UK: Victoria’s Secret employee scarred for life after Muslim headbag-wearing attacker threw acid in her face


Interesting how this story breaks on World Hijab (headbag) Day (See next post). Naomi Oni, 20, was left with severe burns on her head, neck, arms, legs and body after she was attacked in east London (heavy Muslim area). She has spent the past month having skin grafts and almost went blind, although she has now recovered partial sight.

Naomi Oni, Before and After attack

Naomi Oni, Before and After attack

UK Daily Mail  (h/t Maria J) Her attacker was dressed like a Muslim woman in a niqab, so Ms Oni could not see their face. Police have no idea who was responsible for the vicious attack, or why they did it. (Considering that acid attacks on women are rampant in the Muslim world and Muslims consider shops like Victoria’s Secret to be blasphemy against Islam, the police shouldn’t be wasting their time chasing EDL members) The shop assistant- who is sole carer for her disabled mother Marian Yalekhue, 52 – was making the five-minute journey back to their flat from the bus stop when she heard someone.


She had just finished a late shift at the Westfield Stratford store and was on the phone to her boyfriend Ato Owede, 23, at 12.40am. ‘I’d been working a late shift and was talking to my boyfriend about what we were going to do for New Year when I saw this Muslim woman wearing a niqab covering her face,’ she told the Evening Standard. 


I thought it was a bit strange at that time of night, but she didn’t say anything and I kept on walking. ‘Then I felt a splash on my face. It burned and I screamed out. I started running and screaming, holding my face, all the way home. I didn’t look back. ‘I got home and I was screaming and banging on the door. I was hysterical. Luckily my godmother, who is a pharmacist, was at home with my mum and she helped me and kept dipping my face in water and trying to calm me down until the police and ambulance got there.


‘I was in shock. Saying: “Who would do that? Who would do that?” How could anyone do this?’. She has released the shocking images of her disfigured face in an appeal for help to catch the attacker whose identity was concealed behind the Muslim women’s dress which completely covers the face apart from the eyes. Ms Oni decided to speak out after police failed to establish any motive behind the December 30 attack or identify a suspect. 

[Photos below are of acid attacks by family members, husbands, and boyfriends on Muslim women]


She said the attack had ‘destroyed’ her life and left her too afraid to venture out or even show her face in public. ‘I look in the mirror and it just isn’t me. I’ll never look the same again,’ she said. ‘I’ve always been outgoing and confident in my job and in my personal life, used to getting attention for the way I dress or my hair, but now I don’t want anyone looking at me.


‘I don’t want people to see me in public. I don’t want to get the Tube or the bus. If I have to go to the hospital I take a taxi. ‘I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to go back to my job. I was planning to go to college in September to study media and fashion, but I don’t even know if I’ll be able to do that.’


The store assistant has been told she faces months if not years of skin grafts and further plastic surgery and even then is likely to be left with severe facial scarring. She and her mother say they are too afraid to go back to their council flat in Dagenham. They are currently sleeping on a friend’s sofa-bed after turning down the offer to be rehoused in Tottenham on safety grounds.


Ms Oni said she had been inspired by the story of Katie Piper, the model who launched a charity and spoke out publicly after falling victim to an acid attack orchestrated by her boyfriend, but that she would never feel safe with her attacker still at large. ‘Even with the support of my family and friends and boyfriend I feel very alone,’ she said. ‘Nothing is going to be same anymore.’


Officers from Barking and Dagenham are investigating. No arrests have been made and inquiries are ongoing.


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56 comments on “UK: Victoria’s Secret employee scarred for life after Muslim headbag-wearing attacker threw acid in her face

    • The media here are a bunch of idiots. Its a no brainer that a niquab is an easy disguise for a perpetrator. The VS shop assistant’s attacker could have been anyone. Masked perpetrators would draw too much attention to themselves.

