SURPRISE! Signs point to al-Qaeda Muslim terrorists behind suicide bomb blast outside U.S. Embassy in Turkey

New images of U.S. Embassy bombing in AnkaraA Turkish activist thinks the terrorist attack may have had something to do with celebrating Hillary Clinton’s last day as Secretary of State. Earlier reports by Turkey’s interior minister, Muammer Guler, said the bomber was likely connected to a domestic left-wing militant group.

(Left Wing Fascists? Islamofascists? Two sides of the same coin)


The White House, still reeling from the blowback for not calling the terrorist attack in Benghazi a terrorist attack, said the suicide attack was an “act of terror” but that the motivation was unclear. (Somehow it’s never clear to this White House that Islam is the motivation behind every Islamic terrorist attack in the world)

Westerners in Turkey have been warned to be vigilant after a suicide bomber detonated an explosive today in front of the U.S. Embassy in Ankara. The blast in the capital killed the bomber and a guard at the entrance gate before the British mission in Istanbul made clear officials feared there could be further outrages.