Is that Fast Food you’re eating ‘Halal’ (inhumanely and barbarically Islamic slaughtered)?




The cash register at the Long John Silver A&W All American Food restaurant displays a Halal Chicken button

USA - Fast Food - Halal Meat





Muslim worker at KFC in Sydney, Australia goes nuts when asked for bacon!

This video shows the brutality of Halal Slaughter. Don’t patronize any eating establishment that offers it. They are probably selling it to you, too, because the more of it they buy, the cheaper it is for the store. 



39 comments on “Is that Fast Food you’re eating ‘Halal’ (inhumanely and barbarically Islamic slaughtered)?

  1. I’m not muslim nor Jewish, nor Christian, but I can clearly state that this website should be closed. Shame on you racist pigs!

  2. Halal Slaughter is in the name of Allah, the same god of Christianity, and the same god of Judaism. Second of all, would you rather have your meat thrown at a electric fence to be killed, and to have lived without feet (so they get more chicken) and have limited to no space to move in their life?
    No, and anyways, before you go around Halal food is barbarically slaughtered, please remember that if you think “halal” slaughter is barbaric, look at how Fast Food Chains slaughter theirs!

    • Diagla the only voice of logic I have seen on this site ! Kudos to you…shame on the ignorant ! Muslims don’t eat pigs, please watch any video on how pigs are kept on farms and how they are slaughtered…that will clarify a lot in terms of the US farming industry…

      • No, it is not. Educate yourself:

        Kosher vs. Halal:

        Kosher – requires the animal be slaughtered quickly and humanely, strictly forbidding cruel slow methods like strangulation.

        Halal – requires the animal be bled out in agony while sick people who get off watching that kind of thing have a “festival.”

        Kosher – requires the blood be drained cleanly from the *carcass* of the humanely killed animal, removing toxins released from cells into the bloodstream at the moment of death from the meat.

        Halal –leaves the meat *filled* with toxins released at the moment of death because the blood is removed while the animal is dying and therefore is not present in sufficient quantities to remove those last toxins.

        Kosher – contains little to no cortisol or norepenepherine (two stress chemicals that are similar enough from mammal to mammal to cross species) because the animal to be killed is treated well before it is put down and is generally not frightened as it is put down (because in a truly kosher slaughter situation, animals cannot be slaughtered in a sequential fashion, as the waste of one could contaminate the next, so they are not exposed to the “scent of death” the way non-kosher culls are)

        Halal – animals watch other animals die during the blood letting festival, smelling their fear and raising their own stress. These stress chemicals “marinate” the meat in hormones known to raise levels of aggression and violence in nearly all mammal species (including human).

        Kosher – requires cooking the cleanly drained meat completely, cooking any remaining stress chemicals into oblivion.

        Halal – allows for a surprising range of cooking methods, including even some “tar tar” dishes (raw or nearly raw), allowing for the spread of disease and chemicals and hormones that were not removed by the idiotic slow bloodletting practice and half-measure cooking.

        Kosher – the spinal cord is sectioned thus cutting off pain to the brain. Therefore, no suffering or terror.

        Halal – spinal cord left intact.

  3. They are so disguting those muslims and I have said it my blog and posted videos and no one has comment on those videos or they faire to see tem. I hope that people that has seen them, refuse to eat this meat that is halal slaughter. These videos makes me real sick and I hate muslims for doing those cruelty to animals. I can´t find words for what iI feel in my heart. It is so cruel and cold.

  4. I don’t eat at KFC or Subway. I don’t eat halal foods because muslims pray over the slaughter to Satan. I never watch the slaughter videos – I can’t stand all things muslim. Muslims don’t respect anything but fear itself….then they wet their pants.

    The only good muslim is an ex-muslim.

  5. The days are gone when KFC, McDonald’s and Subway were regarded as nice, family restaurants. They are now ‘Horror Fast Foods’ – GUILTY of the most barbaric slaughter of poor, defenseless animals who have no escape from horrendous, prolonged slaughter where these animals that God so LOVINGLY created bleed to a slow, agonizing death.

    Shame on Horror Fast Foods – KFC, McDonald’s and Subway for their horrible cruelty to these beautiful animals. Shame on them for stomping on, and abandoning the precious ideals of our MERCIFUL Western civilization. Shame on Horror Fast Foods for their wicked animal abuse.

