Self-proclaimed “ardent Jewish Zionist” NYC Mayor Michael ‘dhimmi’ Bloomberg backs hate-filled, antisemitic, pro-terrorist BDS event at Brooklyn College

images-1This is from Mondoweiss, the Judenrat-owned blog that is virulently anti-Israel and sickeningly pro-Hamas. New York politicians are threatening to cut funding to Brooklyn College because of the school’s sponsorship of a forum Thursday (Feb.7th) supporting the pro-Palestinian BDS (Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions) campaign calling for the economic destruction of the state of Israel.


Mondoweiss The Brooklyn College Political Science Department is among the event’s co-sponsors. In response, a group of New York City Council members has raised the possibility of Brooklyn College losing taxpayer support. The councilmembers’ threat is just one of several efforts by local lawmakers, from Congress on down, to pressure Brooklyn College to remove its sponsorship or even cancel the event.

Unknown-1Mayor Michael Bloomberg strongly denounced attempts by legislators to threaten the college with funding cuts over the event and also came out in support of the Political Science Department’s right to sponsor the event–a position that puts him to the left of the initial position that some members of the City Council’s Progressive Caucus took. Bloomberg emphasized that he “violently” opposed the boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) movement targeting Israel. But he also said that he “could not agree more strongly with an academic department’s right to sponsor a forum on any topic that they choose.”

The New York City mayor also jabbed political opponents of the BDS movement for bringing more attention to the event that it would have gotten without the controversy. “If they just shut up, it would have gone away,” he said. (You mean like the Jews in Germany just shut up about the Nazis in the 1930’s?)

Main speakers at the event, which is co-sponsored by the school’s political science department and various campus and outside organizations, are described by the petition as “virulently anti-Israel.” They are Omar Barghouti, the Qatar-born, West Bank-raised founder of the Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Campus Boycott of Israel, and Judith Butler, a professor of rhetoric and comparative literature at the University of California’s Berkeley campus and a supporter of the BDS (boycott, divestments and sanctions) movement that seeks to weaken and isolate Israel.


“Both Barghouti and Butler are publicly on record calling for the elimination of the Jewish state.” “There is no doubt that the purpose of this event is to promote campaigns to boycott Israel, campaigns which the U.S. Department of State considers to be anti-Semitic, and the Jewish community considers to be an assault on the Jewish people.”

“We believe that the department’s sponsorship serves to condone and legitimize anti-Jewish bigotry, and that it will contribute significantly to a hostile environment for Jewish students on our campus.”


All of this comes a day after Students for Justice in Palestine organized a press conference to speak out against the “escalating attacks” on their event. Donna Neve, another Judenrat, from the pro-Hamas Jewish Voice for Peace was there to show her support, and said:


“I am pleased to be here today to have the opportunity to speak out in support of Students for Justice in Palestine and all those at Brooklyn College and across the city concerned with ensuring that bullying and intimidation do not succeed in denying students and others the right to engage in critical examination and inquiry of important political ideas.” (In other words, the right to call for the eradication of the Jewish state)

“What we have seen happening here is yet another example of an attempt to suppress and vilify voices critical of Israel and Israeli government policies, a pattern that has become far too common in this city and nation-wide.” (They are free to speak, but the City Council is also free to not fund their hate speech)

“It’s bad enough that Alan Dershowitz and Dov Hikind have engaged in a smear campaign. We’ve come to expect that. But City Council members who threaten to take away city funding merely because they disagree with the views expressed on a college campus should be ashamed of themselves and should be held accountable for trying to interfere in this way. And they must not prevail.”


The JewNazis from the ineptly named ‘Jewish Voice for Peace’ believe Israel has no right to exist.