Oh, NOES! Ham (hamacide) attack on Islamic Cultural Center in France

pig5-viLast Saturday, a letter delivered to the Islamic Cultural Center of Meximieux was discovered to have no words, no bills, no advertisements…just a big slice of ham. HORRORS!


Dreuz  (h/t Susan K) The Muslim in charge of the Islamic Centre immediately made a complaint to police but was devastated to learn that his demand for a hate crime investigation was inadmissable because there was no threat in the letter…just ham.

But true to form, the Islamic Center immediately contacted the French version of CAIR (Council on Anti-American Islamic Relations) to file a lawsuit against ‘Islamophobia’ in France, forcing the police to open an investigation.

Police will be questioning all farmers and food stores in the area to determine where this particular kind of ham was sold and to whom.

Le Centre Culturel Islamique de Meximieux
Le Centre Culturel Islamique de Meximieux