  1. I’m no doctor but maybe if rapid treatment techniques were published with as much vigor as these stories, there would be less lifetime damage. In high school I had an accident with 8 molar Lye. The cure was to wash it off with a lot of running water in a sink, rubbing lightly under the water to try to get it off without getting it deeper into my skin. Then after I went home I felt my skin drying out so I applied a combination of cod liver oil and caster oil called FRST and put my hand in a long cow insemination glove with the oil on overnight. The next day I was fine. Someone with knowledge of acids could make adjustments if needed to this, publish it, and neutralize this evil Muslim activity. Of course converting people FULLY to Jesus would help even faster.

  2. “Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves. By their fruit you will recognize them.”

  3. I hear liberals say that “Christians are just as bad”, but when was there ever a time in recent history when Christians ever did this? Where are all the blinded, acid-scarred, face-melted victims of Christian fanaticism? Where are they?

  4. All women converts to mohommedism, this could be you at any time in the future.
    If you think that wonderful dude talking shit to you is not capable of doing something like this, remember this is part of the religion of peace. Keepsd the CATTLE IN THEIR PLACE.

  5. I would think this attacker was probably a man using the usual “brave” muslim trait of hiding either behind womens clothes or a rag wrapped around their face like the hamas terrorists bombing and rocket attacking Israli children.
    They are all biiiiig brave men (with tiny weenies)trying to be scary.
    The myth they use about doing their atrocities for their god alley, SMI* is just an excuse for they’re normal inbred, uncivilized, wierd-brained behavior. Like pedofiles, they can never be cured and should be removed from the gene pool ASAP.
    *Small Letters Intentional

  6. My heart goes out to this young woman so brutally treated, she did not deserve this attack. I am not surprised though, England, should all but be re-named Englanstan. The Brits have let this happen, and we here in America are next. We the people re-elected a corrupt, criminal president, who is a disgrace to the office of presidency. Whether it was the 46% + the Liberal who we let vote him in, or just the fact we the people let him steal the election, we have no one to blame but ourselves. And WE are next on the rape, pedophile, acid line. Its already starting.

  7. BNI, please keep posting pictures and movies. There is NO argument to a picture with a story attached. These blunt pictures tear the guts out of the apologist arguments. Thank you for the courage to post this when virtually everyone else does not show these things. Do you have a data base of beheadings, assassinations, and disfigurements? Sounds bizarre, but such a data base used as a visual aid during a Congressional hearing, or a campus discussion, for two examples, would stop the apparatchiks dead in their tracks.

  8. BITCH!

    Just read some comments on a few of the British news websites reporting this and surprise, surprise… morons are rushing to say “her religion has nothing to do with this attack!”. I am so sick of people defending this human detritus. They’re lower than cockroaches.
    Deport all of these scumbags, and give this acid-assailant the death penalty!

  9. Dear BNI:

    Whether muslim women, apostate (ex) muslim men or non-muslim men or women… the acid in the face… melting the skin, dissolving the eyeballs in their sockets, so very gruesome and cruel. The perpetrators being muslim men who think they are doing divine work.

    I HAVE TO STRONGLY DISAGREE with the posters who think acid in the face of these male muslims is appropriate revenge. Nope.

    Hold the bastard down… get and rip his pants off. Let him be naked.

    Then let the acid…. drip, drip and drip. Have their junk dissolve, burn away and just melt with excruciating chemical burns…

    BNI posters… NOT THE FACE. Aim for the damn crotch!

    • I see your point and it is well taken, but most women are weaker, smaller. So, I say throw it in the face first, disableing them and then go for the genitals; give them the royal treatment.

    • An acid attacker should be gradually submerged head to toe in sulfuric acid, that or have his package ripped off and allowed to bleed to death.

  10. If they aren’t going to be smart enough to give all Muslims the boot back to Pakistan, Saudi, and other places, then they need to have a law against wearing the headbag. They will NEVER find the woman who did this to her because they don’t know who to look for, her face was covered. This pisses me off! I feel bad for that poor girl! I want to see justice, but I don’t think we have hope of that, not to mention, it will happen again to some other pretty girl!

  11. Getting shot is less venomous and vicious than this.

    I hope the jawa-witch who did it is caught and imprisoned… but knowing that England’s current law system is full of cowards, that probably won’t happen.

