Apparently, a little name-calling and a cross wrapped in ham are effective tools in the war against Islamization

A UK Muslim family say they have been forced to move from their home after offensive graffiti and a cross wrapped in ham were left outside their house.


BBC  Murad Alam, 39, said his wife and two sons, aged eight and 10, had moved out of their home in Bingham, Nottinghamshire, to a “safe” place. (Like Pakistan?)

Mr Alam said he had found his son plotting escape routes on his computer after the “horrific” attacks last year. (US Dept. of Homeland Security considering confiscating all ham and pork products from American citizens) “My wife and children also had names called at them in the street,” he said. “The first incident was when the big, wooden cross, wrapped in ham, fell into the house after a knock at the door,” said Mr Alam.

Ham Anti-Muslim Attack Shocks Nottingham

He said they had names such as “Paki” and “tramp” shouted at them in the street. (But when UK Muslims call women in short skirts “whores,” and call homosexuals “Bloody fags” and drive them out of the neighborhood , hardly anyone bats an eye: admit-it-youre-dirty-youre-walking-through-a-muslim-no-go-zone-dressed-like-a-bloody-fag)

“The kids have been abused a number of times; the eldest had smoke blown in his face by an elderly local gentleman.” Offensive graffiti was also painted on the path outside the family home. “It really annoys me that they should use a cross and try and turn this into a religious argument,” said Mr Alam.

3649050622“My family were terrified from the very first incident; my wife had never experienced racism, neither had my kids. (What race is Islam?) “In fact I had to explain to my children what racism even was, because they’re so young they didn’t understand the concept that someone could dislike you because of your religion.” (What race is Islam?) Nottinghamshire Police said a 13-year-old boy had been arrested in connection with the attacks but he was later released without charge. 

Fiyaz Mughal, director of Tell Mama, a national service that records and analyses anti-Muslim attacks, said: “This is one of a number of cases that we have seen where the anti-Muslim prejudice has had a shocking impact on the wider family as a whole.


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  1. I am not English, so i’m not sure if the f* word is spelled KUC or FOK. Looks like the person who did the graffiti was not English either.

    • RC, there are a lot of cases where muslims vandalize their own mosques with mis-spelled insults, then call the police to report the “hate crime” so they can get sympathy from the community. The damage is ALWAYS very minor, mostly cosmetic, nothing serious.

      • That is soo very true BNI…these scum drinkers are always whining about something or other and as has been pointed out, the spelling points to a self inflicted or put up job….

        I’m terribly offended by muslim women wearing burkas but the police or the authorities don’t think this is a hate crime against free thinking people.

        There is nothing concerning the blood cult of Islam that doesn’t offend me to be honest. Its intolerance and hatred toward anything that its followers deem non Islamic is so obvious..Hell, they even come straight out and tell you this but the morons in power look the other way in denial…..

        I’ve been called all sorts by the Left and its pals in the muslim communities…Islamophobia?? There is no such word…it means nothing..It is used to shut you up and keep you quiet…Whay about the Jewophobia..Christianophobia….Westernophobia that is displayed and prevalent in all muslim societies?? And if “ALL” muslims are offended by this truth then they are no better than their jihadist bed fellows whom they supposedly denounce…

  2. Actually, all it takes is for kufirs to fail to act submissive an dhimmi-like, and muslims are offended. These types are just hoping to get a bigger house and maybe some victim compensation.

    Being beaten up in the street is racism – being insulted is just being treated as an equal.

  3. Garlic and crosses get rid of vampires, according to folklore. And ham and other pork products and crosses get rid of Muslims? Well, Muslims often do seem to be psychic and economic vampires! LOL.

  4. Wow! And I thought it was outrageous when a vampire was vanquished by the sign of the cross. What a powerful weapon by adding a slice of ham one can get a whole houseful to move. Great Invention for Evil Removal.

  5. You filthy ragheads move, uninvited, into decent Christian neighborhoods and them demand that the residents change their culture to accomodate your heathen practices.
    What do you expect ? I hope your “safe pace” will have a lot of sand, camels, and be populated by dirty, ass scratching muslims just like you. The civilized world invented and used toilet tissue so that their fingernails didn’t smell like yours. Your legions of barbarians don’t even scrape a hole in the sand. they are more stuid tahan a cat.
    Please ! take your children, supposed religion, prayer head banging rugs and move back to where you came from.
    Thank you very much.

  6. Would that it was that easy to get rid of muslims with a little ham and a cross. No, they are probably going to get a better, bigger more expensive home at the cost of the UK tax payers, called jizah. Exactly BNI, what race is islam? It amazes me how these inbreds are attached to the idea that this is racism. It is pure and simply wanting to protect our families from the cult of islam as a terrorist organization of muslims who were behind the bombings in the UK, our twin towers and so on.

    • cat, they use “racism” because it has worked so well for blacks and hispanics. I have asked that question – What race is Islam? – about 1,000 times and have never gotten an answer.

  7. Good riddance – alas, they’ll likely have only moved to another neighbourhood within the same country.

    Now, if they would move back to dar al-Islam, THEN, one could rejoice!!!…

  8. Islamic Jihadists Implemented Racist Sharia Law in Mali Targeting Blacks

    The French liberation of Gao has given us look into life under Islam. The system that the Jihadis had implemented in Mali looks a good deal like the same Islamic colonialism that scarred Africa and produced the slave trade.

    There was a tier with black Malians on the bottom and lighter skinned Arab and Pakistani Jihadists on top…

  9. I can get behind that. This is how they do it. They try to use the laws of the country they are infecting in order to push for THEIR shitty version of law, which is sharia. They can kiss my ass while they are waiting. I will never give in or obey sharia law.

  10. The goal of Sharia is to outlaw ham and bacon, beer, cards, chess, music, dancing, reading the books you want, ringing church bells, holding hands in public with your sweetheart, Valentines Day, Christmas trees, women driving, etc.

    We need to drive a stake through the heart of the psychotic, prevaricating, plagiarizing, pedophile pirate.

  11. And let the pork jihad commence! Woo Hoo! Works like kryptonite! Knowing this I shall gladly amp up the intensity of my porcine insults towards any and all things islamic, especially my phrase, “Muhammhock, Porcine Prophet of Pigslam.” (May his pork get pulled!)

    “Allahu Oinkbar!” Muahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!

  12. What they are looking for after all their insults and threats????..if don’t like, just take the aeroplane and fly to islamic paradises. For shore that they will be more safety and better!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. The Sows and Barrows had best get busy – Their services are shortly to be required for the ultimate battle sacrifice ~!

  14. this is a shocking impact on the wider family as a whole? what about the young British girls who are drugged and sold as sex slaves? what about the impact on their families?

    • dragon, haven’t you heard? Those pre-teen and teenage white girls were asking to be raped and sold as prostitutes by Muslim sex gangs because their parents don’t care about them. Just ask any muslim.

  15. I don’t know about you, but I never get close enough to an old man’s face to be in the line of fire of his smoke exhalations.

    What was the child doing in the old man’s face? Not provoking, surely.

    • Absolutely good to know, especially considering that I will be going into an area soon with an ever increasing muzzy population, primarily for the purpose of evangelization; of course I’ll distribute the lit to others as well. Wouldn’t want to be accused of being “Islamophobic” or “racist”, even though their demented Death Cult is NOT and NEVER has been a RACE!!…….Oh, and I WILL also have my pop knot stick with the chrome shaft coated with bacon grease lubricant, just in case it should become necessary to defend myself.

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