Oh, NOES! Ham (hamacide) attack on Islamic Cultural Center in France

pig5-viLast Saturday, a letter delivered to the Islamic Cultural Center of Meximieux was discovered to have no words, no bills, no advertisements…just a big slice of ham. HORRORS!


Dreuz  (h/t Susan K) The Muslim in charge of the Islamic Centre immediately made a complaint to police but was devastated to learn that his demand for a hate crime investigation was inadmissable because there was no threat in the letter…just ham.

But true to form, the Islamic Center immediately contacted the French version of CAIR (Council on Anti-American Islamic Relations) to file a lawsuit against ‘Islamophobia’ in France, forcing the police to open an investigation.

Police will be questioning all farmers and food stores in the area to determine where this particular kind of ham was sold and to whom.

Le Centre Culturel Islamique de Meximieux

Le Centre Culturel Islamique de Meximieux



37 comments on “Oh, NOES! Ham (hamacide) attack on Islamic Cultural Center in France

  1. Good point ICE,

    What an evil satan worshiping cult. Our dogs are part of the family, complete loyalty and love. No wonder the Borg er I mean the muslims don’t like them. Some animals just know, same with horses.

  2. A slice of ham in an envelope. Oh dear. A hate crime. How many Muslims were injured? How many Muslims had to be rushed to the hospital for emergency surgeries? How many Muslims had to receive trauma counseling?

  3. 911operator – How may I help you, police, fire, ambulance?

    Wacko – Police. We just received a slice of ham in an envelope at our mosque. Please send the police right away.

    911 operator – Has the slice of ham threatened, assaulted or taken away your human rights?

    Wacko – Yes, yes, and yes. Send police right away.

    You can’t make this crap up. Shouldn’t somebody be feeling like a fool at some point here.

  4. I get a tear in my eye every time I hear one of these muslims being assulted by dead pigs.
    Drama, drama, drama.
    You know these people would have a lot less time on their hands to think up this BS if they had jobs & actually had to work for a living.

  5. Ever stop to think about why mohommedists are so frightened of pork? It seems demons are attracted to pigs. Remember Jesus Christ expelling the demons from the possessed man and sending them into the swine and off the cliff?
    That holds true today. Pigs hate mohommedists because like dogs and other animals they know EVIL when they are near it.
    Just sayin.

  6. More on pig by-products…

    Three in court after ‘bacon thrown at Central Mosque’

    TWO men and a woman have appeared at Edinburgh Sheriff Court after bacon was allegedly thrown at and stuck to the Central Mosque.

    It is alleged the Central Mosque, in Potterrow, had bacon thrown at it and stuck to certain parts of the building on January 31.


  7. It is great to know that a slice of ham or bacon can cause more of an uproar than an honor killing with the muzzies. What a ridiculous cult this islam is indeed. I think that we should all get little pet pigs and go for walks in muslim areas and at muslim outdoor crap such as their marches and where they chose to block roads with their butt lifting prayers. Surely there are more important crimes for the police to be solving than a slice of ham in the mail.

    • cat, I’m surprised no one has sent them any dog poo, considering their opinion of dogs. I don’t think that phobia is as well known by Westerners as the pork thing. I’ll have to post more stories on dogs and muslims.

  8. That oh no, reminded me of the mustachioed gay social worker in Family Guy.

    The slightest and most meaningless hint of trouble and it’s the eeewh nooooooooooow.

    Come to think of it isn’t Islam the same?

    A slice of ham? Come on.

    Meanwhile they crucify Christians in Yemen.

  9. AWESOME!!! More Ham please! I’m sure the police with putting in a lot of “effort” (sarc) in finding the one responsible 😉 It’s HAM for god’s sake, ham!! Get over yourselves!

    WaaaaWaaaaa, CAIR crybaby! So disgusting!

  10. It is getting REAL ugly now. Those people (Muslims) feel that whatever they demand regardless of how trifle it is, deserve the attention and action of the authorities. What makes it more ugly that the authorities comply!!!!

    • Well actually, they can stick that one up their asses, for the simple reason that the police’s dropped it: no menace were made, therefore muzturds have no legal ground whatsoever to demand anything.

      Say hello to one of our newest favorite national pastimes :mrgreen:

        • Thankfully no Bonni, there isn’t, but there are a couple associations -one created by Sarko the nabot dhimmi to supposedly keep watch- that will take every opportunity to foam at the mouth. So every time they do, we do pretty much like you do: take the piss, “oh boo hoo” ! :mrgreen:

        • Maybe not a CAIR office, but I have it from an ex-muslim and former imam from Tunesia who now lives somewhere in Europa, that there are Muslim Brotherhood front groups and cells all over Europe.

  11. Eat less pork, raise more pigs and hit more mosques. You when we were at war with Germany we sent who knows how many tons of weaponary to the Brits and Soviets to help them defeat our common enemy. Do you think we ought to start sending pork to our ideological allies in Europe to attack the Islamic center?

    • Hi there Bo. My husband heard you speak a few months ago at a Second Amendment Group meeting in the Akron area. He learned a lot on the evils of the death cult, Islam, and has been spreading the word and sharing your materials. Thanks for the great work in educating so many people.

      As for this ‘crime’, what a trifling bunch of whiners. Wish I could teach a few pigs how to fly into minarets.

      • Eugenia, what is your husband’s name? Yes, that was at the Ohio Second Amendment Group where I spoke on mosques. I am thankful it was helpful. I hope to see you all again.

        • Bo his name is Greg. He usually goes with 1 or 2 people who are also in the Medina County Friends and Neighbors group. I regret missing that meeting!

        • Well I hope to meet you and your husband one of these days. Here is some interesting information

          “America’s Future Belongs to Islam
          Posted on February 6, 2013

          by PAUL L. WILLIAMS, PHD:(author of Crescent Moon Rising)

          Islam, according to newly released data from the Association of Statisticians of American Religious Bodies, is now the fastest growing religion in America, verifying President Barack Obama’s claim that the United States is “no longer a Judeo-Christian country.”

          How many Muslims now live within the country remains anyone’s guess, since the U.S. Census Bureau neglects to collect data on religious identification. A 2008 study by Cornell University projected that the number of Muslims in America had climbed from 1.6 million in 1995 to 7 million.[i] A U.S. News and World Report survey, which was conducted at the same time, placed the figure at 5 million,[ii] while the Pew Research Center set the number at 2.35 million.

          But Pew researchers admit that their survey was not thorough since it neglected to take into account immigrant and poor black Muslims.[iii] What’s more, these researchers only contacted Americans with telephone landlines and failed to take into account the fact that nearly 50% of U.S. residents and age 18-35 and the nearly 100% of the illegal immigrants who communicate exclusively by cell phones.[iv]

          Muslim organizations, such as the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), supported the Cornell University projection of 7 million – – based on mosque attendance.[v]

          In any case, all demographers agree that throughout the coming decades, the faith of the Prophet Mohammed will continue to impact and transform all aspects of American life: social, political, and economic. They further maintain that, save for a cataclysmic sea-change in population trends, Islam by 2050 will emerge as the nation’s dominant religion.

          Read more: Family Security Matters
          FamilySecurityMatters.org Contributing Editor Paul L. Williams is the author of The Day of Islam: The Annihilation of America and the Western World, The Al Qaeda Connection, and other best-selling books. He is a frequent guest on such national news networks as ABC News, CBS News, Fox News, MSNBC, and NPR. Visit his website at http://thelastcrusade.org.”

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