Self-proclaimed “ardent Jewish Zionist” NYC Mayor Michael ‘dhimmi’ Bloomberg backs hate-filled, antisemitic, pro-terrorist BDS event at Brooklyn College

images-1This is from Mondoweiss, the Judenrat-owned blog that is virulently anti-Israel and sickeningly pro-Hamas. New York politicians are threatening to cut funding to Brooklyn College because of the school’s sponsorship of a forum Thursday (Feb.7th) supporting the pro-Palestinian BDS (Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions) campaign calling for the economic destruction of the state of Israel.


Mondoweiss The Brooklyn College Political Science Department is among the event’s co-sponsors. In response, a group of New York City Council members has raised the possibility of Brooklyn College losing taxpayer support. The councilmembers’ threat is just one of several efforts by local lawmakers, from Congress on down, to pressure Brooklyn College to remove its sponsorship or even cancel the event.

Unknown-1Mayor Michael Bloomberg strongly denounced attempts by legislators to threaten the college with funding cuts over the event and also came out in support of the Political Science Department’s right to sponsor the event–a position that puts him to the left of the initial position that some members of the City Council’s Progressive Caucus took. Bloomberg emphasized that he “violently” opposed the boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) movement targeting Israel. But he also said that he “could not agree more strongly with an academic department’s right to sponsor a forum on any topic that they choose.”

The New York City mayor also jabbed political opponents of the BDS movement for bringing more attention to the event that it would have gotten without the controversy. “If they just shut up, it would have gone away,” he said. (You mean like the Jews in Germany just shut up about the Nazis in the 1930’s?)

Main speakers at the event, which is co-sponsored by the school’s political science department and various campus and outside organizations, are described by the petition as “virulently anti-Israel.” They are Omar Barghouti, the Qatar-born, West Bank-raised founder of the Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Campus Boycott of Israel, and Judith Butler, a professor of rhetoric and comparative literature at the University of California’s Berkeley campus and a supporter of the BDS (boycott, divestments and sanctions) movement that seeks to weaken and isolate Israel.


“Both Barghouti and Butler are publicly on record calling for the elimination of the Jewish state.” “There is no doubt that the purpose of this event is to promote campaigns to boycott Israel, campaigns which the U.S. Department of State considers to be anti-Semitic, and the Jewish community considers to be an assault on the Jewish people.”

“We believe that the department’s sponsorship serves to condone and legitimize anti-Jewish bigotry, and that it will contribute significantly to a hostile environment for Jewish students on our campus.”


All of this comes a day after Students for Justice in Palestine organized a press conference to speak out against the “escalating attacks” on their event. Donna Neve, another Judenrat, from the pro-Hamas Jewish Voice for Peace was there to show her support, and said:


“I am pleased to be here today to have the opportunity to speak out in support of Students for Justice in Palestine and all those at Brooklyn College and across the city concerned with ensuring that bullying and intimidation do not succeed in denying students and others the right to engage in critical examination and inquiry of important political ideas.” (In other words, the right to call for the eradication of the Jewish state)

“What we have seen happening here is yet another example of an attempt to suppress and vilify voices critical of Israel and Israeli government policies, a pattern that has become far too common in this city and nation-wide.” (They are free to speak, but the City Council is also free to not fund their hate speech)

“It’s bad enough that Alan Dershowitz and Dov Hikind have engaged in a smear campaign. We’ve come to expect that. But City Council members who threaten to take away city funding merely because they disagree with the views expressed on a college campus should be ashamed of themselves and should be held accountable for trying to interfere in this way. And they must not prevail.”


The JewNazis from the ineptly named ‘Jewish Voice for Peace’ believe Israel has no right to exist.




24 comments on “Self-proclaimed “ardent Jewish Zionist” NYC Mayor Michael ‘dhimmi’ Bloomberg backs hate-filled, antisemitic, pro-terrorist BDS event at Brooklyn College

  1. Ice, Thank you for your positive feedback. I pray that Jews and Christians will unite head-on. I shall wait and see. One thing I do know is sometimes to wake people up and move them into action; one has to fire a critical attack at them to get them to stand up and be counted. What we need is that every time Islam Marches there must be a response a Counter-Jihad March; we need to send a message to politicians that we the people shall not tolerate any longer Islamization of our country.

    • Alan sometimes when people are striving, just to keep their heads above water, they have a tendency to say “maybe tomorrow”. The only problem with that is, when the MSM gives out with inaccurate sound bites, the people think, oh it must be me. It can’t be as bad as I feel. Seems they are finding out it is worse. Just takes time. Hang in there. ICE

    • Why would Christians want to unite with Zionists? Zionism is a political force that has desires on a world court in Jerusalem, etc. Why would Christians want to give up their freedoms to support Zionism? And, btw, my natural father was Jewish and I am adopted. There is no reason why we need to support a militant Zionism of regime change when the US is tired of war.

