I am Swedish, but I live in “Absurdistan”

swedenrapeSays Ingrid Carlqvist, journalist and author in the video below, ‘Sweden had always been one of the nicest and safest countries in the world…until it became Absurdistan, a country of Muslim immigrants that now has the highest rape rate in the world, hundreds of so called ‘exclusion areas’ (Muslim NO GO Zones), and long term over-dependence of Muslim immigrants on Sweden’s generous state welfare benefits.


Frontpage Politicians decided Sweden was too homogeneous and opened the floodgates to immigrants from around the world, the vast majority of whom come from Muslim countries. Politicans on both sides of the aisle told us that there was no such thing as a Swedish culture, no Swedish traditions worth mentioning and that we Swedes should be grateful that so many people with REAL culture and REAL traditions came to us. In fact, it is the Swedes who must integrate into the new Sweden (aka Absurdistan), not the immigrants.

Dispatch Intl In fact, things are so bad in Sweden Aburdistan, Pia Kjærsgaard, former chairman of Dansk Folkeparti (Danish People’s Party), “Denmark may be forced to close the bridge to Sweden because of of the massive Muslim and Middle Eastern immigration into Sweden.

According to Migrationsverket (the Swedish immigration authority), an estimated 175,000 immigrants will come to Sweden, primarily from Somalia and Afghanistan. All these so-called ‘asylum seekers’, as well as their relatives, will be free to enter Denmark after having gained a Swedish permit of residence.

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  1. I live in Sweden and i don’t get what the hell this woman’s on about and this is clearly Islamophobia! I’m Swedish if anyone tries to claim that I’m not. “More reported rapes in any other country in the EU” what bullshit is this?! She needs to so something better with her life than hate upon Muslims.

  2. I try to warn people here in America about Islam. The occupy-mentality types turn a blind eye to the problem and ignore what is happening in France, England, and other countries where these beastly Muslims are taking over. America’s young adults have been brainwashed from childhood into thinking America is so backwards and inhospitable with its outdated Christianity. Christianity is what built the west and as it has been stripped off over the past some decades we have seen our morality, freedom and prosperity down turn and plummet dramatically. There is a strong spirit of rebellion here and descent from authority. We are rapidly losing our country and the world as a whole has fallen prey to these Islamic monsters. At all costs, they must be stopped if liberty and freedom are to exist anywhere. One world government is diabolical and will be our ruin. We must come together and fight these people and their sharia law. Their religion is an organization that demands they convert us or kill us and as long as we live outside of Islam, they are allowed to do anything to us according to their religion.

  3. Dear BNI:

    No “real” Swedish culture, traditions or customs? What a load of crap. I am an American Indian and have known Swedish-Americans, Swedish-Canadians, Swedish-Australians… as well as ethnic Swedes who are citizens of Sweden itself. I’ve also known persons of other Scandinavian ethnicities/nationalities. Scandinavia has every right to celebrate their culture and heritage. This American Indian has many happy memories from my interaction with Scandinavian cultures. I also have Scandinavian relatives who made me aware of the dangers muslims posed to Scandinavia and Europe as a whole.

    Why let muslims into Scandinavia? Colonial “guilt” or some desire for “diversity” … PUHLEEEZE? Especially, the laugh that muslims had “real” culture. Muslims appropriate and steal from other cultures and histories. Genuine muslim culture is murder, mayhem, warfare, greed and narcissism on a scale unbelievable.

    Scandinavia’s colonial history was one where the different nations of that region kept trying to claim one another! Many times Sweden and Norway have tried to absorb the other in their own kingdoms! Denmark ruled Iceland for generations until WWII. Sometimes Scandinavian nations flexed their might against other nations…. Empress Christina of Sweden making the Russian Czars very nervous.

    Then there were times when Scandinavia were the ones threatened with or experienced colonizations… ie Nazi Germany occupying Norway and Denmark… and the Soviet Communists who kept licking their chops wanting to turn Finland into “Finland S.S.R.”

