ILLINOIS School district is slowly becoming sharia-compliant

rns_school_011Like a slowly-spreading virus, Islam is worming its way into American education where it can do the most damage to young minds. One Skokie, Illinois school district banned Halloween so as not to offend Muslims. Now, another district is scrapping Veterans Day, and replacing it with the Muslim holiday of Eid ul Adha.

FOX- Chicago Students in Skokie-Morton Grove School District 69 will not celebrate Halloween this year. The school district has posted a message on its website saying Halloween will not be celebrated this year because of what it calls cultural, religious and economic reasons.

Unknown-1School officials said a growing number of students have either stayed home or been offered alternate activities because they feel uncomfortable with the celebration. Parents are being told not to send children to school with candy or dressed in Halloween outfits.

Unknown-2Mediaite Even worse, Skokie School District 68 has added Eid ul Adha as a day off, dropping Veterans Day as a holiday … so they can celebrate an Islamic holiday. Students are going to get the day off but the teachers are not, as they’re only allowed a certain number of days off.  (I’m surprised they didn’t replace Columbus Day with an Islamic holiday, considering  Muslims are trying to convince us that  it was they, in fact, who discovered America)




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  1. Hi all,

    I’m inviting you to learn about Islam and its pricipes, before you make a jugement…
    I’m ready to answer your questions about it.

    Islam is a religion of peace and equality…

  2. This is what is REALLY confusing me…. Skokie has a mostly Jewish population. They have Jewish holidays off of school and many restaurants close on Friday nights because of the large Jewish population. Why in the heck are they caving into Muslim holidays, etc. It makes NO sense….

  3. That old saying that – give them an inch and they’ll take a mile, is so true with those cancerous-cell Islamists. We Americans bending over backwards to accommodate the barbarians will end up with us looking like dhimmi pretzels. STOP surrendering to these immigrants demands NOW! Take back our country and traditions. How dare they! They will transform our land to the pigsties they came from! In the name of Allah they murdered, on our soil, over 3,000 innocents. They changed their methods but their Caliphate goal is the same. Hell No they’ve got to go!

  4. Just who is this Quintin Shepherd who wrote the letter for the school board? His letter says the decision was made “to be reflexive of our community”. Doesn’t he mean “reflective” of the community? The letter says he has a PhD but did he get it the same way Dr. Spence of the Ontario (Canada) school board did, with plagiary?

  5. For Christs sake Bonni what is wrong with these people?>Why are they tolerating this shit?.Surely they can take some sort of legal action to put a stop to this cockwash?.Its the thin edge of the wedge.Look out Cristmas is next.

  6. It shows How some People in the US do not get , you give those idiots a finger they will take a hand And now kids have to suffer because one stupid superintendent canceled Halloween.What an idiot. May us well he should cancel Christmas and other Holidays

  7. As a short term means of resistance. Anyone offended by this action should make it known that they will vote no on any bond measure until the error is rectified.

  8. What Teacher’s Union lets a Federal Holiday go down the drain. If I was in that local, I would be gunning for the Local President’s seat.

    • DF, Tunisia was always the most moderate among moderate Muslim countries which is why it used to be a favorite vacation stop of Europeans. There is/was even a red light district in Tunis.

  9. Dear BNI:

    As most BNI readers already know; it is customary for muslims to have a “victory mosque” in places where they have achieved “success” of their supremacism. Over the centuries this manifested in taking already existing non-muslim houses of worship such as churches and synagogues and turing them into mosques. If the building itself isn’t taken over… then it is razed/destroyed and a mosque is BUILT on that site. How many Buddhist Shrines or Hindu Temples met their demise this way. Same thing happened to the places of worship of Sihks, Ba’Hais and others.

    This mentality WHICH IS A PURPOSEFUL STANCE OF MUSLIM’S BELIEF IN THEIR OWN SUPERIORITY… was seen again post 9/11 in America when the muslims attempted to build a mosque at Ground Zero.

    Will, we now have something similar with school holidays. Apparently, holidays which are not “schools are closed” celebrations were targeted first. Such as Halloween being cancelled by the schools mentioned in this article. This was obviously a “trial run” by muslims. The MUSLIMS GOT AWAY WITH IT AND HAD HALLOWEEN CANCELLED by the school. No on protested enough to bring the celebrations back. The muslims won.

    Now, they went for IMPLEMENTING MUSLIM RELIGIOUS HOLIDAYS AS DAYS OFF WHERE THE SCHOOLS ARE C-L-O-S-E-D. Giving sanction to this is so incredibly REPULSIVE. Yet, there is a catch… the school district due to budgets and possible legal issues (ie school has to be in session for “x number of days to fullfill education and/or funding standards and laws)… had to do something.

    That something is if the MUSLIM HOLIDAY WAS INSTITUTED WITH A CLOSING, THEN SOMETHNG ELSE HAD TO GIVE. Another holiday had to be replaced.

    Which one? VETERAN’S DAY. THE FUCKING MUSLIMS HAD VETERAN’S DAY REPLACED WITH THEIR CULT HOLIDAY. I wonder if muslim “leaders” and “concerned parents of islam-shit faith” made suggestions as to WHICH HOLIDAY GOT DROPPED. This was NO ACCIDENT that Veteran’s Day which honors American military heroes and war time sacrifices (to preserve freedoms).

    Like a “victory mosque” at Ground Zero in the 21st century or one built on top of the rubble of a Sihk Temple or Buddhist Shrine centuries ago…

    Muslim holiday replaces Veteran’s Day was no accident.

    Except for Jehovah’s Witnesses or Quakers, I don’t know of any other possible religious or ethnic “group” that would not join or support the military. Though I have known members of those groups who at least stated they respected veterans and current military families.

