This video is ‘haram’ – NOT recommended for Muslim viewing

Don’t anyone say that we at BNI aren’t sensitive to Muslim sensibilities, i.e., their hatred for dogs.

H/T Allan I


28 comments on “This video is ‘haram’ – NOT recommended for Muslim viewing

  1. These dogs have more table manners than the average muzzie. That could be one reason why they hate dogs. The dogs shame the

  2. Outstanding vid, thanks for the laugh B, in these days it is a good thing to seek out humor to calm the nerves and this is one of the best to date. Semper Fi baby.

  3. Excellent!!….5-STAR……And for any muzzies who view this and get “offended”, well, “Sooooooo sorry”!…….Bwahahahahahaha!!….BUT, if it IS “haram”, what the hell are you doing here watching it to start with?!!

  4. LOL. Funny how they got those dogs to do that with the human actors underneath and their hands to handle the utensils. Those dogs were good sports! :=)

    I know lthe dog I used to have wouldn’t have sat still for so long. And my dog would have attacked the food and gobbled it down before we would have gotten the first take!

  5. Love this!
    It’s cute, creative, and shows how cooperative dogs will be to please their humans. That, of course is why the freaks would not like it!

  6. dam almost rebroke my leg ! was laughing so hard the dog pak came over to see what was goin on , they wanted to play and I wanted them off my leg , would have throwed the the whole bunch out but I am a guest in their house lately

  7. Hey BNI just out of curiosity, what is your take on Shia Islam? From what i read and experienced the Shias seem less fundamental and open then the Sunni/Wahhabis and Salafis. I mean even the Sunnis kill hundred of innocent shias, the ones i’ve met have been shia or shia ismaili and the funny thing is that they both call the sunnis crazy lol. I know they look up to Imam Ali kinda like the way we look up to Jesus and thats one reason the sunnis hate them. Also i read a few things about Imam Ali and he seems like a pretty good man, he seemed humble and even turned down an offer to run the caliphate but due to his peoples demand he did take over. He was also betrayed by fellow muslims.

    • Taz, I don’t see much difference, perhaps because the Mullahs in Iran are Shias and just as fanatical as the Saudi Wahabists minus the burqa requirements. To be honest, I haven’t spent much time trying understand their differences because I really don’t care. It’s kind of like who are the worst fascists – the National Socialists (Nazis), the IslamoNazis, or Obama? They’re all bad.

  8. That video was funny. Pretty creatve. Unike those dogs I doubt my dog would have sat still and allowed somwone to wipe him with a napkin or feed him with a fork. When it is food involved my dog will eat in up.

  9. cute. No wonder normal people love dogs. These wonderful dog animals are man’s best friend. Since muslims are savages there is no wonder that dogs do not like them.

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