But is the knife-wielding loon in front of Buckingham Palace a Muslim?

A Muslim-looking man was tasered by police today after holding a knife to his throat outside Buckingham Palace. (Awww, too bad they were so quick with the taser. We would have liked to see him cut his throat)

UPDATE! I was right, he is a filthy Muslim all right, a halal butcher, no less. uk-muslim-brands-a-huge-knife-to-his-throat-outside-buckingham-palace


From Blazing Cat Fur: A man carrying a knife in each hand rushed toward the gates of Buckingham Palace. When surrounded by police he held a knife to his own throat. The man’s hat is the Pakol favoured by Pashtun tribesmen from Afghanistan and Pakistan. He also dropped prayer beads, probably a Tasbih.”

UK Daily Mail  (h/t bains) The dramatic incident saw the man brandish two knives in front of hundreds of terrified tourists watching the popular Changing of the Guard event at 11.50am outside the palace in central London.

The scene was cordoned off 30 yards from the palace gates and an ambulance was nearby. Two knives with six-inch blades and a pair of Nike high top trainers lay inside the cordoned-off area.Police at the scene were telling members of the public that a man ‘tried to make an exhibition of himself during the guard change’ and that there were ‘mental health issues’.



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  1. Its a shame the police didn’t hold off a bit and let him cut his own throat! It whould have resulted in, one less insane Muslim, who no longer could do any harm. But now he’ll get perfered treatment and the Liberal news media attention; who will sing the “poor, poor, abused, intolerantly treated Muslim, song.

    • In some cases, I can agree more. Problem is most of these guys wielding a knife are “pretending” to be suicidal when in fact they are trying to get a COP ro intervene and harm the COP or get shot. Within 21 feet in the U.S., it is a LEGAL shoot. That is the training and is the acceptable rule. However, really crazy people have already CUT themselves several times and ARE Bleeding at the time.(Suicide by COP) is also a term used in law enforcement.
      I refer the noon-violent methods of capturing People with problems, unless they prove to me they are “Dangerous” and trying to hurt someone or kill. If they co-operate, no problem. If not, you have to escalate to the next level.
      Keep in mind that some Muslims believe they have to die with a “sword” in their hands and kill someone in the name of “Allah”.(Interesting parallel to Vikings who need to die with a sword fighting to the death so they can go to Valhalla) No connections though.
      I have read the Quran and disagree with it’s “Military Ideology” as it is NOT a true religion, etc…..
      In the long run, England needs to take a more Aggressive stance against these Muslims in their country as I have seen them demonstrating violence in the streets.
      The English are afraid to use guns and only so many are armed anyway.
      Ideally, they believe no one should have guns. They are NOT FREE men!
      Free Men have guns and that is how WE broke away from English rule of King George.(1776-1789)

    • And now you seem to be getting it John!!
      Put down the Brits who are in ‘charge’,not us bastards who fight against them!

      Bonni,went to an EDL meet the other day,got you a present,i’ll send it over soon.
      It’s only the usual pin badge but it has my local division on it (Essex).

    • She was yelling” LAAYDYS AND GENTS, MAOVE AWAAY PLAYZ” I was quoting her in the best cockeny accent I can manage, LOL

  2. The only mental issue this guy has is mohommedism.
    This is all meant to getting people used to see mohommedists doing shit to intimidate, so people will follow with less objection.

  3. Letting him slice his own throat would have been a beautiful thing to see. Too bad the authorities intervened. Why bother? He was most likely scamming anyway.


  4. Because of the heavy clothing, the Taser was delayed a bit. You have to have skin contact somewhere for it to properly work. The danger to these “alleged” suicide types is they can and DO Turn on YOU! Then you have to be prepared to take them down anyway you can. In the United States, if a “knife” armed man/person attacks you or comes at you and comes within 21 feet, you can shoot them ! (Remember a person with a knife who is charging at you can still make a fatal cut against you within 21 feet, and you have a gun to shoot them with. Otherwise, you better be able to defend yourself another way.(next class)
    John Carman, former law enforcement over 25 years and martial arts over 37 years.

  5. What has gone wrong with our inferior thinking politicians? This man should have been shot dead. We cannot blame police for their soft approach to law and order. We must go after all politicians- it’s time to declare full academic war on all politicians. They must lift their game or be taken out!

  6. Took a fair amount of taser to down him. Dangerous. When he was tasered, he did not turn the knife on himself but went after police with the knives outstretched.

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