SAUDI ARABIA: Fun for the whole family…crowds gather in the public square to view the weekly hangings

In the video they are hanging some of their foreign workers, who appear to be of Indian origin from Bengal. Foreign workers live in slave-like conditions and are often abused by their Saudi employers, including female domestic help.

The Muslim Issue (h/t Susan K) Recently, Saudi Arabia executed, by beheading, 45 Sri Lankan maids. Many of these female workers are subject to extreme abuse, rape and are beaten and assaulted by their employers, not paid the salary promised them, and have their passports confiscated so they cannot escape. 




It’s back up on Youtube, but we know it will be taken down as soon as it appears on this site. Then, watch it on the link above.


42 comments on “SAUDI ARABIA: Fun for the whole family…crowds gather in the public square to view the weekly hangings

  1. F___ You, I don’t lower myself by using foul language which you obviously like. I value higher standards of dignity which you by your writing style clearly do not. You have indicated clearly that you are ignorant and do not have ‘Emotional Intelligence’ which is a common weakness amongst ‘True Muslims.’ Muhammad was an evil man; your own Islamic History and records proves that fact. I am not a Christian; I am not a Jew; I am not an Atheist; I do not belong to any organised religion of any kind. Your abusive behaviour proves that Islam is evil. I am not offended by your stupid remarks- but I know you will be offended by my comments; your emotional anger proves that you are an inferior thinker true to the ‘Dark Spirit of Islam.’ The angry outburts by Muslims proves that Islam is dark in character and is an enemy of the Western World. We will not ever submit to the evil of Islam.

  2. BNI, I just saw another sickening beheading film of the Taliban. I am posting it below but I warn people it is very brutal cruel and graphic- don’t watch it if you are not tough in mind. This evil is not about the Taliban it is about ‘Sharia Law.’ How do we wake up the apathetic in the West that don’t want to see the evidence? Islam and Sharia Law must be stopped. It is a matter of record that I support the air bombing of evil Saudia Arabia the heart of Islam until the entire country is decimated- no one left alive. We must be that ruthless to stop the expansion of this web of Sharia Law brutal cruelty. Sadly there is no other way to stop the evil. >

  3. wow nice to see the saudis have acttivitys for the whole familey.a national passtime like base ball.i think l will store my ammunition in a coffe can filled with bacon greese.i,m sure liberals will say they are just trying to protect their wonderfull islamic culture.

  4. Video has been removed because it contains shocking and disgusting content. I thought that sharia law was so fair and good that nothing it imposes would be considered disgusting. You tube needs to change its policy so everyone can see how kind and non violent these a** lifters are.

  5. BNI, youtube has deleted the video thereby erasing proof that tables the evil of Saudi Arabia.

  6. Video removed from YouTube because of “shocking or disgusting content”?! WT—- is MORE disgusting (and THAT term doesn’t even begin to describe them) than a bunch of maniacal muslime SAvAGES who would do this AND make a public display, family entertainment out of it. Perhaps it is time for YouTube to reevaluate some of their “policies” AND their priorities, as it seems like so many other PC butt kissing organizations, they are much more concerned about “offending” the TRULY OFFENSIVE than they are about getting out the truth, a liitle editing of more graphic violence would have done, you PC dhimmi dips; you didn’t have to remove the whole d—- video!!

  7. Obviously I didn’t get to this article soon enough, as the all-knowing and compassionate Youtube authorities have already taken the video down because it was in violation of their policy which is against disgusting and shocking content. Hmmmm….now, they are not commenting on the FACT that the video shows TRUTH…just that BNI has violated their policy…but…if the Muslims had not actually done these things the video would not exist…but the problem is with BNI not respecting their policy against disgusting and shocking content…am I the only one getting the ring-around-the-rosy hypocrisy here?

  8. “Somali Christians have endured crushing persecution since the rise of al Shabaab. Violence and oppression naturally arise from the enforcement of Sharia law. Any country or culture contemplating the implementation of Sharia should take note of this incident and countless others like it that demonstrate a complete lack of civility and human respect.

  9. The Islamification of the West too will soon be here!!!! :

    ” oh yea ! Oh yea.. ( rings bell) Coming soon to a town near you ! Not to be missed, the Sharia law , the most just and superior law ever, the mercy to mankind itself ,live for all to see! No entrance fee required, dont miss this amazing event ! No alcohol , pork or dogs allowed, women and girls from 3 years and above must be fully covered. ( In black, colourful garments banned!) Full police protection guaranteed, any protests against medieval practices and barbarity will be immediately and swiftly crushed !
    Muslims and faithful dhimmi’s called to voluntarily join the Sharia protection group serving alongside our valiant police to ensure the transistion of returning to the 7 th century takes place as smoothly as possible, oh yea, oh yea !”

  10. This is total barbarism. muslims at play and we think of the saudis as our allies by bribing them with millions of dollars. The poor innocents slowly strangle to death. islam the cult of death and atrocities. We must keep these atrocities in the public eye so that nobody can say they did not know the evil of the muslims. The saudis are cowardly inbred bastards. The five should have faught to the death rather than to go so quietly. ‘give me death or give me liberty’.

