Conservative British councillor suspended for alleged ‘racism’ against Muslims. For the millionth time, will someone please tell me, what ‘race’ is Islam?

burqatrashbag-vi-e1359879422582Conservative councillor, Chris Joannides, has been suspended and is under investigation after allegedly making anti-Muslim remarks on a social media website.

UK Guardian  Chris Joannides’s Facebook page contained material comparing Muslim women who wear the burqa to garbage bags. A complaint has also been made to the Metropolitan police and Joannides may face disciplinary action from his fellow Conservative councillors.

10Over a picture of a woman and child dressed in burqas, with a black garbage bag either side of them, Joannides appeared to have written: “I saw her standing there and I told her she had three beautiful children. She didn’t have to get all pissed off and threaten me … an honest mistake.”




22 comments on “Conservative British councillor suspended for alleged ‘racism’ against Muslims. For the millionth time, will someone please tell me, what ‘race’ is Islam?

  1. All u people act like Islam is the worst thing in the world. Your right it is …but it’s not only them. It’s religion in general. Wake up.

  2. This should be taken to court and used as a test case and make them -prove Islam is a race of -what?as being a -muslim is a convert of the ideology known as islam -they are a mixture of many different races -what race is being denigrated??there is no humour in islam-that evil old ayatolla khomenie said so -islam is serious-they can’t laugh at themselves-there’s also nothing -funny to laugh -at.

  3. They are using the term racism to instill fear and confusion in everyone that hasn’t a clue what mohommedism is. Keep the lies flowing and the people will not challenge. In addition, disarming and getting the upper hand, making people feel insecure about these Troglodyte’s. The people will not know what’s coming until it’s too late. ALL A HEAD GAME. The mohommedist claim I and a half billion, mohommedists worldwide and they are the fastest growing religion. Flat out and out lies. The real number is closer to eight hundred million. Christian Fundamentalism is out pacing mohommedism, by millions every year.

  4. 100% support for Chris J. and freedom of speech. So if the idiots insist that muslims or that islam is a race, what race is it? Is it arab or US or indian or chinese or black or white or red or brown or Japanese or?? BNI, it is a race. It is a race of inbred, savage, bag wearing, idiots, entitlement whores, leftist, liberal, mysoginist, murdering, pedophile, monster, demon followers of the cult of islam. What nonsense this attack on humor and freedom of speech.

  5. I can see where Muslims could be offended at having their women compared to garbage bags. Maybe it would be more politically correct to call them Bagettes.

  6. Prison uniform of Moz-slaves to men for eternity and threat of rape to unveiled women.

    They remain slaves of men in the Islamic brothel in the sky only women don’t get to play. They watch their husbands cavort with perpetual erections.

  7. Firsty, it was said in humour and not to malign anyone. And secondly, since when is Islam a race? So where is the racism? Again, pathetic ‘PC’ does it again…makes a mountain out of sweet-naff-all.

  8. what’s the fuss all about? i thought it was 3 kids as well. islam is a cancer that must be excised from the human race.

  9. Joannides did not write any comment, that item has been around Ontario and
    the caption was already there. Also the photo was not saying women look like garbage bags, it was saying gargage bags could be mistaken for women wearing niqabs. I don’t hear Scotts complaining when jokes are made about kilts etc.

  10. For Gods sake, what happened to a sense of humour in my country. But you have to admit they do look like garbage bags especially if they sat down :)

  11. ” for the millionth time. will someone please tell me what ‘race’ is islam” ……and therein lies the whole rub of this issue regarding the brothers from their hood , islam & muslims in general……and NO it will never ever be brought to the fore……and for a very damned good reason. If they were to acknowedge their race, being that of a negriod, dark complexition, and all of that, decendents of the African basin, afterall, they claim africa was the idealic “garden of eden”, hence the definiton. I actually believe in the biblical accounts of societies and their inheritences and why they exist.
    Now, we all know our God of Isaac, Jacob and Moses to be the contentions of their disagreements/hatred being what they are, (false prophet-n-all) and that they are convinced their allah, (pagan-moon god representation) is all that and then some, we could almost agree upon one thing certain, if you start off a conversation in regards to acceptable conscripts of race relations as a marker, you’ve already lost the arguement, we are all of the human race-period, pigmintation or skin color does not differenciate or distinguish either to other than idea’s we might get off to a good start.