      • Gary Anderson,

        Rethink you jumped in too quick in comment. Where did I use above the word ‘Zionism’?

        Not every Jew wants to live in Israel. Most Jews like most Christians are not ‘Fundamentalists.’ They all live moderate life styles and for that reason ‘Jews and Christians’ are very compatible with each other.

        As for Israel… I support the elimination of Palestine and the strengthening of Israel. Christians are welcome in Israel. But Christians and Jews are not welcome in Palestine.

        The US people may be tired of war, but the USA Obama Government is not tired of war. In fact Obama supports the Muslim Brotherhood in opposition to Israel.

        ‘Freedom of Choice’ does prevail in Israel. Palestine is ‘Anti-Freedom.’

        Zionism is a political force by necessary mandate to stop Palestine’s mission to destroy Israel and convert Jerusalem to the location of a Muslim Caliph to rule the world.

        I support the Zionist Movement against ‘Anti-Freedom Totalitarian Islam.’

        There shall never be peace in that region until Palestine becomes owned by Israel and the creed of Islam is phased out.

        Christians are not giving up their freedom by supporting Israel. In fact the opposite is true, the survival of Israel helps preserve the ‘Freedom of Christians’ in Israel.

        Finally, to stop ‘Islamization of the World’ it is absolutely imperative that every ‘Belief System’ that values ‘Liberty’ must unite against Islam and that includes, Jews, Christians, Buddhists, Hindu, Atheists, New Age, and every other ‘Belief System.’

        United we stand! Divided we fall!

        • Allan, Zionists are not fundamentalists. In fact the most fanatical Jewish fundamentalists don’t even think Israel should be the Jewish state because the Messiah hasn’t arrived. Zionists for the most part are not terribly religious at all.

        • BNI,

          Thank you for that insight. As you know, I do not have much knowledge about Judaism and I welcome such good guidance.

  2. Ret. Marine,

    I have been looking at this problem for several years, the more I learn the more I have become very seriously concerned. We that oppose Islamization of the World are slowly losing this battle. Islam is winning and they must be stopped! In reality we the Infidels currently outnumber the Muslims, including children that shall be adults within 18 years or sooner by 6 infidels to 1 Muslim. So why are they winning? The answer is simple as instructed by the Qur’an they are ruthlessly aggressive and are persistently without surrender keeping up the ‘Jihad Attack’ in every which way. As you no doubt are aware, Martyr attacks is only one form of ‘Jihad Action.’ Law Suits, False Knowledge Advertising, whinging and screaming offensive all the time for every trivia issue is being launched by Muslims to increase the pressure against all of us infidels. Constantly Muslims are pushing for more rights, special privileges and to gain power control seats in politics, military, law and order and many are gaining such power seats.

    There is only one way to deal with any bully- push back three times as hard using whatever degree of force is necessary to take the bully down- Islam is no different.

    Whilst there are many valiant resistance fighters around the globe opposing Islam, the majority of infidels are still silent not wanting to know what is happening or they are running scared like cowards afraid to stand up and be counted. Given that only approximately 4% of the world’s population is Atheists, it means that at different levels of various ‘Belief Systems’ that most people believe in a supreme power of some form. Some are relaxed about this belief others are moderately dedicated to their belief system as taught to them as children and others are strict fundamentalists; some few being almost as extreme as Muslims.

    For fourteen hundred years Islam has been expanding its global dominion conquering country after country and most of the time the Christians and Jews have failed to stand up against Islam with the exception of one brief time…‘The Christian Crusades.’ The resistance against Islam is still weak.

    Because the three Abrahamic creeds hold the majority it follows that the key battle for world domination is a fight between Muslims and Jews and Muslims and Christians. So why are not all of the Jews and Christians uniting head-on against Islam when they have been rejected and condemned by Muhammad in the Qur’an? The answer is the majority of Christians and Jews are currently stupid. As yet I don’t know a lot about Judaism but having been raised as a Christian I know Christianity well; and I shall add that I am totally disgusted by the apathetic cowardly behaviour by the majority of Christians. They should be walking around hanging their heads in shame.

    I thank all of those valiant Christians, Jews and other creeds that are constantly standing united against Islam; you all have my enthusiastic support. But as for the rest of you squeamish yellow bellies it’s time you had your butts kicked good and hard. We are running out of time, if we don’t stop the increasing expansion of Islam in the West by the end of 2024 we shall enter the next phase of the fight with Islam which is ‘Civil War’ in every Western Country. This is a war we do not want; it will create chaos and anarchy and even if we win, freedom may still be lost as the door will be wide open for Marxist takeover. It is imperative we start increasing the pressure against Islam and all of the apathetic silent- giving no quarter using ahimsa [non-injury] academic methods.

