MUSLIM jihadist speaker at Texas ‘Muslim’ Capitol Day says “Islam is the solution for Texas” and calls for “Anti-American legislation” to be passed

new_directn_almasri_418vi-viRadical Muslim infiltrators featured at Texas Muslim Capitol Day on Jan. 31st, included Nation of Islam’s Eric Muhammad, who castigated former Texas Rep. Leo Berman for introducing anti-Sharia legislation.

At the 3:50 mark, Muhammad says that ‘Islam is the solution’ for Texas, which is followed by chants of ‘Allahu Akhbar.’ He then follows that up by calling for ‘anti-American legislation.’ Eric Muhammad’s stated purpose is to teach and help establish the faith of Islam in America, as taught by Elijah Muhammad and the rabid antisemite and notorious America-hater Minister Louis Farrakhan.

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24 comments on “MUSLIM jihadist speaker at Texas ‘Muslim’ Capitol Day says “Islam is the solution for Texas” and calls for “Anti-American legislation” to be passed

  1. How, after watching this, could anyone be under the impression that islam is anything other than a political ideology? There is nothing religious about islam or its totalitarian ambitions. Each and every one of its muslim adherents poses a threat to our individual freedoms and liberties.

  2. The chances of going the way of England where entire neighborhoods are essentially bound by Sharia Law are very good under the current administration.

  3. As disturbing as this is – we presently have an administration that sees the US Constitution as an unnecessary roadblock.

      • I’ve always regarded comments from this website, they claim as threats, as well, suggestions. Many of us in the world of the ‘right minded thoughts’ are merly suggesting they turn their negative attitudes, and threats of our non-complience to their threats against us, i.e. infidels, as a means to change their direction from a tyrantical mindset to a person of interest in Freedom from their tyrantical interest. Many of us actually make promises, and as a man in this world with honor, integrity, and straight up nonsense talk and opinions, and to this day in my life, I’ve never broken a single promise made to anyone and will insist upon them reconizing said statements, as a promise, rather then a threat towards their threats against me as an infidel, they may preceive as threats, as a promise I and many others are not willing to forgo without appropriate answers, to their threats. I think I hope you understood, what I thought I said, even though I didn’t say it is understood as an answer to thier misunderstanding of my personal intentions, now and in the future. Make sense to you? Great now I’m confused, hahahahahahah.

        • Marine, I could not find those threats they claimed were made here. If they were made, I deleted them before they were posted which is why I think they made them themselves. They posted the alleged comments in the press release they issued but did not post a photo of the page they allegedly came from on BNI, which is what they did the last time there were alleged threats in the comments. That’s probably why the story died in one day and didn’t make the national news like last time.

  4. Talking shit about Anti-American Legislation is one thing, however, the first person that actually tries to pass anti-American Legislation, that is contrary to the Constitution, they are automatically guilty of Treason, and Sedition. Why? Because they did not follow the Constitution to change the Constitution, they just did. That is a Coupe. Thus Treason. By the way that includes Politicians as well as Bureaucrats.

  5. yet another being protected by the 1st Amend. to spew this vile hatred towards the infidels, i.e. American’s. I have one thing to say in this regard, ‘ the United States Constitution is not a document we will allow to be whittled away by these MUTTS or a warrent of death to our very way of living’-period. This is a call to others to come and join in on their brand of fun, killing, maiming, mutilating, destruction of private property and general mayham. It is required of them to ‘give notice’ for those they have targeted, join, pay a tax, or die, its really that simple. Don’t fall for it Patriots, again their alligator mouths are overloading their humingbird asses.

    Semper Fi

      • yes B we are all too aware of the smears of these MUTTS, but, they don’t get a pass from this man, no mam, not one ounce of lie on their parts will be treated as truth, nor accepted as their version of truth either. I long for a day when the 1st Amendment is used as a punching bag for the outright subversives, hateful remarks, actions and otherwise, meaning: with power, there is great responsibility, and when in pocession of said power, they are to be sued out of life, liberty and the pursuit of further lies for disregarding the truth, the truth in this case, the koran says the exact opposite of the lies this MUTT is spewing, daily. That in my mind ought to be a class-c felony, just for starters maybe when forced through a court of law, the very words of their supposed holy-book is used against them as evidence of their lies, maybe then, many more will come to the conclusion, of what we speak, the truth to their lies.

        Semper Fi.

  6. These who despise freedom have no problem using our freedom of speech to spew their vile doctrine and noxious beliefs.

    At least by all this there are no illusions we know who and what they are by their own words. The politically correct morons in Washington may be fooled but not the regular people who know better .

    The eyes of Texas are upon these Koranic messengers of hate and intolerance while they whine and call foul,

  7. That idiot must think he’s in Chi-town or Baaahston. He’s taking his life in his hands talking like that in Texas. Austin is liberal, but not the rest of that state. They need to cover his hide with pork fat & ride him out jay-bird nekkid on a rail & tie him to the nearest fire ant mound.

    • Amen Bren..!! AND I WOULD like to quickly follow up those words with a 55 gallon drum full of whoopass poured all over this miserable stupid POS and any of his nearby muslime bros, and sisters!!…”Alluhu Akbar”?!!… —- YOU, muslime maggot traitor!!

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