Judge in the Ft. Hood Muslim Jihadist case rejects Defense appeal to take death penalty off the table

nidal_malik_hasan-media-treatment-e1359652551781A military judge at Fort Hood, in central Texas, has rejected a request to disallow the death penalty in the case of Major Nidal Hasan, who is accused of murdering 13 people (14 if you count the unborn baby of the pregnant female soldier killed) and attempting to murder 32 others in an Islamic Jihadist attack at Ft. Hood in 2009. 

(How about stopping payment of this Muslim terrorist officer’s salary that he has been collecting since the massacre?)

UnknownVOA NEWS The judge is still considering a number of other defense requests that could have a profound impact on the case. The presiding judge in the case against Major Nidal Hasan, Colonel Tara Osborn, ruled Wednesday that the death penalty will still apply, rejecting a request by defense lawyers that seemed aimed at a plea bargain.

In a separate request, Hasan’s lawyers asked for consideration of a guilty plea, but the judge may not be able to grant that since the military code does not allow a guilty plea in a case in which the death penalty could be imposed. Geoffrey Corn, a former military prosecutor and law professor at South Texas College of Law in Houston, says “Judge Osborn will carefully review all defense requests in spite of public frustration over the length of the process.”


“There is no such thing as an open-and-shut capital murder case, especially in the military,” said Corn. “The process, the rights of the accused, have to be scrupulously protected and honored, and there is no way that a case like this is going to be fast.”Any attempt to bypass defense requests could open the way to appeals, which could take years to resolve.

Witnesses say Hasan opened fire on soldiers who were about to be deployed to Afghanistan at a Fort Hood facility on November 5, 2009.  Fort Hood civilian police shot him four times, leaving him paralyzed below the waist. (That’s why the military should take care of security on an Army base in the U.S., NOT female civilian police. A soldier shooting this Muslim terrorist would not have left him alive)

Hasan’s lawyers are also asking the military to pay for a media specialist to help the defense show that news media coverage has prejudiced the case. (How about MSNBC news anchor – Rachel Madcow?)


The case was held up last year over orders that Hasan shave off his beard, which he says is an expression of his Islamic faith. The military’s highest appeals court removed the judge who made that order after determining that he had shown bias.  Judge Osborn has made only brief mention of the beard so far, telling the defense team to prepare a statement that can be issued to the jury to prevent any prejudice based on Hasan’s appearance.


Corn says an attempt by the judge or Fort Hood commander to enforce military grooming codes at this point would only open the way for Hasan to file an appeal based on federal statutes that protect religious freedom.


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  1. He should be shot by firing squad – and the firing squad should consist of family members of the victims (if they wish to participate). Then, of course, be covered with pig fat and burned.

  2. Well don’t worry,that all American,anti British hero called ‘John’ who posts here will sort this out for you!!

    NOPE,people like Bonni,E.T and other good people who post here will see justice done.
    What need is there for a trial of Nidal,he killed and wounded,he was caught bang to rights!
    Your rights and those of the victims are being spat on,just the same as we are treated in the UK,DO NOT ALLOW THIS!!!

    Your fight against this is just starting,FIGHT BACK!

  3. My thoughts for this vermin are to leave him alone in a very large room (warehouse, gym, whatever) for two or three days in the Texas summer heat with no air conditioning and in total silence and darkness. Then about the time he gives up hope, send some people in to clean him up, give him food and water and pat him on the head. Then repeat the process. After this is done a few times, randomly varying the days and feeding, leave him alone again for one or two days. Then, send in a handful of Apaches and Comanches who might still know the old ways and torture him to death. It’s said that they could torture a person for five days before the person died. That would be as close to perfect as I can imagine.

  4. ” jihadist case reject defense appeal to take death penalty off table” that’s refered to as a “good start”. No way, no how this ( MUTT) brother from his hood. islam get to get off on the fruggn’ murders of his (“allahs soldiers inspired infidel massacre”), let this son of satan hang publicly, in front of allah and the whole g-damned corrupted world. Fight fire with napalm, thats what these mutts understand-period. DEMAND his life for taking others, that’s GOD’s law not ours-period. BURN in HELL bachi boys.
    Semper Fi.

  5. don’t worry everyone when obama takes your self defense weapons away Janet is here to instruct you on the do’s and don’ts of her new game rules of terrorist hide and go seek , Note don’t go any where with out your scissors – – -http://youtu.be/oI5EoWBRYmo

  6. cat:

    :…when all of the appeals have been done and the bastard of islam is dead.”

