Are these Muslim graduates of the first-ever Mosque Police Academy part of Barack Hussein Obama’s Civilian National Security Force?

UnknownSt. Louis County Police said more than 50 Muslims graduated this week from the course that began in November at the Daar-ul-Islam Mosque. This Citizens Police Academy training is specifically tailored to members of area mosques, police stated.


T&C Manchester  (h/t Bo Perrin) This is the first time the course has been offered by St. Louis County Police at a mosque and the first time the mosque has had such a course available to members. The St. Louis County Police West County Precinct partnered with the Islamic Foundation  of the Daar-ul-Islam Mosque and offered the eight-week course to mosque members.


Adil Imdad, the outreach and community relations program coordinator for the Islamic Foundation of Greater St. Louis, previously told Patch he felt the course would be an asset to the mosque members and pointed out it was designed to teach area Muslims about the police department and how it conducts investigations.

OK, everyboody, say, "Death to America"

OK, everyboody, say, “Death to America”

Imdad said there are many Muslim immigrants in the St. Louis area who are not familiar with local law enforcement and how it works. “This is something that will be beneficial to them. (Oh, I bet it will) To know the police and how they protect them. “

 Participants learn about what steps they can take to avoid becoming the victim of a crime and they get an inside look at how the County Police Department operates. Instead of relying on television or Hollywood, graduates of these academies can gain personal knowledge and experience in how actual police officers patrol their beats, conduct traffic stops and investigate crime. Classes are instructed by law enforcement professionals in various fields.”


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  1. Clearly none of you have actually ever really did research on Islam, Muslims or the followers of Muhammad. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be posting all these ignorant comments.

      • Knowing the history & precepts of this so-called ‘religion’ is why comments are made, & why this blog has so many followers & is valuable to warn others. The history is violence & ignorance from the beginning; conquest by the sword or convert. They spread & infest other countries like the rats spreading the Black Death. Absolutely no good follows in their wake. Witness the appalling ignorance, poverty, abuses, corruption, & filth in both their communities & their benighted countries. Civilized peoples don’t practice the lopping off of heads & stoning.

  2. Really??? Of course they don’t understand law, lol, they are a lawless, out of control death cult that worships a lunatic, ranting, raving, psycho, pedophile. They are too inbred to understand and happiness is outlawed in their cult.

  3. The Muslim takeover is proceeding steadily, with no interference from our pitiful lily-livered govt who can only think of disarming us. Pretty soon the Muslims will have their own continental army. And Nobody will try to stop them, except America — you and me. But how do we do that?

  4. unbefuckingbelievable when is one gonna go off like the goat smelling ass-slime did in Fort Hood? we cant have guns but they do? what in the world are we thinking….isnt self preservation supposed to be an inherent trait?

  5. Yes, they very likely will be part of the two million man private army bin Obama wants once the mask has slipped off and so will these.

    ‘The federal government calls them FEMA Corps. But they conjure up memories of the Hitler Youth of 1930’s Germany. Regardless of their name, the Dept of Homeland Security has just graduated its first class of 231 Homeland Youth. Kids, aged 18-24 and recruited from the President’s AmeriCorp volunteers, they represent the first wave of DHS’s youth corps, designed specifically to create a full time, paid, standing army of FEMA Youth across the country.’

  6. Like I have been sayin Obama is going to use muslims as his and the left’s army to attack dissenting citizens because he knows our real military and police will not attack citizens but the death cult zombies will. This is an army imam obama is training to wipe out his opposition in the citizenry.

  7. I can just see them drooling when they stop a young, attractive, & in their warped minds underdressed, woman to give her a ticket. Any excuse for a pat-down, or feel up for them. Best reason for women to carry mace that I can think of lately. An attack dog would be good too, or a pot-bellied pig even better. Have some pulled pork sandwiches in the car, or in your purse.

  8. Are they trained the same way as the afghan policemen? Will there be green on blue attacks? Will American policemen be allowed to be armed when patroling with their muslim “allies”? It raises a lot of questions.

  9. Look at it another way. It gives police a chance to familiarize themselves with potential trouble makers as well and do some reconaissance.

    The real answer is to change immigration laws to keep supremacists and misogynists out of America.

  10. This is slightly off topic but I am looking for a video that I saw a couple of weeks ago wherein some imam said that if islam allowed apostasy, then islam would cease to exist. Was this on your site?

