CAIR pantywaists demand ‘Muslim diversity training’ for cop who mocked Islam by wearing a headbag

373327_138133299627749_2009790854_nThe Minnesotastan chapter of CAIR (Council on Anti-American Islamic Relations)  today requested diversity IslamoNazi indoctrination training for a St. Paul police officer who appears dressed in the attire of a Muslim woman (headbag) in a photograph posted on the Internet.

Star Tribune St. Paul police are investigating allegations that an officer might have posed for a photo dressed up as a Muslim woman that appeared on the Internet. The image of a man dressed in what appears to be a hijab came to light on Twitter, where D.C.-based journalist Mukhtar Ibrahim called it to the attention of the police department’s twitter account.

Mukhtar Ibrahim @mukhtaryare

St. Paul Police (@sppdPIO) says it’s investigating an alleged policeman dressed as a Somali woman.


CAIR-facebook “This officer’s apparent actions call into question how he would interact with Muslim women in the course of his duties as a representative of the St. Paul Police Department,” said CAIR-MN Executive Director Lori Saroya. “Diversity training is the best way to help eliminate anti-Muslim stereotypes and prejudice (brainwash infidels into thinking they have nothing to fear from Muslims).”

CAIR publishes a propaganda booklet that outlines basic information about Islamic beliefs that are relevant to law enforcement agencies.

SEE: A Law Enforcement Official’s Guide to the Muslim Community


24 comments on “CAIR pantywaists demand ‘Muslim diversity training’ for cop who mocked Islam by wearing a headbag

  1. You know you are fitting in in this country when someone tries to poke fun at you on holloween. What makes this not a racist incident in my book as that it was on holloween, and that it was far more self-depricating for the dude to dress like a woman. The guy is a police officer, while no-singal group out there is perfect, we ought to start by assuming he was more after a laugh than anything else… If anything, I am disapointed about the general lack of support he has recieved from his leadership. I am also disappointed that muslims everywhere can’t seem to take it in stride, laugh a little too at the cell phone, and move on. The response I would hope for from an Imam would be more along the lines of “and you are making this into a big deal and making the officer attend sensativity training why? Do you want the rest of the city to think we expect different treatment than any other group that can be identified by a discernable outfit used as a costum on holloween?” If you can’t laugh at yourself, who can you laugh at? If there is more to it than a habbit, a cell phone, and a target tag then go and do the witch hunt… But goodness, this is taking up too much time in the news and I’d rather see real investigative reporting on stuff that matters a whole lot more. I think is called getting along…

    I think his friends ought to make him dress up like a nun next, unless he already has? A nun, I bet that would be a first…

  2. The Muslims will never be welcome in America. They are the opposite of us in every way. No sense of humor, for one thing. How I wish they could all be shot up into Outer Space to drift through the black matter for eternity. Hey, that’s a good subject for a science fiction movie!

  3. BNI
    CAIR publishes a propaganda booklet, OK what does it say in particular? Can we disect this and counter it with articles of our own? Particularly to the Congress.

      • I know that but there is something that you are forgetting. Drip by Drip by Drop. That is how we will win.
        I have made Congress listen on many occasions. Sometimes a few just don’t know That’s where we come in.
        I have had many friends in congress, as well as Governors and State Senators and Representives, as well as Fed. from Alaska, Washington, California and Oregon just for starters.
        I found these men are very much in the dark on many issues and when explained to them the can’t believe they didn’t know. To say all of Congress is no good is not correct, however, they need electric shock to wake them up some times.

  4. The look on his face is utterly hilarious! Muslims need to grow a thicker skin- I have seen hurtful Halloween costumes of “Bible Thumpers” for years and I’m sure the wearers weren’t sent to sensitivity training even if someone complained.

  5. I had to laugh, as it is really funny! I mean come one, we are not even allowed a sense of humor anymore under this PC tyranny we have been forced to live under.
    Oh well, no different then than under the Nazi’s or commies…thou shalt not joke or laugh…proof is in the pudding they say, and this is more proof we are ruled by Sharia.

