MUSLIMS try to assassinate Danish anti-Islam critic, Lars Hedegaard

No, it has not yet been confirmed that the shooter was a Muslim, but we all know it was. Thankfully, the gun jammed and Hedegaard survived.

Tundra Tabloids  From Copenhagen Post: Police say the man that fired the shot was wearing a red coat, is around 30 years of age and has dark skin and thick, dark hair. TT is told by someone close to Lars Hedegaard via email: “He is okay, but we’re all in shock. It’s a miracle he is alive. The attacker looked like an Arab.” 


180GraderDK: Someone calls on Hedegaard’s door (he lives in the apartment building in Frederiksberg). A man says he has a package for Hedegaard. Hedegaard goes down  to receive the package. There is a young Arabic-looking man aged 20-25 years. Hedegaard receives the packet, then the man pulls a gun and shoots twice. He misses. So he shoots allegedly again, and the gun clicks … Hedegaard throws the package and the gun falls to the floor. After the scuffle the gunman grabs the gun again. And again he tries to shoot, and the gun clicked for the second time. Then the gunman runs away …

UPDATE: This 70-year-old writer punched the gunman in the face causing him to drop the gun and flee.





30 comments on “MUSLIMS try to assassinate Danish anti-Islam critic, Lars Hedegaard

  1. The islamic mafia at work.

    This must be the an attempt of a serious discussions on islam of which those cursed (lunatic) islamic ‘scholars’ talk about so much.

    But the most enraging aspect of this situation is the muslims’ future (and certain — as they always do) attempt to kidnap (with the help of socialists-communists/liberals and the media) this outrageous, heinous and perverse deed and use it to claim ‘we are the only victims of all this’

  2. Finally, thank goodness Mr. Hedegaard was spared death, alleluia!!!!

    He now needs to stop answering his own door and to prepare a secure area in his house to which he can flee (as a cartoonist was forced to do when a Somali Moslem with a knife tried to get him)…


  3. I have a question! What will happen in this country when someone takes a stab at killing a politician or bureaucrat? If he/she is a conservative, it will be oh; he was a racist and deserved to be die. End of story. However if a Progressive Liberal the world has come to an end, the marchers will come out in lock step in their brown shirts and goose step down Penn. Ave. To protest this absolutely horrendous killing of a beloved person of superior intellect and is a community organizer and will be missed by one and all. But we must find this home grown-terrorist and see to it he never kills again. We will ban every gun in the nation (Victim was slashed to death with a curved sword, I think a Scimitar) we cannot allow this type of aggression to go unpunished so when the perp is caught we will ask our brethren (The Muslim Brotherhood) to carry out the punishment. Be-heading the culprit would be required.

    • LK – a lion or lions would take a bite out of Muzscum know what he is and spit him out. A lion doesnt want a bad taste in his mouth. After all, he is a lion and has his pride :)

  4. I wonder if the assassin still gets paid for missing his target. Or does he then become a target himself? Nasty business.

    The thing is, if targets have a weapon and an assassin knows it, it just makes it more difficult, doesn’t it, for the assassin to do the job. And the risks are higher. I wonder if the price of assassinations is higher in the States.

    In Canada, some advocates recommend the purchase of bear spray for use in protection against assailants. But when we use it, we can’t call police because, even if our attacker has shot a loaded gun at us, we will get arrested for self-defense. Silly. Our elected Conservative parliamentarians are trying to change the law and have made some changes to allow self-defence, but it’s a slow, uphill battle because of the intense resistance from the pro-terrorist, pro-criminal left.

    As it is now, if targets in countries other than the States shoot in self-defence, the law requires we shoot, then shovel and shut up. Too bad.

  5. Muslims already destroying America, big time! Obama is a Muslim sleeper cell killing American citizens…Obama and his muslim brotherhood in control of the govt…America going down the tubes, fast, enemy in the White House going by the name Barack Hussein Obama…

  6. Obama assassinated Chris Kyle…Eddie Ray Routh may have pulled the trigger but Obama/govt ‘Paid’ to have the trigger pulled…Obama/govt wanted Chris Kyle Dead…Chris Kyle was standing in the way of Obama/govt gun grab…Total lie of Eddie Ray Routh and PTSD…

  7. Assassination is normative Islam, fully approved by the prevaricating, plagiarizing, psychopathic pedophile pirate.

    ‘Don’t say Islam is violent or I’ll kill you.’

  8. WHO’S NEXT?
    Denmark! Islam is not your friend. Extradite all terrorists and their families.

    Predatory, hate-filled, inbred, braindead, supremacist, misogynist, killer zombie mozman jihadists.

    Denmark! Wake up!

  9. This takes one’s breath away. Thank God that the inbred was so inept in his attempt to assassinate a man of courage and distinction like Lars Hedegaard. God bless Lars Hedegaard and his family. All indications would prove that Lars was the target of a muslim assassin. We must not and never let terror stop freedom of speech. Wake up Europe.

  10. The islamic demons have absolutely NO regard for life, limb or property! Once they are directed to inflict mayham they will kill, chop off limbs and burn down the property. We are NOT dealing with humans with emotions and mercy!