    Why the muslims? Considering Scandinavian colonial history…. WHY muslims?

    The colonial region of “New Sweden” in North America resulted in large number of blonde Americans! As for the American Indians in this region… it affected them by having many of them be religiously Christian Lutherans and having Scandinavian surnames. This is common- American Indians taking on the religious affiliation and surnames of the inluential European culture they found themselves amongst.

    This is why Louisiana tribes have members with French last names who are commonly Roman Catholic or why Wisconsin Indians may have a German last name and a toss up as to being either Lutheran or Catholic for those of their tribes who follow Christianity.

    Sorry, certain later arriving white ethnic groups! By the time Italians, Greeks and Armenians, etc- began arriving in the late 1800s… American Indians had already been exposed/influenced by the earlier Europeans- Spanish, British, French, German, etc… and had taken up having “last names” similar to those whites. If you encounter and American Indian who practices Eastern/Greek Orthodox Christianity or who from birth has an Italian surname… it is probably due to that individual being the product of inter-marriage as opposed to an entire tribe being in contact with Italians or Greeks and adapting elements of those European ethnicities.

    Back to topic- New Sweden resulted in white Americans of Scandinavian ancestry who even if they are 6th or 7th or more generation Swedish-American they still have some Swedish customes they maintain, are baptized in Swedish Lutheran churches and may be able to speak Swedish pretty well.

    New Sweden resulted in American Indian tribes in the boundaries of New Sweden to be influenced by those Scandinavian immigrants.

    Then there are other “Scandinavians as colonials” experiences! Denmark OWNED the US Virgin Islands until World War One when the Danes sold the islands to America. Today the mainly black Virgin Islanders are Americans by birth, many join the American military, others are employed in fishing, tourism, etc industries.

    Then of course there are other Scandinavians who as Vikings settled in Ireland and Scotland. Today Scandinavians have colonies or dependencies such as Greenland (where Inuit ie Eskimo people live) or the Faroe Islands with Scandinavian descent residents.

    So why muslims.

    Scandinavia… if you feel as “Europeans” you have some weird “guilt trip where you feel compelled to allow 3rd worlders into your borders”…. this American Indian is telling you GET OVER IT!!!!

    If you insist on feeling that YOU NEED TO OPEN YOUR BORDERS… well, then why not delve into YOUR OWN COLONIAL HISTORY… which the muslims have nothing at all to do with. ONE MORE TIME… the muslims HAVE NOTHING AT ALL TO DO WITH.

    If you want “diversity” or if you need “guest workers” then why not Danish-Canadians or Norwegian-Americans to return to the land of their ancestors? Ditto for the Viking descendents who now reside in Ireland!

    Mmmm? New Sweden today (Minnesota, etc) would have white blond Americans descendents of the colonists and members of American Indian tribes who dealt with Swede “colonialism” who might consider moving to Sweden. That is before you allowed muslims to ruin Sweden. Hey, what about black American US Virgin Islanders… they have a connection to Danish colonialism? Can they come to Malmo or Bergen or Oslo or Copenhagen or Helsinki?


    Canadians or Americans of Scandinavian descent, the Irish & Scots with Viking forbears, the American Indians from old “New Sweden”, the blacks in the Virgin Islands… well they would more than likely be Christians (with smaller populations following American Indian spirituality or Norse Pagan beliefs).

    They would be literate and likely educated, some would even be immigrants to Sweden WHO CAN SPEAK SOME SWEDISH because their ancestors came from Scandinavia.

    Most Swede descent Americans, American Indians from “New Sweden” and Virgin Islanders that I know… all work. They have jobs and pay taxes. Also, BIG CONSIDERATION… I don’t know any Christian black Virgin Islanders who are violent. They work, pay taxes and GASP these black people ARE NOT SUICIDE BOMBERS.

    Thats it! Scandinavia has diverse populations from its colonial past they COULD HAVE INVITED into their countries. However….