      • Ms. Rivera:

        Virtually ALL those “animal-rights” organizations – just like the feminists (“femi-Nazis” or “femi-Commies”), environmentalists and all the other “social-justice” and “human rights” groups – are COMMUNIST-owned, directed and manipulated!!!!

        There is NO justice to be hoped for from any single one of them – or any grouping thereof!!!!!

        • Yes , ADHD infiltrated if not founded by commies! And in typical Marxist hypocrisy they hound fur wearers in the streets but condone halal slaughter. ( Marx the master of hypocrisy and most likely a satanist according to the book by Richard Wurmbrand)
          They advocate vegetarianism so one would think they could use photos and vids of halal to achieve their aims, but no, must not offend Muslims!

    • unsure what relevence of “same god” thing. nobody is objecting to it being for alah, they’re objecting to slashing its throat and leaving it to bleed out consious. we kill things by punching a hole in the brain with an airgun, instant like. nobody slaughters by stomping on or throwing at electric fence those would both ruin the meat.

  6. Wow, this article comes after I went to Five Guys this afternoon. I was just about done when a muslime man and muslime woman entered. I got up to leave and while they were at the fountain station, I looked at the receipt that they left on the table. Sure enough, there were hamburgers on the receipt. So are they eating non-halal food or is Five guys serving halal beef? I’ll give them a call tomorrow and find out what’s the deal.

  7. Its poison on so many levels, Hormones, Spiritually, cleanliness, lies and cheating that go with serving it. Offered to Satan! Sacrificed to Allah, the false god (moon god)! On and on. Christians and Jews are forbidden to eat any food sacrifices to false gods and idols. Wait until the real sicknesses hit America for eating this crap. Only a small out brake so far, it’s going to become epidemic.

    • Allah is not a moon god, He created the moon, sun and everything. Jesus prayed to Allah, his Lord. Open any bible in Arabic and you’ll see the word Allaah for God.
      The Aramaic word for God is very similar and as you may know Jesus spoke Aramaic. Why do you associate yourselves with the Jews if they rejected Jesus? Muslims believe that Jesus son of Mary ia God’s word and prophet and messenger.

  8. I sincerely hope that that KFC immediately ejected that muslime POS from the premises!!…………..The foulmouthed foul minded evil SOB couldn’t just respond in a CIVILIZED manner, like “Sorry sir, we don’t serve bacon here”, oh nooooooooooo, he had to shout profaniteis and threaten the customer!!….Oh well, whether he realizes or not, and I’m guessing NOT, he showed EVERYONE in that KFC what a maniacal SAVAGE muslime POS he REALLY IS!!……”religion of peace”?! BS!!!

  9. I only got through a minute of that video about the halal slaughter. I WAS going to go have lunch with my wife and now I don’t want to eat anything. Where is PETA crying about this? Where are the anguished cries of the left about the cow’s “rights”? These sick bastards truly must be the embodiment of Satan himself. They perpetuate the most disgusting of evils on so many levels and laugh in our faces as we somehow allow it.

  10. Wow, this guy is so brain washed and of course, violent. I quit eating at KFC a while ago because they have a sign that says they serve halal. Looks like I will be giving up MacDonald’s and Subway too. Oh well, healthier eating I guess.

  11. Thanks for showing it again. These videos must be shown at regular intervals to remind people to boycott anything that is hallal.

    I stopped eating meat in 2009 when I saw my first hallal video although I do eat chicken twice a year or so and fish. I feel better.

      • I eat meat like its goin gout of style. We get it from a friend, corn feed and to the size we want. It is tender and excellant. The same with our lamb! Not HALAL.

    • has your area run out of quality produce yet ! we out here can barely find a head of lettuce on the market shelves no mind the price has jumped three hundred percent . obama has given us green energy and sub grade vegies from who knows where ! me i will stick to a New York cut beef stk grass fed with a few carrots on the side of course , Not trying to be sarcastic Sue just worried where this is all going ! like us all .

        • damn if I know ! we lost two major bread company’s in the end it was the cost of sugar that done them in and bottom culprit to that is none of the farmers plant sugar beets as a crop around here , They all jumped on obamas green energy kick back money and went too sin fuel corn crops . food quality has dropped weigh off from what it use too be

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