    Everyone of us are “sitting ducks” for these demons and their masters…we, in the western societies, have been rolling over for them … they try to shut us up with our own laws. They claim freedom of speech and religion… and our courts forgive them and look the other way! Or I should say, the judges are PAID by the oil rich muslims to give them what they demand! I understand that these demons have been “active” for a long long time…but it sure seems that they have been given the “green light” since O has been in power! They are getting bolder by the hour!

    We, not only need to wake the heck up before it’s to late…but we need to take charge and stop them and the socialists that are inviting them into our country!

  11. Put a wall around the Muslim ghettos. no one in , no one out, (unless they are leaving the country). Sounds like what the nazis did in the Warsaw ghetto doesn’t it? Well in this case, the danger really is in the population of Islamics. Jews were intellectual, educated, enterprising, religious without radicalsim, but not dangerous. Well, these people happen to BE dangerous and it is time to squeeze them out. This is a case of necessary self defense.

  12. I bet if Pamela Geller received a package at home, she would have answered her front door with a baby glock in her pocket. Had the deliveryman fired a shot, she would have fired back. And he would not have escaped inside the walls of a zoo. This scenario is the reason why Americans refuse to give up their weapons. A taxpaying homeowner (i.e. Lars Hedegaard) cannot have a weapon. But some third world Pakistani or Muslim is able to smuggle in a weapon to Copenhagen and attempt assassination. Criminals, thugs, and Islamists don’t care about laws and gun free zones. Suggest Europeans install hidden cameras above their doorways, purchase a Louisville slugger baseball bat, or taser gun if the EU permits it. Otherwise, you will remain sitting ducks for the militant Jihadists.

    • To Mo Brown: “if they permit it”. ? Get a gun, permitted or not! Base ball bats and tasers are a false sense of security at best! A .45 is a sure sense of security. Better to be tried by 12, than carried by 6. Fight fire with fire! The ragheads possess illegal guns for the purpose of murder, get yourself one, learn to use it properly, and bust a cap or two on the raghead that sticks a gun in your face!

      Thus endeth the lesson!

      • I have guns for my protection in the U.S. However, those living in the European Union (17 countries) have a difficult time obtaining one legally. Ironic that Austria makes one of the finest handguns in the world (glock) but Europeans have a difficult time purchasing one. This could be America in 5 or 10 years. So if you cannot find one legally or illegally, what then? You resort to baseball bats, slingshots, water pistols filled with acid, bleach, ammonia, and other creative ways to protect yourself.

    • It’s very likely that the would-be assassin (or assassins) got his (their) weapons from an Arab or other Moslem embassy somewhere in the “Schengen” zone of Europe, with the guns being smuggled into there (“Schengen” unrestricted travel-zone) under cover of “diplomatic cargo”. [Of course, the criminal networks are an excellent alternate source…]

      That’s why, when the Moslems get evicted, it’s absolutely VITAL that ALL diplomatic, commercial, cultural and other links with Moslem countries by COMPLETELY SEVERED – and a cardinal reason why ALL Westerners living/working/travelling in dar al-Islam MUST be recalled promptly, with any unjustified delay being severely punished!!! The break with the Moslem world must be TOTAL, complete with the West signalling its complete acceptance of the Moslem declarations of war in the Qu’rân, Hadiths and Sira against all non-Moslem people, animals, nations and all other entities AND a reciprocal proclamation of hostilities against the entire Islamic world including warnings of dire reprisals against any future Moslem tricks!!!!!

      As to Ms. Geller, I presume that she doesn’t answer her own door by herself. That job is left to relatives and/or security.

      Yes, I’d favour multiple miniature hidden cameras (not just above the doorway, but covering the entire area including people from multiple angles!!); otherwise, the best idea is for illegal weapons of any and all sorts. [This is particularly the case for totalitarian nations like the UK, which have truly abandoned their democratic pretensions quite some time ago…]

        • Thank you, Ms. BNI: that’s very helpful to know. Still, I’d be careful: if a team of terrorists really wants to, they can attack, overpower the Concierge, torture him (or her) into revealing the apartment-location if necessary, get up there and commit their evil if people aren’t on the look-out!!!

          Under such circumstances, I’d also recommend that people like her and you install special main-door locks that can bolt down both into the ceiling AND the floor (in at least a couple of places!!) – and need a key to operate from inside as well as outside. [Here I’m remembering what my family had in Rome when we lived there: such security precautions (all the more so because we didn’t have any concierge) were critically important…]

    • Rest assured I will not hesitate to defend myself from Muzscum. I come from a country that has so called strict gun laws and its still not that hard to get a gun. Trust me the handgun is easy to get but ammo is a little bit harder but can be obtained. I am not a violent person at all but if Muzscum start targetting me or otherbAussies I wont hesitate taking action.

  13. he is lucky he is alive. when are people going to realize that islam is NOT the religion of peaced it claims to be and start massive deportations

    • All too many people won’t believe it until they themselves are staring at knife blades and gun barrels being wielded by Moslem and Communist terrorists!!!!

      • So true ADHD until its them on the recieving end of a blade or gun, they will remain ignorant &’blind. Its their problem and their funeral!!

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