    Lutherans from Mnnesota and Methodists or Catholics from the Virgin Islands as well as followers of Norse paganism and American Indian spirituality believers… DON”T BLOW THEMSELVES UP AS SUICIDE BOMBERS. They would RESPECT the Scandinavian cultures…. they are employed AND WOULD WORK.
    These groups don’t have a history of violent crime against women or children. They don’t enjoy torturing animals… I could go on!

    Scandinavia originally didn’t want human beings to flood Sweden or Norway… they wanted subhuman brutal savages… so thats WHY they wanted muslims.

    Scandinavia…. you made the wrong choice on who you brought into your borders. So how about DON’T bring ANYONE in and actually get rid of muslims!

    If your stupid governments want to bring people in…. how about Coptics or Chaldeans or other middle-eastern Christians… OOOPS! I forgot. Scandinavia HAS BEEN DEPORTING GENUINE PERSIAN CHRISTIANS BACK TO IRAN WHERE THEY FACE PERSECUTION.

    So, yea Sweden…. try having just Swedes around for awhile. Maybe if you do your once amazing nation can regain its once proud self.

    • Holy moly, Arjay! What a righteous rant! I missed this, but I’m glad I read it.

      Two words succinctly sum up why the Swedes are culturally suicidal:

      White guilt.

      It’s been indoctrinated into white populations for more than 30 years now.

      Very few are immune to it and even fewer break free from its grasp.

      In that context it mirrors islam:

      You can check out any time you like but you can never leave.

      Slightly off topic, but the more I read your posts, the more I think this is your blog (which I love BTW) or you and good Dr. are related:


  4. Dear BNI:

    I didn’t know about the law/treaty between Sweden and Denmark which apparently allows each others residents to cross the borders freely. Denmark shouldn’t close the bridge, because it might restrict genuine trade and travel of Swedes into Denmark. Instead Denmark should cancel the law/treaty and thus not allow Swedes free access. Start checking passports and institute persons being evaluated before being let into Denmark (ie a border crossing station of sorts). A headache? Yes, but it will send a message to muslims they are not wanted, still allow the bridge to function and give Sweden a dose of reality that not every nation wants muslims.

    Hopefully, Denmark is beginning to wake up to the muslim problem. Denmark is having muslim caused crime- assualts, rape, theft spiral out of control. Muslims in Denmark cause problems for businesses and government offices, etc, etc… Minor problems when compared to other muslim issues… but look what happened this past Christmas season in Denmark.

    Danes supported muslims via dole payments and tried to get them involved in “democracy” by exposing them to a neighborhood council in a subdivision of Copenhagen. The muslim population grew big enough to take majority of the council, yet the indigenous ethnic Danes were supportive and I’m sure some of them even voted for the muslims (BIG MISTAKE). For these muslims “democracy” meant to indulge themselves with free stuff at the cost of the Dane taxpayer.

    The muslims voted the neighborhood council funds (of which they don’t contribute) pay for very LAVISH muslim holiday Eid celebrations. Parties, amusement park rides and more were provided for the celebrations that took place over more than one day. Since it was Eid… I wonder how many innocent animals in that neighborhood were tortured and inflicted with great amounts of pain before slaughter during Eid. This holiday revels in animal torture.

    Then as Christmas approached… the ethnic Danes requested a Christmas tree from the neighborhood council. A simple tree. The greedy, gluttonous, self-absorbed muslims DENIED the tree request. I wonder what the ethnic Danes thought…. when it was obvious the muslims could NOT COMPREHEND DEMOCRACY, that getting into power doesn’t mean only dealing with their own interests. I wonder if those ethnic Danes who supported muslims getting on that council now regret their decision.

    There was even more of a dhimmi behavior from ethnic Danes during the Christmas season than this tree issue. Danes once had a more prosperous lifestyle… which crashed due to the burden of HOARDES OF MUSLIM IMMIGRANTS. Many Danes are feeling the effects of parasitic muslims on their society. So much so that this past Christmas season of 2012… record numbers of ethnic Danes sent in applications to church groups so they could get financial aid in order to celebrate Christmas. Without those monies many Danes would have Christmas dinner or have gifts for children.

