BERKELEY, CALIFORNIA (Where else?) First college-level Islamic Indoctrination Center opens

Zaytuna College, in Berkeley, CA, is a fledgling Islamofascist institution with only 31 students, operating out of space rented from a Baptist seminary.


Zaytuna College’s radical sokesIslamist is Imam Zaid Shakir, who expresses his desire to see the  United States eventually become, “not by violent means, but by persuasion, a Muslim country ruled by Islamic law.” “Every Muslim who is honest should say, I would like to see America become a Muslim country.”  radical-extremist-imam-to-hold-fundraiser-for-islamic-zaytuna-college-at-florida-hilton-hotel



23 comments on “BERKELEY, CALIFORNIA (Where else?) First college-level Islamic Indoctrination Center opens

  1. thanks to this pig house…now they will learn to make bombs without having to study alongside other kaffirs…irshallalabacon…

    first see the women sitting separately from men… a equal opportunity shit hole? for a UNI ? …the bitch wants to learn / find God…she will once she will blow up….

  2. So the college wants to graduate “thinking persons”. It poses no great threat if this is its real goal because no thinking person will take Quranic teachings seriously that advocate dominating the world with shari’ah. Unfortunately, there is a new tradition in universities everywhere that is anti-reason, pro-doctrine, that dumbs down the best of academic endeavour. It pressures students not to think but to merely accept without question certain post modern assumptions, assumptions that, like all assumptions, are unfounded. I doubt the Islamic college will do it differently.

    Just saying that a college graduates thinkers doesn’t make it so.

  3. This is nonsense. There is no such thing as thinking in islam and no upper level of thinking beyond savage stupidity. This is varified by the very few nobel peace prizes awarded to this inbred, low IQ based group of idiots.

  4. Berkeley LOL! I used to live in SF, and even though I was a bit of a Libtard back then, I always considered Berkeley to be a loony place, filled with people even more liberal than I was. Isn’t that where the Code Pink HQ is? Those “ladies” better watch out…this school will probably expand, Berkeley will become lousy with muzzturds, and then start hassling the Code Pink idjits for their manner of dress.

  5. America an Islamic nation by persuasion or otherwise, I would rather see my Nation blown off the face of the earth before that happens. May the Living and True God Jesus Christ have mercy upon us.

  6. The Baptists need to start doing their job of being missionaries.

    Zaid Shakir is honest…he’d like Americans to submit to their jihad without any defense and without firing a shot.

    We need a college where students are taught how to DEPROGRAM Moslems.

  7. A madrasah by any other name…

    I’m gonna go out on a limb, and guess that the kingdom is throwing some riyals their way.

    • You’ve pretty much just said what I was thinking dF.Though I grew up in an independent fundamental hellfire and brimstone Baptist church, I have been a Methodist since 2002. But STILL i find it not only inconceivable for a Baptist Seminary to rent space to muslimes, but it is inconceivable for ANY REAL Christian organization to rent space to muslimes studying “doctrines of demons”!!

    • dragonfFIRE01 what they are is misguided sheep allowing themselves to be led to slaughter. so you are right, they are stupid

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