  11. Hey, where is the catholic cathedral police or the baptist church police? The mussies need knowledge of how the county law enforcement works? Are they going to enforce sharia? What authority do they have? Can they arrest nonmuslims? Can they make traffic stops?

  12. Where are the bagheads? Aren’t they entitled to “know how local law enforcement works” as well?

    I thought islam “elevated women” and “gave them equal rights”?

    If such is the case half of the 50 troglodytes in the photo should have been troglodytes with ovaries.

  13. Why don’t we just tell them all our secrets – you know they will only use them against us. How stupid can the police be to fall for such a thing?! Just tell the criminals exactly how we operate so they can find ways to work around it. Why don’t we just cut our own heads off and get it over and done with. Before you know it, Muslims will create their own, separate Mosque police force, to guard their mosques. The local police will become irrelevant to Muslims. You can’t possibly think Muslims will adopt ANY Western ways, even law enforcement!

  14. Founder of Islam, Mohammed: “I have been made victorious with terror”, “Wage war on the infidel and kill them until Islam is dominant” (Koran 8:39)

    Why are police throughout the entire nation not teaching Americans how to PROTECT themselves from Muslims OBEYING Koran commands and Islamic teachings in MOSQUES to wage jihad against intensely hated non-Muslims?

    American Muslims Stone Christians in Dearborn, MI (Original edit)

  15. First and foremost, the police owe the entire nation an explanation as to why this is being done specifically for Islam. Why is this not being done for other religions? Why is this not being done for Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, etc? WHY?

    Police MUST explain to the nation why they consider Muslims special and above ALL other people and ALL other religions that Muslims alone are chosen.

    • Koran 9:5 “Kill Jews and Christians wherever you find them”.

      Why are police not offering help to non-Muslims on how to protect themselves from Koran-obedient Muslims?

      Abu Baseer in London: “One of the goals of immigration is the revival of the duty of jihad and enforcement of power over the infidels. Immigration and jihad go together.

    • The Jews in the orthodox areas of NY have a civilian police force. And you an watch videos of them harrassing passers through town in upstate NY. It’s on youtube. The orthodox jews in Brooklyn have their own ambulance and bus servicing as well. Not sure about other areas of the country. But they don’t want to kill non-believers, either.

  16. I have wondered if Muslim thugs would be used as the new Brown Shirts, which seems to be a major reason these political jackasses would flood Western countries with them. That’s still possible, but looking at these particular individuals in their Afghan clothing, I think it may be a question of acclimating them to their new home.

    I’d rather not have Muslim fanatics in any law enforcement position, obviously, but maybe this is an attempt at taming barbarians who haven’t a clue how to live in a civilized country.

    The question is, will it work, or will they turn the rest of the police into uncivilized savages who look the other way every time a Muslim commits a crime?

    All I know is that I personally would not want a Muslim cop showing up at my door.

    • That’s exactly what you’re supposed to think, man. If that’s where this article is taking you, then they’re winning. If you haven’t, you should read “While Europe Slept” and get a little more insight into how placation leads to the destruction of national identity. Scary stuff… and we’re well on our way as a nation.

  17. These clowns will soon be doing the same as the Shariah Enforcement Squads now “patroling” London, except these will have official authority.

  18. BNI, Poor mooslimes need to be trained on how police works , especially investigation process so they can become better jeehadis and evade the police dragnet better.

    Present jehadis are amateurs , so future jeehadis need better .training., thanks
    to dhimmi amereicans , leftists and good old caliph obamullah.

  19. I swear to God, we Americans have a death wish. What next, invite them into the inner circles of power in Washington? Wait………..OMG!

  20. Muslims are God’s chosen people, have you forgotten them? They should be afforded all knowledge so that they become btter brutes. I certainly sympathise with these ‘poor’ God fearing mullahs. I pray for them. Allah bless them…

    • Are you insane? Violence against women and this nation comes from the violence this culture teaches. BTW: last I knew, Jews were considered to be the Chosen ones.

        • That post was serious!? I took it to be complete sarcasm especially with the “They should be afforded all knowledge so that they become btter brutes.”

          If that post was meant in all seriousness I can’t say that I’m completely shocked. As you so rightly noted mohammadans do say ignorant, stupid, deranged, and violent things. Consistently.

  21. Take the guns away from current law-abiding gun-owners and give them only to these civilian forces? Oh great.

    I note in the photo of the class taught by police that there are no women. No big surprise there, I guess.

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