TORONTO: Safe, quiet residential neighborhoods are never the same after Muslims move in

A 23-year-old woman who was found strangled to death in North York by Mohamed Adam Bharwani, 18, charged with first-degree murder. Toronto Police say Nyumwai Caroline Mkurazhizha — the city’s latest murder victim — was from the Republic of Zimbabwe.


10 comments on “TORONTO: Safe, quiet residential neighborhoods are never the same after Muslims move in

  1. I am greatly perplexed. Why are people anywhere are astonished about what is happening from Muslims? Don’t or can’t they read the Koran? The call for killing and raping and stealing property of the infidels right there in the Koran. Islam is simply criminal and WE are allowing it to flourish in our countries. Tell me, WHO IS TO BLAME????

  2. Rally what was their first clue? ” Safe, quiet neighborhood are never the same after the moooslems mow their way in” That should have been the title, but, that’s just me and my conclusion.
    Much like, the affluent ( think of all of the demonrat controlled cities, what they once were) neighborhoods became the “hood” for the otherwise unaware of being an American Patriot or insisting upon victim status, hate, predijustice, and gang related scum, instead, informing us of their falsely title arfican-amerikan status, these neighborhoods will become “hoods” from, for and of the brothers of their hood, islam, forever changed from prosperious, preened, and safe neighbors, into the hell ( incarnet) a living nighmare known as muslims and squatters of the prosperity, theives of a safe or secure inviroment. Bet on it, it is what it is. Only gun powder, Patriots and pissed off property owners will make a difference when it gets right down to it, otherwise known as “resolved” not to becomes slaves or holders. We all know it, again, it is what it is. I am glad to know where we stand here in the Patriots Plains region, we will NOT TOLERATE these low-life-suckn’ parasites within a mile of our hood, not now, not ever, bank on it, remember life is a beach for the swimmers of theives, liars and murderers among us, they have no rights to my hard labors, fruits thereof, mercy or pity not even considerations for their presence among me, mine, and our own. We are the ones your mother warned you about, at its core we are the example of ” the essential American soul is hard, isolate, stoic, and a killer” DON’T TREAD UPON ME” THIS IS AMERICA, love her, leave her, you will NOT be missed as you’re not welcomed her, not at all.
    Semper Fi.

    • I strongly doubt it: she was from Zimbabwe, where (according to Wikipedia) Islam counts for only 1% of the overall population.

  3. Another predatory, hate-filled, supremacist, misogynist, inbred, braindead, killer zombie Mozman jihadist.

    Mozboys are raised without discipline to become jihadist murderers of kafirs, like this unfortunate Christian girl. It’s only a misdemeanor for Mozmen zombies to murder a kafir.

    ‘Killing kafirs is a small matter to us.’- from the Sira

    I’m surprised he didn’t attempt decapitation.

  4. When muslim inbreds move into your neighborhood, you can expect to have murder, honor killings, cousin marriages, child brides and other savage atrocities. This muslim mohamad will probably use the englishstan defense used by the rapist of a 13 year old girl called, ‘I did not know that girls and women had any value in society because I was not taught that women had no value in the muslim education I have had.’ It will not work in Canada. mohamad will get life. It is unfortunate that Canada does not have the death penalty. Hopefully the monster will get his justice in the big house where murdering girls is low on the pecking order. I wonder if the muslim is an illegal? By the way, BNI and English followers, have the crown appealed the slap on the wrist that the rapist got for raping the 13 year old girl?

    • PS. Considering that the reporter is named s. islam, I wonder if it will be reported that it was the girl’s fault because she was a girl and of no value.

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