Israeli fighter jets hit Syrian target; Israelis scramble for gas masks

Israeli fighter jets attacked an unknown target along the Syria-Lebanon border overnight, according to Western security and diplomatic sources cited in the Israeli, Arab, and mainstream medias.


Israel Today  One diplomat told Reuters correspondent Dan Williams that “there was definitely a hit in the border area.” That revelation came just hours after Lebanese army officials had confirmed the penetration of their airspace by Israeli jets several times in recent days.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned earlier this week that the transfer of Syria’s chemical weapons to Lebanon’s Hezbollah terrorist militia would result in preemptive Israeli action.


The Israeli fly-overs and the reported attack are believed to be connected to the monitoring and prevention of Hezbollah smuggling operations along the border.

Israel has deployed two of its vaunted Iron Dome anti-missile systems to the northern port city of Haifa should the situation spiral out of control. Israel’s Home Front Command reports that it is receiving triple the usual number of requests for gas masks.



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  1. So who in Syria is moving the chemical weapons, Assad ?
    I can understand if Assad wants to protect them from the rebels, but why then to Hezbollah ?

  2. The way the Senate has been going with Harry Ried blocking just about everything except what BO wants, Hagel will probelyt get in. What a shitty day for the world that will be.

  3. WTF! Is it just coincidence that the FSA have been attacking air defenses around Damascus and then this?! PPL see the bigger picture being played the FSA and Israel are working hand in hand theres even videos which show FSA saying that they are friends with Israel. Regardless the religious aspect of this like many of you see it there is also a geopolitical game being played. The only ppl that will suffer will be the citizens of both Israel and Syria just because governments are blood thirsty for power. How can you say kill the muzzies when even they are fighting the same extremist you are suppose to in Syria. Get your head out of your ass and stop watching CNN. The way you control a nation will always be through the media and religion. Syria prior to the civil war which is funded by our western govts was a secular stable country. They even banned the Muslim Brotherhood because they are extremist. Yet our govts are helping a terror linked party gain power in Egypt and even giving them weapons. Will they take over Syria next and turn it into an islamic shithole like Saudi Arabia. Listen the only islamic country which is pure evil and deserves a nuke is Saudi Arabia, why dont we hear about all the protests and crimes against citizens that happen there. The media blocks shit out just because they are our allies. Its all about money the only difference is that Syria and Iran have bend over to western powers. Its called Imperialism!! It happened in Latin America years ago and it is happening now. All these wars will just create more hate for the U.S. Soon you wont have to worry about jihadi terrorist but just normal citizens going against your corrupt govt. The U.S was a great nation, it’s founders were great ppl and they even warned about certain things like the federal reserve and how it will enslave ppl. Your govt is ran by banking and corporation elites who have their head in gaining control of the worlds markets. Take back America and make it grow to the wonderful nation it was.

      • If that was the case why doesnt Israel accuse or try to stop Turkey from harboring jihadist in its border with Syria. Instead of say “hey wtf are you doing?” the western govts n Israel turn a blind eye as long as the jihadist arent threatening them. Instead of easing tensions with Syria so it could focus on wiping out all the foreign jihadist our govts just keep making everything worse by allowing the deployment of the patriot missiles and now Israel mobilized its army into Golan Heights. The media here just portrays Syria s a country ran by a dictator and people are oppressed when in reality Syrians lived happy side by side. The only ones who werent are exactly the same type of ppl who call for Sharia for belgium, the only ones oppressed, the RADICAL SUNNIS. The Hama Massacre was the same shit as this, radical sunni muslims led by the Muslim Brotherhood who went crazy starting sectarian wars. The only difference is that Hafez Al Assad (assads dad) dealt with the terrorist threat swiftly. After that the Muslim Brotherhood was banned. Assad is an open minded person his Alawite religion is more compatible with christians then the Sunnis. I doubt Assad would do anything against Israel even behind closed doors they were trying to work something out i believe. Hezbollah will never attack Israel unless provoked, dont you think they would’ve done something when Israel was bombing gaza? They wont touch Israel, they prefer keeping things cool, then leading the region into a bloody war. Personally if you want to see this religiously then we as Christians have more in common with the Shias then the Sunnis. Ive met many shias who are way more open minded then the Sunnis. All the radical groups who go around creating sectarian bloodshed are sunnis. Hezbollah basically controls lebanon and yet how are christians and muslim living side by side? Even in southern lebanon where hezbollah holds power christians live there with no fear of death over religion. In Iran christians and jews live alongside shia muslims. They are allowed to celebrate christmas and such with no persecution. Yet in our “allies” like Saudi Arabia you cant even pray or build churches. This clearly says that out govts dont give two fucks about religion all they care about is money and power. Look at Libya under Gaddafi it was growing economically and it wasnt a backward islamic country. It was a modern islamoc country, if you didnt know Gaddafi was always talking about womens rights and even said that girls dont have to wear the burqa. He made no laws saying that they had to. Now thanks to the NATO bombardment Libya is another Islamic shithole like Libya and the riches that it had were looted by foreign govts.

        • taz, I agree, the benevolent dictators were much better for the people, women, and minorities as well as their non-Muslim neighbors than the Muslim Brotherhood jihadists will ever be. The evil Brothers are intent on creating the next Islamic Caliphate, only this time it will include all of Europe and ultimately the U.S. if they aren’t cut off at the knees soon.

  4. So between 30 and 40% of the muslims in the west bank and gaza are obeses. That says more than anything about how well the savages are being treated by Israel and the rest of the western countries. We fully support Israel as the only democratic country in the hell hole of the middle east. God bless Israel and their brave warriors and their courageous citizens. Israel will have to go it alone for now. We pray that they will do well and their cowardly enemies will be defeated. Israel must now put their security above any other pressures from d’himmis and fools like obama and his minions, such as hagel, kerry and brennan. I pray that Canada and other countries will stay strong and supportive of Israel. Go Israel.

      • Im sure the party of santan are more than capable of gettin such weapons without the syrians help,have the syrians got these weapons if I was isreal id rather be dealing with assad regime than brittish american backed al quaida in syria what a murky world we live in. And anyone is wondering I fully support isreals right to protect herself and her people but this syria situation gets muddier by the day

    • assad serves as a conduit for transfer of iranian weapons to hezbisatan. Continued extistance of the freak optometrist (assad) is part ofr a existential threat to Israel.

  5. Obama is a danger to Israel he’s a danger to Christians he’s a danger to all mankind… Israel must keep a close eye on Barack Obama… Obama and his regime have taken America hostage…American citizens need to have strong courage like the Israel army… American citizens need to fight back against Obama and his demonic regime…

  6. From what I understand Obama is behind the chemical attack in Syria, but Syria will be the one blamed…Israel needs to keep a close eye on Barack Obama, he’s a danger to all manking…

  7. This is news I haven’t yet heard on Canadian media; all media reported last night was that Israel made a strike in Syria but not why … it’s important to know the reason why. I got a survey via email yesterday that asked me if I support our (Canada’s) government’s principled stand to support Israel and of course, I said yes. But Canadian citizens and citizens of other countries need to know when something like this happens, that the provocation is that Syria has just transferred its chemical weapons to Hezbollah. It’s a crucial part of the puzzle!

  8. May Israel be successful in thwarting this new threat from those wretched Syrians (and their partners, the muzzie Lebanese)! May God protect them and smite their disgusting enemies (who aren’t worth the ammo, but must be stopped at any cost!).

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