MUSLIMS try to assassinate Danish anti-Islam critic, Lars Hedegaard

No, it has not yet been confirmed that the shooter was a Muslim, but we all know it was. Thankfully, the gun jammed and Hedegaard survived.

Tundra Tabloids  From Copenhagen Post: Police say the man that fired the shot was wearing a red coat, is around 30 years of age and has dark skin and thick, dark hair. TT is told by someone close to Lars Hedegaard via email: “He is okay, but we’re all in shock. It’s a miracle he is alive. The attacker looked like an Arab.” 


180GraderDK: Someone calls on Hedegaard’s door (he lives in the apartment building in Frederiksberg). A man says he has a package for Hedegaard. Hedegaard goes down  to receive the package. There is a young Arabic-looking man aged 20-25 years. Hedegaard receives the packet, then the man pulls a gun and shoots twice. He misses. So he shoots allegedly again, and the gun clicks … Hedegaard throws the package and the gun falls to the floor. After the scuffle the gunman grabs the gun again. And again he tries to shoot, and the gun clicked for the second time. Then the gunman runs away …

UPDATE: This 70-year-old writer punched the gunman in the face causing him to drop the gun and flee.