    God help us, He’s the only one who can.


    Moslems are GASLIGHTING us.
    GASLIGHTING is psychological abuse where you tell the victim lies until he/she goes nuts.

    Moslems say ‘religion of peace’, then do things like this. This is called ‘commanding right’ (Koran 31:17; 9:71) so it is perfectly acceptable to traditional Moslems. Mullahs lie and deny this is Islam, because most dirty kafirs don’t know the Koran. Ordinary Moslems have the right in Sharia law to be VIGILANTES. (Now you know.)

    This happened in London, not in Karachi. It can happen in New York or Idaho or Melbourne.

    A mask is a threat, whether worn by KKK or braindead Moz-slave-girl-for life.
    The threat of the Moz-mask is against dirty, slutty KAFIR women who refuse to wear the mask.

  13. Police have no idea who was responsible for the vicious attack, or why they did it.
    Bullhit, police & politicians don’t want to knolw. They might actually have to do something about this attack.

  14. 1.An eye for an eye. The punishment for throwing acid should be acid thrown in thethrower’s face – in fact, thrown all over them.
    2. The character under the black veil on the street car with a white girl sitting next is more likely a male. Look at the size of his hands. We need laws that forbid anyone to walk around with masks of any type or with veils which hide the face. It is all to easy for bankrobbers to pose as religious muslim women. The penalty should be a fine the first time and jail the second time.

  15. My sympathies to the victim of this horrific assault! Hopefully she will heal quickly and with minimal scarring. Who knows the reason she was picked for such a horrible thing but maybe now GB will wake up to the cancer they are suffering from before it is too late.

  16. These muslims are sick twisted people. To a Western man’s view they can also be morons. I read stories about acid attacks and believe it or not alot of these victims were young ladies were not bad too look at and a large number of them are also not overweight. It is sadly not a surprising story.

    • Arwen, their looks have nothing to do with the attacks. They are mutilated by the people closest to them for perceived, and usually not proven, misbehavior according to the misogynistic teachings of Islam. I have also seen acid thrown in the faces of Christians and apostates who are men.

  17. Beauty is, of course, a subjective thing. But when I look at Islam, I see fear, terror and much ugliness. That a person can take an attractive woman and turn her ugly in the name of God is truly a baffling concept. The god that Muslims worship is truly an ugly god if such a god hates beauty and happiness that much. What cruel religion is it that takes and saps all the goodness, happiness, and beauty out of life? And what sort of god would want such a thing from his creations when such a god is supposed to have created beauty, happiness and goodness in the first place?

    • Allah = Satan

      The Jewish / Christian God is not the same as the Islamic god. In Islam their God Allah asks his followers to die and kill for him. The Christian / Jewish God tells His followers,” You shall not kill” and He died for us that we may have everlasting life in the presence of God.

  18. Such evil. I still find it difficult to believe that anybody could do this to another human being…it boggles my mind.

    • I’ve personally seen worse in my life of and adventures of the muddled eastern societies, now you might be asking yourself at this moment, seen worse, really, yeah really I have. I will not however go into grizzely details but, I will remind all others, there are things in this life far worse then death, this cult (muslim/islam) practices them on a daily basis somewhere on the other side of this world and especialy in the muddled east countries, such things as loss of dignity, honor, and a sense of humanity. There are things some have witnessed which will forever haunt the minds of God fearn’ people and gives a no-pause response, if that moment ever arises, to pull the trigger, no thinking required, and sadly we have a demon pocessed-so-called leader with such notions on his mind, although he announced it as “fundamental transformation” the intent is far worse. I fear as many do it is only a matter of timing at this point, but as history is a witness, these type of people being the godless fools they are, will stop at nothing to get to their “the end” using their ideology through means of such deviences that it will shock many millions into a reality they now consider, ” it ain’t ever going to happen here” mindset. It is not a matter of ” it can’t happen here, it is a matter of why not”? Why do the amerikan moocher/parasite/no skin in the game of life of hard knocks, pain and suffering class not understand the other side of this equasion, what are they going to do when the grubmint can’t protect them from their own fellow American’s realizing them to be part and partical to the problem they’ve forced us ( the Patriots) to contend with through their own ignorances, lazy lives, the lieing, stealing, sloth and the other deadly sins most of us are not proned to, what do they do to preserve their so called liberties when it in fact, it threatens our well being as a moral peoples with their involvement in such activities.

