But is the knife-wielding loon in front of Buckingham Palace a Muslim?

A Muslim-looking man was tasered by police today after holding a knife to his throat outside Buckingham Palace. (Awww, too bad they were so quick with the taser. We would have liked to see him cut his throat)

UPDATE! I was right, he is a filthy Muslim all right, a halal butcher, no less. uk-muslim-brands-a-huge-knife-to-his-throat-outside-buckingham-palace


From Blazing Cat Fur: A man carrying a knife in each hand rushed toward the gates of Buckingham Palace. When surrounded by police he held a knife to his own throat. The man’s hat is the Pakol favoured by Pashtun tribesmen from Afghanistan and Pakistan. He also dropped prayer beads, probably a Tasbih.”

UK Daily Mail  (h/t bains) The dramatic incident saw the man brandish two knives in front of hundreds of terrified tourists watching the popular Changing of the Guard event at 11.50am outside the palace in central London.

The scene was cordoned off 30 yards from the palace gates and an ambulance was nearby. Two knives with six-inch blades and a pair of Nike high top trainers lay inside the cordoned-off area.Police at the scene were telling members of the public that a man ‘tried to make an exhibition of himself during the guard change’ and that there were ‘mental health issues’.