Son of the Blind Sheikh warns, “By not releasing the Blind Sheikh, America is putting itself at risk”

Capture40-e1348091295498Muhammad Omar Abdel Rahman, the Blind Sheikh’s son, says that leaving his (Muslim terrorist) father imprisoned for attempting to blow up the World Trade Center in 1993, is ‘a direct affront to Islam.’ (Well, that’s funny, most Americans think that Islam is a direct affront to whole civilized world)


Shoebat The Blind Sheikh – Omar Abdel Rahman – was convicted to life in prison for his role in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing. The plan was to blow up one tower and have it collapse on the other tower. His intent was the same as those who took down both towers in 2001.

Fast forward to 2013. Muhammad Omar Abdel Rahman, the Blind Sheikh’s son, is bemoaning his father’s continued imprisonment despite the use of peaceful means to have him released (apparently, the attempted murder of thousands of Americans doesn’t factor into the equation). Note the implication here. The son of the Blind Sheikh is basically issuing threats to America for not releasing a mass murderer.

The threat of Islam is predicted all over the Bible, read Walid Shoebat’s incredible work that explains all. Click here for more information.


16 comments on “Son of the Blind Sheikh warns, “By not releasing the Blind Sheikh, America is putting itself at risk”

  1. I thought as the Great Satan America was already at risk? What is one more?

    Funny, after all these years, suddenly has a voice?

    Bullies and threats get my back up and my contrarian nature comes out.

    The Blind Sheik jail sentence should be a non-issue.

  2. Aw, gee….we might just piss off people who are ALREADY willing to strap explosives around their bellies and blow THEMSELVES to hell, just for the chance to splash themselves onto an American TV….

    Yeah, got me worried.
    Gosh, don’t know HOW I’ll be able to sleep at night….

    Actually, like a log…like usual.
    Keep that murderous punk in prison.

  3. So he’s declaring war on America in the name of all Moslems?

    Apparently, planting bombs in the World Trade Center was a GOOD THING in his view.

    Terrorism is ‘good’ if it’s against the kufaar. Allah wants blood.

  4. Does this ass+++e live here? It sounded like it. How about deport his ugliness too,
    him and obama, back to thier beloved countries.

  5. The error lies with the American justice system. they should have given him the death sentence.
    Keeping terrorist alive merely foils there plans to go to their version of Valhalla, a petty punishment. Save tax money – shoot them.

    • Did you ever consider, that the liberals also control the Judicial System as well? They do and for that reason the death penality was not even brought up at the time of the trails, because afterall, it was all a misunderstanding, why that wouldn’t be fair ,as they tell us. Thank Mary Jo Wright for that one. Regards.

  6. The sons of satan, another bearded beast of the east speaks again, so tell us something we don’t already know, scooter, oh but that would garner light as to the true intent ( threatening once again coming from the religion of pieces, death, destruction, mayham and all that) upon the infidels, right, no we can’t be havn’ that now, can we? sheet for brains.
    Facts speak for themselves, your poor misguided father of lies is, where was it again, oh yeah locked up tighter then a drum, for the mistake of allah and his fag brigade, right, yeah well We the People, (Patriots) are never going to allow this MUTT of yours to be released upon humanity, ever again if we are given the chance. For the very reason we confine our own dangers to society in the cross-bar motel for life long stays, we do so for your MUTT (s) as well. Tough titty scooter, maybe, being the son of a liar, theif, murderer, satan worshipping devil, demon of the flesh, you should have reminded him of the sins of his fathers, and just maybe, it might have turned out differently for that MUTT, son of satan desciple. Keep dreaming of an allah conquered world bachi boy, it ain’t ever going to happen, never, as it was intended upon man to suffer for their sins against our Father, almighty God, and suffer we must to cleanse our souls of the very type you now aggitate for release. Yeah good luck scooter, but then again, it may happen, not for the reasons this, another brther from another mother, brother from your hood, islam, speaks of obama’s bin lyn’ to all, but for the deciet he is known for, and if that happens, well I won’t say what, when, or why, but it won’t be purdy, as we speak in the fly-over Country known as, ” The Patriots Plains”.
    Semper Fi.

  7. “A direct affront to islam”, oh my, we’re so sorry; would so hate to offend islam! Just look at him, and that filthy old beard, hit it with a stick and I’ll bet all manner of things would jump out of it! muslims always look so filthy

  8. Well considering what’s in the WH, this will be interesting!! Being he loves to appease our enemies at every turn! DISGRACE!

    Of course attempting to murder thousands of American’s doesn’t factor into the equation! Do we hear anything from the WH on this?? Of course NOT!
    Muslimes only WANT what they want and that includes The Appeaser! … PsOS!

    • shaz, rumor has it that Ambassador Stevens in Benghazi was supposed to have been kidnapped by the terrorists and his release was to have been in exchange for release of the blind sheikh. Another Obama deal gone bad.

      • B, that was only a rumor ( intended, afterall their was anelection to win), facts of this failed mission, an extended “fast and ferious” style of gun running ( arms being brokered to the islamist trying to unseat bashir assad from lybian arsenals-Turkey’s involvement) back fired on our traitor-n-theif, obama’s bin lyn to all, the facts point directly towards a retalitory strike from the ayrians ( iran’s leadership) ( CIA held two of their people in custody less than a mile down from the compound at bingazi) towards our very own, the internals are classified, to cover this traitors ass, and had noting to do whatsoever with the lies (misdirections- fabrications as to cover the true intent of the bengazi compound) we’ve heard of since. Question, do you have any subscriptions to any of the larger, inter-security analysis, reports, such as DIGNET, STRATFORD, etc., etc.,?, if not, it is well worth the efforts( money) to do so. Much of what we hear from our own liars of the stupid goes as stupid does, of the media types, they are absolutely clueless in this regards and all in all to cover this traitors ass. Check out these types of Intelligence report writings from folks directly ( leaking classified info-its why the sharp direction in seeking them out from this regime-prosecutions we hear not of), in-directly ( leaked to the public), retired and such outside the security agencies telling the truth of these matters, its worth the expendatures to do so. It might shed a whole lotta light on current events ( if you are able to connect the dots, it is very telling of the wool over the public’s eyes) happening to the world, us in general, and explains things not told or explained in light of disasters regarding foreign policy makers, by our so-called journalist. Regards. Semper Fi.

        • Ret. Marine. I am retired from the people you m,entioned. If I can help you. ask what you need.

          Yours truly,

          Ben at RockNHula at America Online dot com

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