Oh, BOO HOO! Muslim Brotherhood proxy CAIR’s executive director is outraged at Coca Cola commercial that he says mocks Arabs

6a00d8341c5c3553ef0128759f1db2970c-320wiNihad Awad, slimy little crybaby from CAIR (Council on Anti-American Islamic Relations) is offended at the Arab camel jockeys featured in Coke’s new SuperBowl commercial and demands that it be changed so as to be “sensitive to Muslim sensibilities.” Gag!

Awad is also very upset by what he sees as a subliminal message showing Arabs as unsuccessful, inept, and Arab culture as a joke. So why is he upset?  It’s the truth! Bill O’Reilly laughs at this buffoon.

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27 comments on “Oh, BOO HOO! Muslim Brotherhood proxy CAIR’s executive director is outraged at Coca Cola commercial that he says mocks Arabs

  1. big whoop. the arab has a stubborn camel. so what. it just shows that they doin’t have a sense of humor and are offended at everything.

  2. The First Amendment protects the right of Free Speech – it does NOT protect anybody from CHOOSING to be “offended”.

    One of the worst things about islamofascists is their absolute eradication of anything even remotely resembling a sense of humor.

  3. Oh come on….I laughed ’til I cried. When the show girls on the Pink Bus showed up and the driver was wiping the sweat from her brow. Coke was being humorous and just saying , get with the program. In other words: When in Rome do as the Romans do. Or if the CAIR guy needs more; When in America, do as the Americans do.” The hell with him, if he doesn’t have a sense of humor.

  4. Frankly, I surprised he didn’t want Coke to put a burkha over the bottle, since it’s a tad curvy like the female form. He may be mad because the shape might turn the A—rabs on.

  5. I swear, they have NO SENSE OF HUMOUR. It’s funny, and represents various characters from movies on different modes of transportation. For heaven’s sakes, get over yourself folks and lighten up.

  6. Reverse colonialism. “We’re in charge now. WE will make the stereotypes now, you dhimmis.” This is verbal jihad.

    Agreement with HF: CAIRo IS BECOMING the problem. The more they complain, the more ordinary folk become ALARMED about Islamic supremacism and misogyny. THAT’S A GOOD THING, HF!

  7. Thanks for always being in the trench’s to report on the buffon wars ! shots were fired from the Irish side no damage looks like , the o’rielly guns need to be recalibrate’ed and timed to ketch the muzzies standing up ! would also help if anybody was standing up on his gun crew

  8. This guy is the clear depiction of what happens when you have nothing to fill your days with. Imagine you have no interests, no creativity, no knowledge, no culture, no self-esteem, no intelligence, and no need to procure your daily sustenance because you’re a parasite and someone else (in this jerk’s case his Saudi masters) fills your daily basket. What do you do all day long? Look for ways to bother someone, bully someone, get offended by someone, attack someone, lie to someone or cheat someone. How strange, that sounds very much like islam to me.

    • SF, this is not a matter of too much free time. This is a business, and a dirty business at that. CAIR has a whole team of litigation jihadists that dig up any little perceived injustice to muslims that they can blow up and publicize, followed by a lawsuit.

      • Yes, you end up having a lot of spare time because islam doesn’t allow you to do anything else. First you have to lift your ass five times a day. Add the time for preliminary preparations, washing feet and setting up your tent. Second, you have spent precious time listening to your imam preaching vile prejudice and bigotry against everyone and anyone:Jews, Christians,pagans, women, gays, blacks, infidels, pigs, dogs, apes, shiites if you’re sunni or sunnis if you’re shiite. By then what’s left of the workday has to be divided between looking for your halal food, screwing your four wifes and a couple goats and spanking the children for not memorizing the filth spelled out in the koran. Third, you’re not entitled to learn anything other than the “holy” book, you are not entitled to humor, you are not entitled to free thinking, you are not entitled to wear whatever you like (if you’re a woman, mysoginist islam doesn’t restrict men on this one). All you can do is think what a victim you are, how everybody is trying to outsmart you (not very difficult, given the circunstances), how everybody is out there just trying to offend you.