    If I do not see all of the Christians around the globe united as one marching against Islam in a ‘Last Crusade’ by September 11th 2016 I shall start an academic attack against all Christians and I shall keep attacking until every Christian is united against Islam. [A few years ago I attacked a local Christian Church in writing chastising the bad behaviour of the Christians of that Church. The Minister was so stunned that he left the area within two months and the Christian troublemaker’s whinging and whining pulled their heads in.]

    If I do not see the Jews all united by September 11th 2020 I shall launch an all out academic attack against the Jews until every Jew is united against Islam. I support Israel and reject Palestine.

    As for all of the other creeds, I shall start picking on them one by one starting with Buddhism, Bahai Faith, Mormonism and Scientology they had better lift their game and join the resistance movement against Islam. The Hindus of India need to reorganize themselves against Islam. [I have already written off the ‘Jehovah’s Witness’ as being in bed with Islam because they all refuse to fight- they are Dhimmis.]

    I am quite willing to wage an all out academic war against every person around the globe that refuses to stand up against Islam – no exceptions. I am an experienced fighter on the streets, in the Blue Collar and White Collar World and in the Senior Executive Corporation World- I have never lost a fight of any kind during my adult life with good reason.

    I will not ever submit to Islam and I shall never tolerate any person that submits to Islam. By nature I am a peace loving person but if the only way I can live free in peace is by fighting an all out war then I will fight and as a Warrior I shall give no quarter and expect none.

    This 100 year fight can only end one way- the complete elimination of Islam from the West.

    Enough is enough! Using ‘Counter-Jihad Methods’ it is time to increase the pressure against Islam; Jihad Muslims started this fight it is now time for us infidels to finish it!

    • RM and Allan
      You are both correct. However, we Christians and Jews are not losing. It seems that we are at times, but remember the mohommedists are losing many of the converts, as well as the born into mohommedism. They only number 8 to 9 hundred million, while the Christians and Jews are close to 2.5 billion.
      Don’t despair. Plan and plan carefully – don’t fall for the yelling that they are wining, they are not. We here in the States are moving into the phase of gathering our forces. The Christians and Jews will begin to get pissed off when they realize that Satan pulled a fast one on them – the idea of Rapture. It has kept the Christians, and some of the Jews, on the sidelines for years. Now they wait, but soon they will find they are in the middle of Tribulation.

  3. Tell me some one, why is it a good reason to call for the ellimination of a particular Peoples, and or State, not in itself a “hate crime”? I cannot understand the thinking process behind that one at all. I invision one day this MUTT, otherwise known as “dhimmi” bloomn’ I.D.10-T being in the presence of an outstanding Patriot, otherwise known as a Federal Judge, in good standing while standing at attention answering the charges of TREASON against the People of NYC. Its my dream and I’m sticking to it.
    And by the way, where are the vioces of the Jewish communities, anyone? Please don’t tell me, as I suspect, they are all part and partical to the current problem, are they?
    As far as I know, in any true Representative Republic, i.e. Government role, it is not the business of any outside influences to interfere in the local business of a City Council nor in the decision making process of said council, be that it is of the People, by and for, their stated purpose, beit, whether or not to allow taxpayers money’s withheld, or not, to a cause for the destruction of any peoples, States, individuals or otherwise , none of their business or say regarding said peoples, States or Nation, why are the “haters of Israel” even allowed a voice when it becomes destructive as a means to their resolve, I understand that, ‘the means have become destructive’ that in of itself being a “hate crime”. Anyone?

  4. A Product made in Israel, in Judea and samaria, the SodaStream soft drink dispenser. No more plastic bottles and cans to recycle. A kick in the teeth to bds.

  5. I read the Mission Statement of the JVFP they are either completely stupid or they are a front for Islam; I suspect both. In any event I am listing them as an enemy of the ‘Free World’ until someone proves me wrong.

  6. The “paid” Chicago protestors are all crazy and should be ashamed of themselves,only in America. I would love to see them protest in syria or egypt and see how long they would last ? I think those “knuckleheads ” need to go back and do a little research on the Diaspora before they are protesting against Isreal. !!

  7. All support for the city councilors who would cancel the funding to this college, for this type of hate towards Israel. Where are the pro Israel voice? That would make it a true exercise in debate.

  8. They’re all dhimmis and Judenrats and Nazis. That’s all there is to it. They’ve been brainwashed throughout their lifetime and there is no changing their attitudes.
    But for the Mayor of New York, a Jew himself, to approve of this vile hate speech is unconscionable.

  9. These vile humanity-haters and propagandists for Islamic conquest and annihilation of Israel’s Jews are FILTHY hypocrites. They are silent over the thousands of rockets fired on Sderot and other Jewish cities by Muslim God-haters.

    They are silent about the daily atrocities and murders of non-Muslim innocents by Muslims in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Egypt, Africa and other countries. They are silent about the genocide and slavery of black Christians by Sudan’s Arab Muslims.


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