MINNESOTASTAN: Police officer photographed wearing Islamic headbag (for Halloween) forced to bow down to Muslim community

A St. Paul police officer who offended the entire Muslim world, issued an apology for dressing in a headbag for Halloween and posing for a picture that exploded on the Internet among the Twin Cities’ Somali and Muslim communities.


Star Tribune “I apologize to anyone who may have been offended by the recently publicized photo which showed me at a private Halloween party on my personal time,” officer Robert Buth said. “I sincerely regret that the image, which was never intended to become public, may have been viewed to be insensitive to the Muslim community.”

The picture was posted on Twitter about 10 weeks ago, and resurfaced Sunday. Somali and Muslim community members began discussing the image online and brought it to the attention of the department’s Twitter account.

Police Chief Thomas Smith opened an investigation (ordered by the CAIR Islamofascists) Monday and issued a statement saying that he expected all officers to respect diversity.

ORIGINAL STORY: cair-pantywaists-demand-muslim-diversity-training-for-cop-who-mocked-islam-by-wearing-a-headbag


38 comments on “MINNESOTASTAN: Police officer photographed wearing Islamic headbag (for Halloween) forced to bow down to Muslim community

  1. The suit-and-tie jihadis at CAIR at it, once again…

    Pretty good mockery actually. I see women with headbags similar to that one and bagheads holding their cellphone between headbag and ear all the time in Antwerp.

  2. Im the privacy of his own home? on his own time? How much longer are these aliens going to be allowed to dictate to free Americans?

  3. “I sincerely regret that the image (recently publicized photo which showed me at a private Halloween party on my personal time), which was never intended to become public, may have caused my bosses to get weak at the knees and find it necessary to placate a lot of humourless people, who have no business in my private home anyway, by forcing me to make this public apology.” “I sincerely regret that the image, which was never intended to become public, may have been viewed to be insensitive to the Muslim community.”

  4. So when a police officer and his wife dress up as a nun and a priest can I call up the police dept. and demand an apology too? This is sick and if we don’t complain loudly, it’s going to continue!

  5. I agree he has the right to do it, just wondering, what possessed him to do it?

    A Police Officer doing something like this is a bit unwise given the Democrats PC / Muslim Mafia out there vetting every word and image written or spoken by anyone who “offends” their “New Best Friends” (after all what are your Taxes for?)

    I hope he does not suffer professionally.

  6. WTF, all muslims look like their living in a freak show. I wish the men would wear those garbage bags over their heads. But we know its not Islam that requires this. Its the savage men of Islam that have use the bags to show their domination over the women. I’d rather throw them out with the trash. Afterall thats what they look like. Tough shit if they dont like it. Enough with kissing their filty asses.

  7. Muzzies are always outraged and demand apologies…they LOOK for something to outrage them! It’s odd, I have never heard a public apology come from anyone of them! They are the most offensive of all! And we don’t do a thing about them.

    My friend is convinced that when the muzzies do their Million Muslim March in DC on 9/11…. obama will announce that we are a muslim nation! I hope she’s wrong! She hopes she’s wrong.

  8. Pathetic. And frightening. I can easily visualize those cair, etal., islamofacists high fiving in celebration of yet another victorious step toward the defeat of civilization. Cowards do get beat up, starting first with a little pushing around, followed by some slapping and smacking, leading finally to some form of brutalization, which can be not only physical, but psychological as well, of the bullied victim. And the victims are. . .?

      • BNI, I understand that. The St Paul PD forced apology is what was cowardly, and as this site, and others, have shown over the years, when situations such as this where muslim orgs demand and threaten, and succeed, and succeed, and succeed, they see that bullying works. When the school yard bully roughs up a weak victim to get his lunch money, he knows that tomorrow all he has to do is walk up to that same easy touch who will readily, without protest, hand over the booty.

        Love this site. Keep up the good job, BNI.

  9. They have no sence of humour -they cannot laugh at themselves -they can’t laugh at anything-actually they haven’t anthing to laugh -about – it is probably -harram.

  10. I god damn cannot believe we are living in the U S A and witnessing this utter surrender ! that man had a chance most of us will never have to defend our First Amendment , Who better to stand his ground than a police officer , He owes us an apologee not the god damn muzzies

    • This man is like a soldier turning on his own and fighting for the enemy. He is much more dangerous than any individual enemy soldier.

  11. Read his apology carefully…. He is not really apologizing!! “Private party, on my own time, never meant to be public. I know how I am dressing up next year!! I see “them running around here wearing the headbags and phones just like that!!! Very, VERY hard to resist temptation and smack the side of their head. I love seeing the walk outside when the windchill is -20. }-) Who said the government doesn’t have a sense of humor?

  12. A person must be able to dress up in any outfit they want to for halloween. This is nonsense. People can dress up as obama, nixon, clinton, ‘i ma nut job’, the queen of england, the pope, cardinals, dictators and so on. However we can not dress up as a bag head or mohamad and so on for fear of being sanctioned. We should all dress up like mohamad complete with fake bomber jackets, turbins with fuses and so on. What we do on our own time is not up to the muslims to tell us what we can and can not do. Shame on the police force for their lack of support for their officiers. We are losing our freedom of speech.

  13. How can we offend thee? Let us count the ways. Let’s make lists of actions that will offend the offensive and then get the offense of the day organized. We need offenses on a 7/24 basis to keep the monkeys jumping and screaming for the cameras.

  14. I would not have apologised; he did not do it on duty, it was his right as a free citizen to dress how he liked during his free time. His dress style did not present any clear and present danger to society. To hell with inferior thinking Muslims, if they are offended it proves they lack ‘Emotional Intelligence’ and have the mentality of a child throwing a tantrum. … As John Wayne once correctly said… “Never apologise, it is a sign of weakness.” In other words, get it right every time so that you do not have to apologise.

    • CAIR would have sued him and cost him personally hundreds of thousands of dollars which he does not have. Even if he won he would lose. It’s called suing Jihad.

  15. Have some balls cop! People that have to keep bowing and giving appologies can break and go bullistic! Not smart for Minn, but again it is a blue state

  16. Footnote……It’s time everybody kept their cell phone cameras in their pockets, it’s time everyone learned, THERE IS NO PRIVACY anymore.

  17. It’s a good job officer Robert Buth did not dress up for Halloween wearing a kilt,
    he may have had to deal with the ferocious Scotts. He may have had a Haggis mailed to him or even a Black pudding. He may have had to go to sensitivity training and drink Whisky. Oh the shame.

  18. Seriously, the guy is NOT on duty, looks like he is in the privacy of his own home. It is his constitutional RIGHT to mock, make fun of or in anyway expess his opinion about Islam he desires! You’ve got to admit he looks hilarious, oh, I forgot the followers of the Mo cult have NO sense of humor.

      • Some criminals seem to be liking and adopting the burka already. It’s even better than a balaklava… just one more reason to ban this evil garment and arrest everyone who does wear it.

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