  11. to be fair to the muslims i have decided to cut the ends off all my ammuntion to make the bullets blunt so that they can enjoy being shot making it halal bullets …im so peaceloving and tolerant must be turning into a muslim

  12. I find comfort in knowing that every muslim will have to stand before the Almighty throne of the true, Living God and give an account. Like the Bible says; “It’s a dreadful thing to fall into the hands of the living God.”

  13. What makes these killings even more savage is the carnival atmosphere that always goes along with them. They don’t die like Saddam with a broken neck. They are strangled. Must be a slow painful way to go. As gruesome as it is at least the swordsman does a fast job. On something like 50 people last year? They are so easy to hate.


    • Tom, one thing I like about how the Saudis behead people is that they use a big sword and smite the neck with one pass. The Taliban and al-Qaeda scum saw off the head slowly with what looks to be a dull knife.

  14. Ahh yes…justice in the land of the two holy mosques. After they are purified, are the Saudis allowed to eat their tormentors…in a halal manner of course.

    • AMEN!!!!

      If there’s a truly WICKED country where everything bad is good and everything good is bad, at the top of my candidates’ list deserving utter annihilation surely must be Saudi Arabia, North Korea, Iran, Somalia, Laos, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Yemen, Sudan and all the Gulf-statelets (Oman, Muscat, Qatar, Kuwait, the Emirates).

      It would be a red-letter day, much as this wish is so utterly un-Christian, were one to see Mecca, Medina, Sana’a, Baghdad, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Damascus and Ankara ALL nuked off the earth’s surface, accompanied by the total expulsion of ALL Moslems from the ENTIRE WEST (including ALL of Europe, the Americas, Australia and New Zealand plus Japan, Taiwan and all of Africa)!!! Then, to cap things off, let Istanbul and Edirne be totally rebuilt (erasing all the mosques and madrassas) and returned to Greece as Constantinople and Hadrianople they way they used to be before Islam arose in this unhappy world!!!!…

      Out of those, it would be especially appropriate to see both Mecca and Medina each get the Emperor-Bomb (Carj-Bómba) upon their heads. To see that head-Moslem country of Saudi Arabia, so coated with blood upon every square millimetre of her VILE body, blaspheming everything made by the REAL God Yahweh (YHWH) and guilty of causing so much direst suffering from BOTH Man and Beast AND ENJOYING IT, crowing with triumphant carnivals as here!!!! It’s so UNSPEAKABLY EVIL as to be past ALL words or combinations thereof – only North Korea can likely attain that same level…

      I can only hope with all my heart that I’ll be dead before my immediate area gets polluted by the proponents and “messengers” of this SATANIC system of Islam. [Oh yes, a few Moslems, most unfortunately, ARE present in towns as close as 30 and 50 km. from here (as the crow flies) – so far, not in quantity to even have their mosques AS OF YET apparently: the nearest one in the Yellow Pages is over 100 km. away – still, 9,000 km. TOO CLOSE… At least, yours truly – if nothing else – has tried to warn his friends of this menace.]

      • wow and here i thought i had seen the bottom of the pit of human ignorance, but you as well as other retards who post ridiculous shit on this site have lowered the bar much further. If anyone deserves to be annihilated it you guys for being so god damn stupid and ignorant, you know nothing of what you speak, and you cant even do your own god justice by being intelligent vessels, you go against everything that is pure and good, you people are the real beasts of the world. taking everything ppl tell you and show you on the media as truth, thinking your better somehow bc of your fucked up views.. your minds are seriously demented. anybody who would wish that countries would be bombed and innocent people murdered is a fucked up individual and is no better than any other equally fucked up individuals such as Hitler.

        i swear the more i read these posts the more i am truely astonished, you people no nothing of christianity , and you no nothing about islam, and you no nothing on being compassionate human beings, you dont know the reasons or real truth behind the things you see. and dont you know that islam is a derivative or christianity?.. they pretty much follow the old testment, and you guuys seem to think that the old testament god still exists and punishes etc yet you judge muslims for living by it and at the say time you are way worse than the worst, because not only do you NOT try and seek the truth and take everything blindly, but you wish violence and evil upon others. you disgust me Truley, and if there was a god up there going to judge evryone at death by your own book the bible you all would have the deepest reaches of hell as your home. judge yourself first, or do you guys just follow your religion when its convienient, and use whatever texts you feel out of context as justification for hate crimes….

        i could puke at how digusted i am by this forum….

        • Fuck You, your kind is exactly the reason why this blog has become so popular. Sorry sweetie, we know you muslim pigs can’t stand seeing the truth about Islam exposed to the world.

  15. Surely, the Saudis must ‘misunderstand’ Islam !!!

    Surely, the Saudis aren’t practicing the ‘real Islam’, but the Islam of a tiny minority of ‘extremists’…

    Surely, in the home country of the Two Sacred Mosques …they … can’t …misunderstand…Islam…oops…

    • Animals? I don’t think so. My girls don’t act like muslims. Please refrain form insulting animals by comparing them to muslims.

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