Latin America led in large part by senior PT officials.

    Finally, mega-corporations from abroad and foreign governments hoping to extract rare minerals have been cited as well…

    We all should be in the world’s city streets protesting. Which defenseless innocents are targeted next for enforced poverty and homelessness?

    With very strong U.S. backing, French military and UN troops waged war for Islam against the Christians of Ivory Coast, Africa, winning the war for Muslims. The Muslim forces of the new Muslim president hacked to death or burnt alive 1,000 Christians. These were the Muslim savages UN and Western ruling elites were eager to wage war for and give Christian Ivory Coast to Islam.

    Bible, Genesis 4:10 And God said, “What have you done? The voice of your brother’s blood cries out to Me from the ground”.

  7. Leftards in France are seeing the light: Islam is not your friend.
    Jihad is normative Islam enshrined in Sharia law. Jihad cannot be separated from Islam. The French need to get that into their minds. Islam is the problem. There’s no moderate Islam.

  8. Please do not forget that it was a french–Charles Martel (King of the Franks or French), and his Christian armies who prevented Europe from getting overrun by these Barbaric Islamist ( -during medieval period)

  9. Go France!! It just keeps getting better and better. I recall our dear BNI friend Alain hinting some time ago there was going to be some positive action finally happening and that the French people have had enough. And by golly it is. Now I was one of the many extremely skeptical when Hollande was elected but hey he has fooled the Muzloids into a false sense of security, won by their votes and shat on them as a ‘thank you’. Nice to see for once the tables have turned and this time the inbreds are the ones being shat on.

    Following the pedo imams get rid of the rest of them. But what concerns me they will just move on and go and live in another country in the West that is full of Dhimmitude still running rampent.

    • AH, I know. It’s so funny how Hollande got 95% of the Muslim vote and he hasn’t done anything on their behalf that they were expecting. In fact he is cracking down on their community at every turn. HEE HEE!

      • Rightly so for laughing Bonni, and imagine how much we are laughing here. We are because they now realize how much we hate the muzturds and their cult, we laugh because the Vallseuse (wordplay for someone dancing the waltz) is furiously doing yet another comms session over at the EU, because here we ain’t falling for that radical crap: we tell them there isn’t such thing as radical and moderate, there is islam, full stop, and we reject it. Their boat is taking water fast and they are sinking…

  10. I don’t think its fair! France can deport its cockroaches without any trouble. so why is it, here in the UK we had trouble getting rid of Captain hook and his family on terrorist charges to the States, all because the wankers in Brussels and their human rights crap. And also that other Muslim prick who needs to be deported back to Jordan on…… yet again terrorist charges, only to have again Brussels tell OUR country that he wont be given a fair trial. Duh, what about the people and families traumatised by these bastrds. But anyway, well done France, kepp it going, I think before long something is going to snap.

  11. Now Imam Mohamed Hamsandwich can kneel facing Muccup, and bang his head on the ground, while he raises his ass to expose the big boot print placed there by France. Viva la France’

    • an don’t forget their can can girls where in the world are we going to find their replacement if the muzzies take over ! Viva la France

  12. I hope France is still around by the time I get to visit there. I don’t wont the culture of France to be ever changed by a repugnante ideology.

  13. Pour les tiens , Pour ta terre , Nous Sommes la Generation Identitaire
    for you ,for our land we are the generation identity ,and YES we are very piss up and we will not take it no more the hell with multiculturalism and the hell with all them illegals muslims they destroy their lands and they want to destroy france ? hell no you guys in USA watch your goverment and watch your border is wide open also don’t allow your king to take away your guns that is a clear set up also remember hitler was chosen by the people too

  14. That is reassuring to hear,because not only did my Dad help to “Liberate” north Africa in 1942,he also helped to liberate France in 1944. Dad has since passed ( a member of that Great Generation) and will not be coming back to help liberate you sunshine patriots,get your shit together like France and stop allowing the islamist,muslims,jihadists to push you around until you no longer exist,and I guess that means killing you ?? Wake UP,Eisenhower is also gone,he will not be coming to help you,it’s that simple,forget the rhetoric and the bullshit coming from the US state department,defend yourself ? What don’t you understand about that ??? Please Advise ??

    • poptoy, France is doing more anti-Muslim stuff than any other EU country. They banned burqas and street prayers and Hollande has not catered to their every whim as they expected him to do. There are anti-Islam French resistance groups now, too. Check out “Generation Identitaire” in the Search Box here in the sidebar.

  15. I guess France has to expel all muslims,because all muslims use the koran as their compass. No separation of church and state and all women as “second class” citizens. I think we need to “sic” Susie Orman on them. As a matter of fact,that entire region is about to explode…it’s scary,because all of those muslims and A rabs want to come to the united states so they can turn “purple mountain majesty” into the kind of “shit hole” they deem as “normal”. People,the whole lunch pin here is the US Immagration Dept., write your congress !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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