      I suspect we all know the answer to that one, they will beg, plead, screan and holler for someone, anyone to stop the madness, and wa-la, he comes the transformational creature they made out of the whole cloth of nothingness, you guessed it, their messiah. Think again scooter, there is still the other side of the equasion they’ll all, including the so-called messiah will have to contend with, it ain’t gonna be purdy as we say here in fly-over Country, not at all.

      Semper Fi. Think on that one for a moment Patriots, decide where you go from here, IOW, get busy and make every day productive to that end.

  19. What more those islamofascists need to do or show, for this fascist ideology be forbitten, and all his leaders be killed!!!!!!!!

  20. Acid in the face was unheard of before we got to know more about the evil cult of islam and how they destroy the lives of women with acid to the face, if the women do anything that the muslim monsters feel is offensive to allah their lunartic moon god. We need punishments of death or life in prison for any person who uses acid in any attack. We must come up with new laws and punishment when muslims are in our country for such atrocities as honor murders, acid attacks, female gentital mutilations, sexual assaults based on child marriages and so on. islam the worst cult ever run by demons.

    • The ONLY REAL measure that will strike this kind of thing at the root is THE eviction of every practising Moslem man, woman and child from the ENTIRE West!!!!!

      Then (since I’ve heard of a very few cases of non-Moslems attacking victims with acids), one ought to make sure that crimes like vitriol-throwing (vitriol = acid), genital mutilation, rape and the like are sentenced appropriately – with death if somebody dies, otherwise with surgical castration (without anæsthesia for men!!) plus a heavy term of imprisonment at the minimum going all the way up to death.

      It’s HIGHEST TIME that any judicial favours in punishment go for the victim, NOT the perpetrators!!! Thanks to the idea of “Mankind being intrinsically good” espoused by humanism, we’ve become FAR TOO SOFT on criminals!!!!

    • No. We must teach women to do that to muslim men. They all deserve the very worst that can happen to them. The moment muslim women detect negative shit coming from the men in their lives, douse them. Douse them all. Hey ladies, you can get sulfuric acid at battery supply houses-cheap.

    • @cat…I believe the best penalty for acid attacks on women is the same as they did , pour acid on them and see how they like their skin looking like melted wax and being stared at! then they will probably kill themselves anyway because of their conceit and pride in themselves..arrogant swine that they are!

  21. Yet another example of why I never, ever feel sorry for the female ass-lifters. They are just as vicious as their male co-cultist supremacists.

    Story does not say if attacker was definitely a woman but I would not be at all surprised if it was.

    mohammadan supremacists with ovaries have no right calling themselves women. They feel NO empathy except for fakestinians (and that’s only to support the ummah). They obfuscate about the “culture” of islam as profusely and egregiously as the likes of Uncle Dougie and his fellow turd-birds of a feather. They defend kiddy diddling thus condemning future generations to become the soulless monsters they are.

    There is nothing soft or gentle or truly feminine about them.

    Don’t pity them. They are not victims. They are perpetrators.

    • EXACTLY, “Istanbul_Chick”!!!! You’re completely correct – and yet another reason in itself why Moslems should be unwelcome in the West!!!

      • Hell if I know. If she is she’s on her way to apostasy which commendable.

        I’m sure the mohammadan gang moll attacked her because she’s a munafiq: working in a kuffar “sex shop,” having relations with a man not her relative, and not wearing the “cultural” or “integral part of our religion” (depending on which kaffar asses they’re trying to blow smoke up) slave rag, and celebrating a haram najis kuffar holiday(New Years).

        mohammadams attack their own just as eagerly as they attack the kuffar.

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