    Veteran’s Day would be the IDEAL holiday to KEEP ON THE SCHOOL CALENDAR because of the universal unifying heritage of being an American supporting their nation.

    Black kids or Asian kids in Skokie schools…. they may be military brats with mom or dad serving in Iraq or maybe an Uncle who was stationed on the DMZ in South Korea.

    Irish or WASP kids… did grandpa serve in Vietnam? Is there a tintype photo in your family picture album of an ancestor in his Civil War uniform?

    Jewish kids… is there framed pictures on your aunt’s wall of an ancestor in his doughboy hat, the family at that time so immensely proud that this first generation American born son was going to serve America during WW One. Or maybe the picture is of a female cousin of great-grandma… who you saw at last year’s Hanuakkah or Yom Kippur… and the elderly octogenarian points out with pride her stint as a WWII WAC.

    Any kid of any background… dad, mom, grandpa, uncle, aunt, cousin… who served in peace time, and is proudly a member of the American Legion or if they did see a combat situation joined the local VFW.

    These veterans have Veteran’s Day to not only acknowledge their sacrifices but think of all the freedoms provided by veterans. The multiple ways in which Veterans Day can be viewed, observed and celebrated is TOTALLY AMERICAN and would be something that could INCLUDE ALL THE STUDENTS.

    For even a kid with NO veterans in either the current or past generation… they still can learn how America’s veterans have helped create the free and successful society that America is today.

    So, the muslims replace Veterans Day with their Eid holiday. The holiday which tortures and cruelly slaughters animals. So… we give up veterans visiting schools, (which many do as Veterans Day approaches) and students learning about patriotism. You have to realize that these activities will be jettisoned… as I am sure muslim indoctrination will be taught as replacements for Veterans Day curriculum. As “Eid approaches” there will be assignments, book reports, story times, art projects… etc; that will no longer focus on veterans and America… but muslim supremacists.

    So… what is going to happen in classrooms for Eid? Will the class guinea pig or aquarium tank turtle be slaugtered in the name of Allah? Happy Eid!

    Also, this is happening in SKOKIE. A suburb with a large Jewish population. If the Jewish population can be vocal and protest the Neo-Nazi parades and posturing in Skokie years ago… I am saddened that they are not speaking out against the spread of islam.

    Not only the Jewish community… but the Protestant, Orthodox, Catholic, Mormon… what about ANY denomination affiliated Christianity? The atheists… where are they? Feminists, artists, NRA members, Republican Women’s Clubs, Young Democrats… anybody who knows their rights come from veterans and military sacrifices where are they?

    Same thing with VFW and American Legion Posts? Any letters of complaint to the school board?

    Sadly, I think almost everybody in the Skokie area probably doesn’t know about this travesty until the first year that this is implemented then it will be even more difficult for it to be reversed. Because if it is implemented and then reversed… that will attract the muslim loving media and CAIR lawsuits.

    BNI, Atlas Shrugs, Jihad Watch and the other anti-islamist & anti-Jihad sites are doing a great job- keep informing the world about the truth of islamic supremacist.

  10. I would like a permanent holiday, from here on out, from Muzzies & their sympathizers, PERIOD!! Ship ’em out in leaky boats. They are worse than the bubonic plague. As one of the popes said ‘Give me a child until the age of seven—‘, or similar comment.

  11. in regards to columbus day this is the sick joke of the day – from the muzzies mouth — Yes it”s so true we are related. Native Americans especially of the plains tribe culture are from the Middle East. Similarities are astounding man cause they value cedar and so do we. We dont have facial hair and they dont. We didn”t care too much for the “devils brew” aka alcohol and the same with them. Yes enough with the Siberia Myth of the original inhabitants of this great land we came from over there. I”m glad we pulled the troops out of Iraq when we did it’s time they came home and stop bullying my people. sorry bni i just got to much time on my hands

  12. Basically, I believe that it’s up to the parents in those schools to stop this bullsh*t of pandering to muslims. I can’t imaginw that the schools or districts in question are a majority of raheads. As for the administrators that signed off on these stupid decisions, they were either paid off, threatened, or have absolutely no balls or American patriotism. Here again, it’s up to the parents and the voters to send them home to their mommies. If any of my children were still of school age, they would be yanked out of these liberal, milktoast, jerks circle of influence rapidly. And then I would “speak” to the jerks in person.

  13. The jihad will go on until victory, until the annihilation of the host culture. They are determined to destroy the way of life in that brought them to America.

    Islam is a culture based on exploitation, wrecking things, rather than building them (except mosques). Hatred of kafirs and women are the core values of Islam.



    • Amen FT! I would sound the cry:’the Arselifters are coming………….!! “But, what thell?! They’re already here!!..Hunker down in your bunker with your friends and family and get ready!!……I really don’t think this crap would go well in my state, but they (the muslimes) Do have their own schools in the city where I grew up, at THAT time considered a “Model City”…..NO MORE!!………BTW, I DO NOT live in that city now, and am d—- glad I’m far enough out that I don’t have muslime neighbors!!..At least none that are apparent, though they could be hiding in one of the rural/suburban hideouts (houses).

    • If anyone of you parents protest this, you need to go to the school board and complain…If they don’t do anything…home school them…YOu damn pork eating rag head muzzies….Our Lord God will toss you all in hell…

  15. There should be an END TO THIS MADNESS.

    I am absolutely offended by the very presence of this death cult that preaches hate against unbelievers, misogyny and totalitarianism on the face of the earth.

    The whole civilized world should unite to get rid of this barbaric virus. If we don’t, future generations of the civilized world (of today that is, there will be no humane and civilized world left once these polygamist barbarians become the majority) will curse us a zillion times for not doing so.

    In this battle against absolute evil, our greatest weapon is free speech and our greatest enemy are those who betray freedom in the name of political correctness.

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