Recent interview with Lars Hedegaard, renowned Danish anti-Islam journalist/writer, who survived assassination attempt yesterday

Danish+Supreme+Court+Acquits+HedegaardHedegaard was charged with racism after he made a series of critical statements about Islam and Muslims that included comparing Islam to Nazism and the claim that Muslims rape their own children. He was cleared by the High Court in 2011.

IB Times  The assassination attempt  has been linked to the launch of a weekly newspaper, Dispatch International, highly critical of Islam,  to which Hedegaard is a contributor. “He [Hedegaard] has been chairman [of the International Free Press Society] for 10 years,” Swedish journalist and Hedegaard’s partner, Ingrid Carlqvist, said. “We are sure the attack has everything to do with the weekly newspaper.”


The writer expressed support for outspoken Islam critics in Europe including Swedish artist Lars Vilks, who sparked the Mohammed cartoon controversy in 2007, and far-right Dutch lawmaker Geert Wilders.

Sun News’ Michael Coren with Ingrid Carlqvist and Lars Hedergaard on the war against criticism of Islam:




9 comments on “Recent interview with Lars Hedegaard, renowned Danish anti-Islam journalist/writer, who survived assassination attempt yesterday

  1. We should do whatever we can to EXPOSE Pislam for what it REALLY is, IT IS NOT a “religion of peace”, it is a demented Satanic Death Cult that brings ONLY Death and NOT life!!…..We should go out of our way whenever necessary and expedient to piss off a few muslimes that our Manure Stream Media are sooooooo afraid of offending!!…….TELL THE TRUTH….EVEN if it offends them..just maybe some of them will “make our day”!!……..

  2. Muslim men often DO rape their own children. Here’s a PROMINENT SAUDI CLERIC, for God’s sake, raping his own daughter – at five years old. This filthy evil demon from hell was basically let off, after subsequently murdering her in the most vile manner imaginable.

    We are up against an unprecedented evil that is being given a pass by far too many people.

  3. Another win for our side! Our support needs to be forth coming; these people have gone face to face with the ravages of the peaceful religion.

  4. The general population needs to stop sleeping and realize their freedom is close to being removed by supremacists and misogynists. The no-go zones all over Europe will soon be coming to America.

    • It is strange that almost no comment on freedom of speech can be found. When somebody would ask that if anybody has even read more then a few pages of the holy books send by God. All people seem to speak as if they are the once who got holy input in to what is real and what is not. All comments that somehow may defend on the true Muslim is removed. I am myself reading all the holy books to see what makes true religion. But this is not following on the word of God. This is like trying to blame alot of people like the jews have been in the past. I’m most certain not for what some people claiming to be muslim do. But I’m also against trying to blame the mass for what some people do. It’s a shame how people tend to follow evil to look better them self. Not to search for the absolute truth as God would want it.


      • ” and I will send them great delusions, for they seek not that of the truth” and some wonder why this Nation, and most others have fallen to the degree they have. I am not among them, for that is all I seek, the truth, IOW, God’s law, live it love it or die ( the hellfire for an eternity) for lack of them.
        Semper Fi

  5. Islam is ‘perfect and complete’, so Mozzies call criticism of Islam ‘blasphemy’ or ‘insanity’. Sharia law requires the murder (yes, murder) of critics of Islam. There is no punishment for the killer of a blasphemer in Sharia.

    Moz complaints against critics is the preliminary step of trying to silence them before the mullahs quietly send out murderers to do a contract. It is most likely the murderers are paid by wealthy Arabian patrons.

    Islam is the greatest enemy of free expression.

  6. I am pleased to hear of any truth tellers among the liars pretending to be news outlets here in the good ole U.S. of A. This site will be visited daily as a matter of routine for this Patriot, we no longer can count on the very people assigned within our Republic or nor do we recieve any news any longer from our liars/entertainers, this is of course in order to keep the confused in a state of confusion. Sad days indeed for this Republic when the very people assigned a role to promote a Representative Republic with news that effects all, refuse to do their due dilligence and then go about the concerns of We the Patriots as if We count neither for our voices, nor opinions, much to the affect for all, of our National interest, and security concerns. One day it is my wish all of these traitors of this Republic, telling us they are news outlets are brought up on charges of sedition, deliberately lieing to the public in regards to the islamic problem/infiltration with the purpose of subverting our Constitutional Rights and privledges, their efforts to infiltrate our own governance as abetters giving aid and comfort to our enemies, or invaders of this Republic, as I call them, subversives in cahouts with our own grubmint, traitors one and all. This is an unpardonable sin on their part, and they shall pay for it one day.

    Semper Fi

  7. Three cheers for these outspoken & upright journalists – doing God’s work, indeed! May He guide & protest them – and then help ALL of us see the Truth about Pisslam in the broad light of day. It’s an intolerant & dangerous entity that threatens to choke ALL of us – that is, if we don’t get off our collective duffs and start fighting back – like these two warriors definitely are doing!

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