        They have turned it into an industry because they have nothing else to be industrious on. They have no science, no technology, no music, no art, no culture, no engineering, no medicine. They are so poor, all they have is money.

  9. What an asshat. This idiot used the word “camel jockey” and HE inferred all the negative and derogatory feelings, NOT Coca Cola. Whiny, prickly, over sensitive morons. Besides, all the so called stereotypes concerning these Stone Age freaks is true. Ragheads and bag heads hate truth. Makes their skin burn, or something.

  10. CAIR has officially jumped the shark. I’ve been warning my brothers the victim card can only be played so many times.

    I try to tell Nihad and Doug, from my prison cell, that in America they have a story all young children are taught. The story of the boy who cried wolf. (watch this story here -http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=heasnJY8HMM )

    CAIR will now be forever labeled, the Boy Who Cried Wolf.

    Being a revert to Islam this aspect of Middle Eastern culture of “crying wolf” is quite annoying. My brothers from the Middle East think they are better than us American reverts – they don’t listen – and now Nihad and Ibrahim have stepped into the sh*t pile.

    CAIR you may as well pull out the red carpet for MPAC as the strongest horse in North America.

    When I get out of prison I’m jumping ship to MPAC.

    Assalamu alaikum

  11. Why? Because he’s a moslem, and that’s part of their jihad; elbow their way around every scenario, complaining of discrimination.
    JIHAD. Got it Bill?

  12. those guys will be offend for anything!!!!
    Tehy are offendend by dogs, they are offendend by women, they are offended pork eaters, they are offended by who respects women, they are offended by gays, they are offended by beautyfull women, they are offended by democracy, they affended by free speach……………sorry those people are so sensitive that they cann’t afford to live in western countries. Let’s ask them, to fly to their islamofascists paradises!!!!!

    • They’re offended by Jews. they’re offended by Christians. They’re offended by anyone that doesn’t lift their asses in the air or wear a garbage bag and potato sack.

  13. @ Nihad ‘camel-jockey’ Awad. You look like you peed in your y-front jockey shorts during that interview with Bill O’Reilly, as you tried to come across as an elder statesman, reasonable, ‘I can take a joke with the next guy’ secular moslem.

    But instead you spouted taqiyya, like the uncoco cair islamist that you really are and got handed your arse on a plate. I don’t want you to stop what you’re doing; rather, I want you to redouble your efforts.

    DEMAND the elimination of words like ISLAMIST and JIHADIST. Make a big stink, so that the MSM (the Moslem Socialist Media) trumpets your leadership of the mohammedan masses in the US and Canada.

    Then, as irritation with islamist supremacism, mosque mobilizations, attacks on Christians, and other islamist crimes, grows to a vociferous antipathy against islam, the silent majority will start to vocalize: “Not in our name. CAIR represents CAIR [cushy jobs with obuMBboy] and islamists, not us.” ” YOU are part of the problem. NO! You ARE the problem.”

  14. Easy fix for Coca Cola, run the commercial, and blur out the Arab…or run the second version of the commercial, where the camel tramples the Bedouin to death, and is last seen with the horses sucking coke from a straw at an oasis. Why does Fox give this ass-clown awad airtime?

  15. Hmmm! I know some muslims that are hard working, successful, well respected in the community and peaceful, wanting only to have their American dream! However, according to the Qu’ran they are all apostate and deserve the same death as an infadel dog like myself!
    Interesting! Did this idiot dare to truthfully name any of the actual successful arabs out there who have contributed in any meaningful way to the rest of the world? Chuckle!

  16. This is just stupid! What the hell doesn’t Offend these idiots? Just something to waaawwww waaaawwww about. There’s not a damn thing wrong with this commercial; nothing! It is the Truth and so what!? Get over yourselves; go bang and lift your asses!

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