    It has been this way for the entire history of the world, our God tells us to love one another ( even these worthless MUTTS from their hood) as we do ourselves, that’s the first part of this arguement, their allah speaks of only destroying, killing submission, etc., etc., the infidels, even though we as a Christian peoples, are taught to believe every man is a child of God, in both spirit, soul thoughts and disciplines, their allah detest the very notions of equalness among all tribes, including their own/opposite sunni-shia divide, or as I put it, not ‘muslim enough’ crowds killing one another for the top dog positions in all things, including political matters. The seond part of this is the very nature of the human species, always wanting to be the top dog in all matters, and as commanded by God himself rule over the beast of the field, forrest, water and such, including an inclination to be superior, or as we say, ‘better then others’, and demand others bend to their type of rules, ( sharia-law, in this case) governance, etc., etc.. It never has ever worked out for those who willingly submit to a lessor god, never, as it is his will we don’t, he, afterall is a jelous God of his creation (s). Who in their right mind would even gather the courage to say otherwise, ( outside the realm of satan) let alone challange him to his creation (s). No one in their right minds/ (Lawful men) rightious men, but this does not settle well for this tribe, they are the very definition of the ‘anti-Christ, and being outside ( lawless-man) the laws of both nature and God’s laws, the ten comandments, they are far away from the understanding or comprehentions of either, the sons of darkness, decendence of ishmael, the sons of hagar as is well kown to the Christian societies as being, arabs. The very fact these MUTTS continueally excuse their hatred/victimization as part and partical of thier cause to deceive, sanctioned lieing to others as a benefit of their cause, their use of a ‘claimed race’ is nothing but pure horsesheet from the start. We know they can’t have the low-fruities-info-voters understanding they are of no race per si, in their claim of racism charges, all the better of course because it actually get these tpyes, too easily distracted into the ‘look ever there a shiny object’ when the ture intentions of the race excuse is nothing but pure victimization technique to distract these people into thinking its all about the race that matters and nothing else, but the educated among these losers understand, its the mantra of the left minded useful idiots tactics, and they are simply joining in on the excuse to the determint of all involved.

    Semper Fi.

  12. I’ve had the same picture on my Facebook wall for 2 years, and yes it is anti Muslim.

    I make no apologies whatsoever for being anti-Muslim. However, I am waiting for apologies from our mainstream media and politicians for NOT being anti-Muslim.

    • Yep, same here Paul….and yes, I’ve often wondered why people who are accused of racism when they supposedly offend some rag headed troll doesn’t quickly point this out to the powers that be? It’s not rocket science after all….The sight of these inbreds walking our streets offends the sh!t outta me but the good old police farce and the political elite don’t seem to give a fig….I’d debate Cameron and ANY politician about Islam and I’d win…because they don’t know anything about the subject judging by the ridiculous comment they make in defense of this death cult of the moon…..

      • When they do horrible things to babies and tiny children, even their own, we should publicize it. They will do the same thing to non-Muslim babies and toddlers the first chance they get.

  13. I guess Brits look a bit different upon freedom of speech for it’s citizens,unless of course they are islamist,then you can call loudy for the death of infidels,how sad and unbelieveable ? I wonder why Pierce Morgan would’nt take on this subject of freedom of speech ?? I forgot,he’s over here in America preaching and telling us what we need to do with our guns !!

  14. The race of muslims is PARASITES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The UK are doing exactly the same what did happen in second world. Who dont remember the cowardice of first ministry Chamberlain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The Islamofascism is get empowred by their fellows of lefth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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