‘Study’ shows that by the year 2050, most Europeans will be Muslims…



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  1. People are starting to wake up over there. Right now, those who are awake are trying to rid themselves of the Muslim vermin through peaceful and legal means. But once they realize those methods won’t work, we’ll be seeing guerrilla war tactics.

  2. Suicidal immigration!
    “The values of Europe, acquired after centuries of high-minded combat…will Europe take the risk of frittering them away through the simple effect of immigration leading eventually to a fundamental modification of the composition of society? Will the reign of political correctness stop us from denouncing this long-term risk for Europe? Diversity is a theoretical factor for mutual enrichment, but an observation of majority Muslim countries shows that multiculturalism in them has no possibility of fulfilling its vocation.” – Fr Henri Boulad SJ, Director of Jesuit Cultural Centre, Alexandria, Egypt

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  3. By 2030, if we do not stop pandering to the muslim savages, our great cities of the western democracies will resemble the current bombed out cities of the countries of islam at war with itself. We will look at pictures of bombed out cities and wonder what middle east country they are in. The title will tell us that it is London or Paris or Berlin and we will be amazed at our stupidity. It is already happening in parts of Paris, London and so on where we have no go zones and so on. We can turn this around as France is starting to do by deporting radical islamists. We must stop all further muslim immigration and deport all criminal muslims and their families. We can stop the take over by muslim terrorists but we must do it now. The clock is ticking and there is not much time left.

  4. Let’s put this in simple terms. One; Allah=Satan
    Two; Israelites are the promised people of GOD.
    Three; When all is said an done, no more Muslims on the planet.
    Four; One thousand years of peace, until the Far East gets stupid and thinks they can beat Jesus Christ.

  5. I receive more and more enlightenment, everytime I go To BNI. Thank you BNI, William and Johnjoe. Recommended your site many time.

  6. With unrestricted and forced immigration from the third world by the EU, Europe has taken a dagger and placed the blade edge to her throat. The Muslims will not wait for 2050 to move. They will move prior to the point of supremacy as they did in Lebanon. There was once a cosmopolitan society blended with a mix of different religions and cultures in Lebanon. But when Islam approached a majority they began a war that left many Christians and Jews dead if they were in range of their guns.

    The city of Beirut which was once a paradise was turned into a bombed out ruin. Islam will not tolerate other religions. Islam will not tolerate symbols and iconography other than that of Islam. Lastly, Islam does not tolerate the infidel. While it is true that the Prophet allowed the infidel to live under Islam if he paid the Jizya tax, he eventually turned on them and butchered them when his power was solidified.

    Europe has already experienced the beginnings of this trend and yet they keep importing them. Many Englishman no longer feel safe in parts of London and they flee the cancer that grows there. Muslims patrol the streets as an unofficial religious police, Sharia courts now exist with full judicial authority in Britain and those who stand for traditional British values like Tommy Thompson, are persecuted and called fascists for trying to preserve the ancient traditions of England.

    Europe cannot say that she didn’t know who these people were. In truth, she has known them for hundreds of years. She knew them during the Crusades and during the Battle of Tours. She knew them in the 1930’s when they were called Mahdists. No, she cannot plead ignorance of her fate. She knew and she walked willingly to her own destruction and granting titles of nobility to them will not help you either.

    Angela Merkel glommed onto the fact that Muslims remain separate and isolated in Germany preferring their native third world culture to the defilement of Western culture. She said that these isolated pockets of immigrants had existed for better than a decade and they had not learned German, they had not assimilated into the native culture, and worse they bore a resentment to their home nation.

    The tender has been stored, it has been doused in accelerant, and all that is left is for the ignition to occur and Europe will burn.

  7. Thank “God” I will be dead then to even see the horror of this day!!!Unless people wake up and take drastic measures against this creeping terror!!

  8. You’re presuming that trends continue in the same direction forever, which they don’t.

    And you’re not factoring in war, which there will be in Europe, the way things are going. Germany will once again be at the heart of it. The Germans still believe themselves to be superior to all others in Europe, and that is going to play out, yet again. Read your history of Bismarck to understand the nature of Germany and Germans today.

    The peace we’ve had in Europe since WWII is a historical anomaly, and due entirely to the largesse of the people of the USA, their taxpayers footing the bill for a huge military on the Rhine and donating hundreds of thousands of young men, and some women, to the task.

    Once the generation of Germans who lived through WWII are all dead, once the Americans drastically reduce then even pull out of Europe entirely, watch what unfolds.

    It’s not the EU that’s kept the peace in Europe, it’s Americans.

  9. Hitler regime was bigger, well organized armies, and the european spirit of freedom defeat those fascists. We know that the Vichy guys are trying give all the power to those allies, but in the end ……european will be free of this crap again!!!!!!!!!!
    Not before a big war….and millions of deaths!!!

  10. Before, will happen a war and even a muslim hair will stay in europe!!!
    Was not the first time that the europeans fight against this crapt!!!!!
    And win!!!!

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