SURPRISE! Signs point to al-Qaeda Muslim terrorists behind suicide bomb blast outside U.S. Embassy in Turkey

New images of U.S. Embassy bombing in AnkaraA Turkish activist thinks the terrorist attack may have had something to do with celebrating Hillary Clinton’s last day as Secretary of State. Earlier reports by Turkey’s interior minister, Muammer Guler, said the bomber was likely connected to a domestic left-wing militant group.

(Left Wing Fascists? Islamofascists? Two sides of the same coin)


The White House, still reeling from the blowback for not calling the terrorist attack in Benghazi a terrorist attack, said the suicide attack was an “act of terror” but that the motivation was unclear. (Somehow it’s never clear to this White House that Islam is the motivation behind every Islamic terrorist attack in the world)

Westerners in Turkey have been warned to be vigilant after a suicide bomber detonated an explosive today in front of the U.S. Embassy in Ankara. The blast in the capital killed the bomber and a guard at the entrance gate before the British mission in Istanbul made clear officials feared there could be further outrages.


19 comments on “SURPRISE! Signs point to al-Qaeda Muslim terrorists behind suicide bomb blast outside U.S. Embassy in Turkey

  1. Jeeeeez, the second in command of al-qaeda stated recently there would be consequences for our actions, and someone made the comment, from our useful i.d.-10-ts in grubmint was a ‘possible link’ by al-qaeda as suspect? Good Lord, what kind of world is this becoming when those in the lead are clueless and acting as though none of this matters, WOW, stumped to say the least.

  2. BNI, Let’s hope she doesn’t come back. But then what clown will replace her? An Islamist enthusiast? What is it with womens’ obsession to do plastic sugery? They always end up looking worse. What’s wrong with just growing old gracefully?

    • No one could replace our darlin’ Hillary. It would be impossible to find another female who was so coldly calculating, so vicious, so retributive, so self serving, or so capable of lying.
      No one !

      • Uh-uh. I nominate Hanoi Jane. I think she hates the U.S.A. more than Hell-ry, except for the money.

        Hard to believe, but Hell-ry was in the Young Republicans when she was young, or so I’ve read.

    • i usually do that out of habit. every time i hear about a crime i automatically a Muslim did it until i hear different. unsurprisingly i’m more right than wrong.

  3. Noooo shiite! Al-Qaeda suspected? But O said that al-Qaeda had been ‘decimated’…or something.

    “What difference does it make.”—-Hillary Clinton

    “.. just another ‘bump-in-the-road’.”—-O

    “…Muslim Brotherhood is largely a secular organization.”—-Jimmy Clapper

    “The system worked.”—-Janet Napolitano

    Ahhh yes…O’s Arab Spring in full bloom.

      • She’s looking more and more like Helen Thomas as each day passes. I understand if she wins, she will appoint Huma Abedin as Secretary of State.

        PS: They’re making great strides in face transplant surgery. Maybe Feinstein, Wasserman-Schputz, Pelosi, and Napolitano will add their names to the donor list. Gotta go…feelin’ a little ill.

    • I and the public know what all school children learn
      Those to whom evil is done
      Do evil in return

      in other words…what goes around comes around.

      The Butchering of Gaddafi Is America’s Crime

      by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

      “Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton appeared like ghoulish despots at a Roman Coliseum, reveling in their Libyan gladiators’ butchery.”

      Last week the whole world saw, and every decent soul recoiled, at the true face of NATO’s answer to the Arab Spring. An elderly, helpless prisoner struggled to maintain his dignity in a screaming swirl of savages, one of whom thrusts a knife [4] up his rectum. These are Europe and America’s jihadis in the flesh. In a few minutes of joyously recorded bestiality, the rabid pack undid every carefully packaged image of NATO’s “humanitarian” project in North Africa – a horror and revelation indelibly imprinted on the global consciousness by the brutes’ own cell phones.

      Nearly eight months of incessant bombing by the air forces of nations that account for 70 percent of the world’s weapons spending, all culminating in the gang-bang slaughter of Moammar Gaddafi, his son Mutassim and his military chief of staff, outside Sirte. The NATO-armed bands then displayed the battered corpses for days in Misurata – the city that had earlier made good on its vow to “purge Black skin” through the massacre and dispersal of 30,000 darker residents of nearby Tawurgha – before disposing of the bodies in an unknown location.

    • And a ‘Turkish Activist’ (who looks like ex-traitor Clinton) talking from the US?

      This looks like an ‘own goal’ with two turks dead.

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