Muslim ‘Sharia’ Patrols – now spreading from Britain to Denmark and Belgium and Spain

And they wonder why there is ‘white flight’ away from cities all over Europe with large Muslim populations? In Spain, the sharia patrols not only are harassing and intimidating non-Muslims, they are also poisoning dogs belonging to non-Muslims.

This CNN reporter keeps emphasizing how it’s only a ‘tiny minority’ responsible for this abhorrent behavior. It’s only a ‘tiny minority’ who are terrorists, too, but what is a tiny minority of 1.5 billion? Just 1% is 15 million, not so tiny when you’re dealing with Muslim numbers.


16 comments on “Muslim ‘Sharia’ Patrols – now spreading from Britain to Denmark and Belgium and Spain

  1. My dog died 2008, when i admitted to put him asleep. He lived 15,5 years old. remarkable age for a dog. He was a Lappland dog. He was suffering a brain disease, a cancer. Doctors said to me that there is nothing to do.
    I love dogs and cats and lizards and fish.
    Islam doesn’t and i hate islam for that.

    Roman empire did the worst thing in Europe. Destroyed all the lion and many other wild beasts from Europe and North Africa.

    So fucking wrong.

  2. A tiny minority? Really? Then why is it supported by the Muslim MAJORITY who do absolutely NOTHING to stop it? And why is it when Muslims are polled, a huge percentage say they want Islamic sharia law imposed on their host Western countries? And why is it when Muslims are polled, a significant percentage say that the mass terror attacks perpetrated by Muslims in our countries were justified?

    And why is it when Muslims become a majority in an area in a Western country, the lives of non-Muslims are transformed into a living hell?

  3. These groups may be a tiny minority, but they have a lot of support and back-up from the larger muslim community, or better, the ummah, not in the least from many clerics and people with authority. Also, they are the front groups of muhammad’s army, the scouts and first line/front of attack of the muslim army. They are here to drive a wedge for the larger muslim attack force, and to destabilize, demoralize and weaken the dar-al-harb. However tiny they may be, they are only the start of something much larger building up, and they are also completely true to islam.

    I have seen some very mild forms of this sharia patrol stuff in Antwerp. You have the young muslim males wandering around the city streets, looking at non-muslim women in very filthy, demeaning and disgusting ways, and at times also calling non-muslim women all kinds of names (whore, slut), making indecent proposals, harassing them et cetera. I’ve seen a lot of the dirty looking and have seen/heard a girl/young woman being followed for a short distance and called slut and whore by a few of these muslim guys. It’s only a mild form of islamic patrol, but it’s disgusting nonetheless.

  4. you’ve been welcomed in western societies and countries given huge hospitality by shelter, housing, welfare, food, health care, the opportunity of education, work and much more… we dont need and we dont want your 7th century “allah-ding-dong” mooncult shariah shit, we dont want your culture and fucked up religion to be forced on us.. nor do we need and want your fucking muslim-patrols in and live by our rules and laws or fuck off to your middle-eastern hellholes !!!

  5. The big game is starting. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The reaction will very, very violent, against those islamofascists!!!!!!!
    They may ask to Hitler, what did happen!!!!!!!!!!!!
    All the times that muslims tryed conquer europe they was defeated!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Muslims being true to Islam. We import them in the name of ‘equality’ and ‘diversity’ yet are blind to the reality of Islam, why?. If liberals didn’t exist, we would not be embracing the surrender of our rights and freedoms to appease Muslims, the inbred, intolerant and totalitarian western welfare dependent scum of the world. It will always be us against them because their unholy koran commands it. Wake up people, as the Muslim Brotherhood stated, Islam is not here to be equal with others, it is here to dominate. Sharia Law – read about it as you will soon be abiding by it completely. Brought to you by a Muslim dominated area nearby.

  7. Time to start organising street patrols of our own. If the government cant or wont protect us then its time to start protecting ourselves. Take no prisoners.

  8. That is why I keep an attitude adjuster handy. I would not want to be the muslim savage that confronted me about anything. It is time to take our streets back. When the police fail then vigilante justice must fill in void.

  9. The Einsatzgruppen were just a tiny minority of larger Nazi forces, too, and so are these Shariah patrols, but neither was a deviant tiny minority; the Einsatzgruppen were Nazis first and last and these Shariah enforcers are Islamists first and last.

  10. ‘Hisbah’ is the name of this vigilante Sharia police. It is commanded by Mohammed, the prevaricating, psychopathic, pedophile pirate so every reasonable person KNOWS it’s FROM GOD!

    Pedophile pirates always tell the truth!

    Coming soon to the USA thanks to Obama and Brennan!

    Death to America, Death to Europe, y’all.

  11. CNN reports what they are told. They are in bed with the Muslim Brotherhood. And we must bow to the supremacists and give our best to them to squander in their filth and depravity.

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