  6. I do love the officers badge. Is that actually a badge with the store name on it? Or is it, as I think, just what it says it is. A spot on his chest to aim for?
    You gotta love his sense of humor.
    Cheers all

  7. I am ashamed, ashamed to be a part of the same human race as a police officer who would do such a horrible thing to an innocent muslim.
    He is a scar on the face of humanity, diversity, multiculturalism & allout love of mankind.
    What will muslim womern tell their fourteen children? How will she explain that not all western men are like this. I’d be willing to bet that the officer in question has:
    never participated in a gang rape,
    never cut off the hand of a petty thief for stealing a bag of grapes,
    never hung a 22 year old kid for selling 22 grams of pot,
    never preformed a clitoralectomy on a 6 year old girl,
    and/or any of a dozen other acts to prove my religous beliefs.

    This reckless act of disregard of my religon tenants has me so upset I may have to stay in bed until such time as I fully physically recover or until my next allotment of food stamps comes in the post

    • Hey Bruce. Nice one. In the spirit of everyone-sparing-everyone’s-future-blushes, though, I thought I should mention that that should be religion’s or religious tenets, as distinct from people who pay to live in your property (of whom I hope you have many). One unforgivable barbarity you refer to to is a clitoridectomy, so spelt. Trust me on this.
      Never seen a pink outfit on them; wonder if it might mean anything….

  8. Mocking Islam…pales in comparison to world domination/sharia law, ‘first we come for the Saturday people, then the Sunday people’, subjugation, jihad/terrorism, sexual slavery, pedophilia, death to infidels/apostates/gays. Yup, we are clearly in the wrong calling an evil spade an evil spade. How dare I insult those my feel our life is worth less than a cockroach?

    Muslims should be forced to undergo ‘cultural sensitivity’ training, and for their young terrorist-to-be welfare funded inbred offspring to spend a few school days exploring the wonders of inter-faith dialogue in the form of them adopting a Christian name, praying to Jesus, accepting a Jew as a friend while swearing to defend the Constitution…all the while swearing allegiance to America and freedom.

    Oh wait, that would be racist and anti-American.

    • FORGET all that Communist “PC” DUNG!!!!

      The ONLY real solution is to EXPEL every last Moslem man, woman and child – even by force – from ALL Western countries!!!!! Also, ALL Moslem “diplomats”, students and everybody else from Moslem countries must be handled the same way!!! TOTAL SEGREGATION between the West and dar al-Islam is the ONLY way to prevent a massive war between the two worlds – they simply can NEVER, EVER, EVER MIX!!!!!

  9. what is the problem, muslims stop being so thin skinned. It was a holloween costume, you danced when the towers in new york came down and yet you want americans to be nice to you. grow up.

  10. This is so funny. There’s no way out.

    With all that diversity and sensitivity discourse, maybe the guy wanted to try out how it felt being dressed up like a muslim.

    I think he’s a crossdresser, the lipstick thing… he’s probably nude underneath and that’s what bother CAIR.

  11. Repeat the sensitivity training mantra: ‘Islam is perfect. You are insane if you mock what is perfect. You are insane if you aren’t a Muzzie. You are satanic if you aren’t a Muzzie. You are the worst of creatures lower than a garden slug if you are a dirty kafir. Kafirs don’t deserve to live.’


  12. Well done. We should all dress up in burkas and go out on halloween night and burn corans. Muslims blow up people. No problem. Muslims rape child brides. No problem. We dress up in a burka. Hate crime. What nonsense.

  13. It is supremacist ‘We are superior to infidels’ Muslims who need diversity training.

    If the cop dressed up as a Christian woman or a Jewish woman would the dhimmi police be investigating this cop? NO WAY!

    We are all sick of ruling elites’ grovelling to Muslims whose Koran demands Muslims wage jihad against hated infidels and conquer all nations. Why aren’t police acting responsibly and investigating that?

    • Why aren’t police acting responsibly?! It could be that the “top brass” administrators of PD’s around this country, with the exception of a few rural and suburban areas and small towns, have joined the PC Police and forgotten what the hell they were hired for, THAT being to “Protect and to serve”, NOT to kiss a– on a continual and consistent basis!!

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