    It was with absolute disgust to know that these church group were inundated with MUSLIM applicants who wanted free handouts so “they” (the muslims) could celebrate Christmas. However, the most disgust is for the dhimmi church officials, these PATHETIC self-loathing ethnic Danes… gave in and awarded the MUSLIMS resources for Christmas. Gee whiz… did Mr. MoHAMmed buy a “Happy Birthday Jesus” cake, a Christmas tree with lights and stockings filled with non-Halal goodies courtesy of Father Christmas/Sinterklaas…. and then give those CHRISTMAS items to his little muzpups? DOUBT IT. Yet ethnic Danes who would have celebrated Christmas did without.

    This petty greedy behavior over Christmas 2012 as shown by muslims is not as bad as the more serious social problems and crime that muslims cause in Denmark… but it shows that either in small or large problems… the muslims and their dhimmis are the source for misery.

    If anything, the way the muslims behaved on the council of one Dane neighborhood SHOULD BE A WARNING. Ethnic Danes…. DO ANYTHNG YOU CAN TO NEVER VOTE MUSLIMS ONTO CITY-WIDE POSITIONS. If the muslims behave this way in just one neighborhood… can anyone imagine how they would behave if they got any real power in Copenhagen city wide?

    All of Scandinavia and the rest of Europe… DEPORT THE MUSLIM PARASITES.

  5. I know the Norskies the Swedes the Danes , Norwegians their blood lines run deep around here they left their homeland.s in the 1900’s these people I speak with their blond hair and blue eyes are starting to wake and look back on their motherland , I hear their talk they speak of their Viking forefathers and Revenge ! would not want to be a muzzie and living in their grand houses , Norskies lock down on an idea an no man can change it

  6. Once the Swedes were a proud people. Under Gustavus Adolphus they were feared. Now they live in fear, quaking in their own homes and surrendering their daughters to the lust of Islam. The men of Sweden must be shrinking violets indeed to allow their women to be raped at will by the followers of the Prophet. I guess that the poison of the left has done its work well in Sweden and that it now lays paralyzed awaiting the bitter end. A sad fate for a once strong people.

  7. The socialists in Sweden, on purpose, are populating Sweden with muslim immigrants and not just immigrants. They are set to destroy Sweden; these people are traitors and should be treated and thought as such. I suggest these male Swedish socialists be subjected to sodomy by their Afghan immigrants, so they can get the real feel of the situation for Swedish women. Once again, cut off their social welfare payments, and watch the muslims go crazy as they demand to be provided housing, food, etc. There is no way in hell these people would expect such things in any of their own muslim countries, but they certainly expect and demand it dhimmi nations.

  8. Learn about our enemy!

    This is very important…most Americans have no clue!

    We also talked to women from Egypt, India, Malaysia and the UK about World Hijab Day, a movement to try and get non-muslim women to wear the traditional muslim head scarf for one day to promote religious understanding and tolerance


    The above is a podcast from the BBC…. before you buy a Hijab and pair of scissors… listen to this.

    SAY NO! To further immigration from the savage nations!


    I have seen things in Israel that I pray your children NEVER witness. Wake up,
    If only for your children!


  9. if I were a young man today I would form a group called Good Guys, International with chapters in all industrialized countries and we would act as sort of free lance guardian angels or vigilantes who would mete out justice where the laws simply don’t function. Bit by bit like all animals who have a sense of self-preservation, the immigrant rapists and scofflaws would develop respect for civilized behaviour because most sane folks prefer to stay alive.

  10. What a nice sensible lady. However I suspect Sweden is rapidly approaching tipping point. If I’m right wouldn’t it be a good idea to dump all “our” muslims and socialists over there.

  11. Just one more freedom fighter!!!..She´s clever, she use the words to show the people the truth behind the walls!!!!…..One more time the freedom lovers, will dye and kill to be free!!!!!……Europe is already under a fascist regime, the fascims did return by the hands of lefht and their soldiers the islamofascists Allah fans!!!!…..

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