Tom Trento of The United West interviews MD ‘Rabbi’ Alam, the Muslim who is behind Million Muslim March in Washington DC on 9/11/13


Watch Tom expose Alam’s big fat lies starting at 13:00

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20 comments on “Tom Trento of The United West interviews MD ‘Rabbi’ Alam, the Muslim who is behind Million Muslim March in Washington DC on 9/11/13

  1. Tom Trent has the patience of Job, to be able to sit and listen to the complete
    crap being spewed from the mouth of MD Alam. Alam must havea a twisted brain to be able to come up with so much garbage, or, “me thinks no brain at all”

  2. Provocations like the proposed million muslim march on the anniversary of 9/11 are not unique and are intentionally announced well in advance to create angst through intentional insult.
    Back on the tenth anniversary of 9/11, a local mosque in NYS threw a carnival on property never before used for such activity – obviously to provoke those who were dedicating a brand new memorial directly across the street adjacent to a firehouse who lost members on 9/11. The mosque billed this carnival as an Eid activity, but the calendar reveals otherwise. link

    Tom Trento has the patience of a saint to interact with such buffoonery.

    This MD Alam is an extremely long winded buffoon with an enormously bloated ego.

  3. Obama isn’t stopping it. People should write to him and let him know. And to the mayor of Washington. There are more loyal Americans than there are 7th century misogynists.

    My point is Japanese Americans would not schedule a big event on Pearl Harbor Day.

    Mozzies are clearly insulting ALL Americans with this date…and intentionally so.

  4. Choosing 9-11 to rub America’s nose in its DEFEAT is intentional!

    It’s a sneering gesture of supremacism and a THREAT of future VIOLENCE to come!


  5. Mr. Alam is actually quite a bright guy who uses English very well, with intention, to obfuscate issues and his opponents. He is fundamentally a politician. Someone needs to ask him why he must make his point on 11 September. Of all 365 days in a year, why not 12 September or 21 October or 30 July?

    Someone also needs to remind Mr. Alam that Martin Luther King was, first and foremost, a Christian, that his ideas were motivated by Christian belief; if Mr. Alam wants to become like King, it is easy. He only needs to convert.

    Mr. Alam’s assertion that Jesus and Mohammed are both prophets of the same faith (except Mohammed is better) is disingenuous. Jesus and Mohammed have ideas that are opposed to each other. Jesus said to turn the other cheek; Mohammed said to smite dead your opponents. Jesus said to give to Caesar what is Caesar’s but Mohammed was a politician who sought to dominate his opponents and financially subjugate them. It is more accurate to compare Mohammed to Caesar than to Jesus.

    It is too bad Mr. Alam has so much political support. Someone somewhere is spending lots of money to promote him. Someone should check his financials.

    The problem isn’t with his English. He uses it intentionally to obfuscate and he relies on embarrassing his opponents with his use of nonsense English. He relies on making his opponents too embarrassed for his “poor English” that they won’t pin him down. Also, of course, he talks over his opponents and relies on their good manners to not interrupt him.

    Tom was too nice to Mr. Alam. I understand why; he wants to keep him from fleeing. Hopefully with enough interviews, Mr. Alam will be exposed for who he really is and his march and protests forced to set another date.

    And out of the 2.5 million American Muslims, his expectation to get 1 million to march simply may not be realistic … unless big bucks are being paid to unemployed Muslims to bus them to the march, feed them, and pay them a stipend. Even then, I doubt he can get the numbers.

    If someone joins his team, learns about his financials and uncovers fraud, he could find himself the subject of a civil suit. Oh well, that’s politics.

  6. Blah, blah, blah, he just drones on and on, can’t keep on topic and just answer the question. Did you note at the beginning how frequently he used fornication as an example. Muslim men are the most sexually frustrated men in the world, sick! I was watching closely to see if his nose was growing.

  7. Listen, we have to stop being offended by these Muslims and start being the patriots we were raised to be. I am hoping that millions of Americans show up in full force and just sing at the top of their lungs “and the rockets red glare, the bombs bursting in air” drowning these middle eastern/arab strangers out. They love that we as Americans are wounded and offended. We are made of more than that. We are a body of people with substance as we assemble that just our countenance alone is a frightening sight. Can we do that? Of course we can. Bring it on, bring on the American patriotic march for the sake of our constitution given to us by a bunch of really brave smart old dead men!
    We love our country, they hated theirs which is why they left and they come here to spread the sickness of evil, ruin our land, in hopes that they make our red white and blue run. I hear the humming and it’s getting louder with every stupid decree from this Muslim in chief. The ugly direction is upon us!

  8. The muslims put forth this Abonination on that day and there will be a man made huricane sent by the God of a Patriot ! No Sir We Will Not Stand By

  9. Spain

    A British woman who was raped at knifepoint and left for dead said she ‘couldn’t be happier’ after her attacker was jailed for 23 years yesterday.

    Moroccan waiter Mohamed Fadel el Anssari stabbed Cheryl Maddison repeatedly in the neck, throat and back after carrying out the sex attack in Magaluf, Majorca, in May 2008.

    Judges in Palma sentenced him to 11 years for rape and 12 years for attempted murder.

  10. What an education BNI provides the American public with,there shouldn’t be any room on the Reply page !! The interview was a classical lesson in taqiyya,provided by md alam,the perfect lesson as to why muslims should not be allowed to serve in the United States military. The ‘march’will be a failure.

  11. THese PsOS are going to march on this anniversary! Shows what scum they really are. They have absolutely NO respect for anyone; to demand special treatment for muslimes!!! Hey, how bout they get the SAME treatment as the rest of us! WHY should they get specail treatment? I want to know! They’re not special, they need to get over themselves! It’s time they ASSIMILATE; IF they can’t do that, then get the hell OUT of our coutnry! People better start waking up to this total crap from them! What the hell is it going to take!?
    I can’t contain myself everytime I see one in a store!

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