    That’s no way to speak about your islamist ‘president’.

  7. I think slow would be good, but I also think he should be cover in pig blood or worse, then he will die unclean so, no virgins for him. He won’t even be going to paradise. A good lesson for others as well

  8. First of all we need to stop referring to him as Major…agree with the post above except that Mr. is not the appropriate salutation for this reprobate bastard. ‘Traitorous pedophile muzscum piece of shit Hasan’ is a much more appropriate title.

    Can’t wait till he joins moHAMad and satan in the afterlife.

  9. The Government and several Corps. violeted my Religious rights. They didn’t think a thing about those violations. My how the Gov. and the bureaucrats pick and chose which rights they are going to enforce. This includes the Judges as well, they know better so I say, they are on the list to be charged with Treason and Sedition as well.


  11. Isn’t that what I heard the dhimmis appeasers labeled as “workplace violence” when it happened rather than call it what is was: an act of terrorism against US citizens?

  12. I liked pioneer law better. Umpteen people saw him shoot 13 soldiers. They could have put him out of commission on the spot. Why drag him to a jail and bla bla bla bla bla bla for years? Why not finish him off on the spot? Save the country all the cost and keep throwing it up in the news to give us anger and frustration. Liberate him from his Muslim perverted mind. A dead muslim is a free muslim.

    • hhh, that’s what I mean about the stupidity of having civilian police on an Army base rather than soldiers. The female cop hit him with a few shots and still didn’t kill him. What are they using – BB guns?

  13. GOOD!!! But I’m afraid he (the Judge) may still be over-ruled by the Department of the Army or the Department of Defense…

  14. Did he just become a Muslim? No? So, was he a bad Muslim before, then, as he did not refuse to shave so long as he was being paid that fat salary to betray Americans? No, he was being a duplicitous Muslim for whom shaving a beard is acceptable so long as the pretence, the disguise, is used to kill infidels.

    And I agree — it’s absolutely obscene for him to still draw a salary.

    • Right!! Anybody accused of such crimes and hitherto employed in such a capacity as what Mr. Hassan was ought to have their salary put into an escrow account that upon conviction (and exhaustion of any and all appeals) will then be paid back to the employer or employers.

      The REAL trouble here is that the appeals process MUST be speeded up RADICALLY!!! What has been nowadays going on as such is an absolute mockery of all mockeries!!!!!

  15. Thank goodness at least that Mr. (I’ll NOT accept that he be addressed as “Major”!!) Hassan still gets to face the death penalty, for that’s most certainly what he deserves!!!

    The facts are: did he not do the actual shootings? Was he not caught with the weapons in his hands? Do not the bullets recovered from the bodies match the guns he fired? If indeed he DID fire them, HAD THEM in HIS hands, and the bullets match: surely then he IS GUILTY of the murders – and then he by rights deserves to die!!!! No appeals necessary (ideology of Islam calls for such things)…

    [Method? I’d favour putting a few bullets into his brain (3 or 4, meant to collide in his brain from different angles so as to ensure the stilling of all activity upon the spot). Immediate cremation/incineration, with ashes scattered to all 4 winds – no respect for ANY Moslem ceremonials.


  16. E.T. says it like it is! I say let him keep his beard on his face, but remove his head from his shoulders! End of story except for one tiny detail – bury him in pig shit!

  17. This is so heart breaking for the families of the 14 murdered people and the 32 wounded people, waiting for justice. (I say 14 because the coward monster of islam, murdered a baby when he shot the mother. (I want to remember the innocent baby too because this monster, baby killer must not become a hero in any sense of the word.) We are fools. This monster has been on full pay roll since 2009. This must stop. We must tell our representatives that this jizah, pay, has to end. The only hope is that the innocent victims can put a law suit on the monster when this is done in the year 2033, twenty years from now when all of the appeals have been done and the bastard of islam is dead. We are fools. We must demand that our military installations are policed by the military. No wonder the US has lost the edge in this world. God bless the victims and their families of the Ft. Hood massacre.

  18. Notice he had no problem with NOT having a beard when he was younger. Lies. He has to get his pay UNTIL he is convicted of a crime. At this point in time, he is only accused. That is how the law works. I do not have a problem with this. Once he is convicted, I hope they tack his nuts to a stump and push him backwards.

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