Women’s dirty breasts cause diarrhea?

Egyptian Prime Minister says, “Ladies, your babies have diarrhea because you are too ignorant to clean your breasts.”

Is it the inbreeding that makes them so smart?

Is it the inbreeding that makes them so smart?

UK Daily Mail (h/t Mary Lynn)  Prime Minister Hisham Qandil said he had witnessed children suffering from diarrhoea immediately after they had been breastfed because their mothers hadn’t cleaned themselves probably. He added that many women in rural Egypt don’t even bother to clean their breasts at all before feeding their youngsters. (Actually, he might have a point. See below)


Qandil was speaking about the spate of recent epidemics in Egypt’s rural communities during an address at a cabinet meeting. Women members present were noticeably uncomfortable as Qandil made the comments, according to a report from International Business Times.

Qandil, 50, is the youngest Prime Minister of Egypt in the last five decades. He served as the Minister of Water Resources and Irrigation before being appointed by President Mohammed Morsi. Qandil previously caused widespread anger by offering a bizarre solution to Egypt’s power crisis. He urged the Egyptians to wear cotton clothes and gather in a single room to conserve power. (And we are gifting these people with the most advanced fighter jets in the world?)




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  1. All your prognosis like that of the honorable Prime Minister of Egypt are wrong! Check out Islam countries especially where diarrhea is prevalent among children it is because they wash their backsides with water and this spreads the infection.To properly clean yr backside after washing you probably need a little brush to clean yr nails effectively!But what happens to these same fingers going to the mothers breasts? Conclusion?The Islam ways of ablution are unhealthy and only help to spread disease! Because of the use of water for the function!! When you think about it seriously spreading diarrhea transmission by water is just self evident.If am right?Do you have to stop water ablutions to curtail spread of diarrhea?

      • Almost OT Bonni:

        Did you report about the 10 deaths from the Brain Eating Amoeba reported in Pakistan 9 Oct 2012?

        Honestly, as soon as I read the short AP clip, I thought WUDU VOODOO!
        So I did some research.

        Naegleria fowleri can invade and attack the human nervous system. Although this occurs rarely, such an infection nearly always results in the death of the victim. The case fatality rate is estimated at 98%!!

        In humans, N. fowleri can invade the central nervous system via the nose (specifically through the olfactory and nasal tissues). The penetration initially results in significant necrosis of and hemorrhaging in the olfactory bulbs. From there, the amoeba CLIMBS ALONG THE NERVE FIBERS, [eats its way?] THROUGH THE FLOOR OF THE CRANIUM via the cribriform plate AND INTO THE BRAIN! The organism begins to CONSUME cells of the brain piecemeal by means of a unique SUCKING apparatus extended from its cell surface.


        In Pakistan, entering hospital on October 15, 2010, a 54-year-old male died on October 22. He was in perfect health, had no history of swimming, however, he had a habit of deep nasal cleansing with tap water while doing wudu.

        The wonder is that millions don’t die from that ‘snurfling’ water up into the nostrils. And is that before or after washing armpits and feet?

        Richard Dawkins might get some mileage out of that.
        Religion CAN be dangerous to your health!

        HuffPo has an article which includes this:

        “…people don’t usually get the brain-affecting form of the disease by drinking water, but by swimming in dirty water or cleaning their nostrils with contaminated water.

        From the nostrils, the parasite travels to the brain where it destroys tissue. Symptoms include fever, nausea, vomiting, STIFF NECK and headaches.”

        But doesn’t mention mohammed. Hmmm?

        Methinks 1.6billion are infected, but the amoebas die of starvation when they hit the empty cranium.

        IFTikar Ahmed?

  2. Why are these womens’ breasts so dirty? It must be the general unhygienic conditions and lack of adequate sanitary facilities. Also, perhaps more with older children, the drinking water might not be exactly clean or safe either. Of course, Islam fails to see this or make this connection, and if they do, they still won’t care and do anything about it since, well, insjallah, right? If allah is willing, he’ll do something about it. And if we’re in filth and shit, allah must will it.

  3. Will he ban breastfeeding in case the mother might enjoy it? How about covering boy babies’ eyes in case they see breasts? Did he need counselling when he realised how he came into the world? If you think that’s too weird, remember that some rabid Imam suggested recently that baby girls wear body bags to avoid being raped .Words fail.

  4. He said to wear cotton clothes and gather in a single room to conserve power.

    How many people per room? Do you pack them in like sardines in a can? How will doing this conserve power?

    And this is their Prime Minister ! Are they ever in trouble…

  5. It is not the women’s breasts, it is unsanitary water and food. Use your imagination for what is used for fertilizer. Once these children start to drink and eat other things besides breast milk they have intestinal issues because of all the microbes in the food sources until their systems build up an immunity. Been to Egypt several times and never have I escaped without stomach and intestinal problems! But as usual notice how the women are blamed. What complete ignorance!

    • Mrs Pharaoh slightly off-mark if I may say? Think of the ablutions business which involves a lot of water and shit spreading, and of course on the children’s fingers!

  6. And this coming from a filthy pagan who still wipes his butt with 3 fingers of his left hand, or rocks, or a badger or something. Geez.

  7. Curiosity demands : How the hell would he KNOW ~!~??? OR is this from the Hadith, that men suckled are family??? AND he’s been suckled???
    Too weird, indeed.

  8. And these are the people who think they are supreme over America? LOL, maybe your backwoods civilization should provide clean water for these women to wash with. What do they do with all that oil rich money? Oh yeah that’s right, they have to bankroll their dreams of islam ruling the WORLD, dream on suckers you can’t even figure out how to wah your hands. LOL!

    • The big problem with most Islam guys who become Presidents/Prime Minister?They actually think they are gods and we have seen this with Saddam/Gadaffi etc? Point is they speak a lot of rubbish and force people to believe what they said even if it is total CRP!!

  9. He’s just confirming what we knew all along. Yes, their breasts are carriers of germs and diseases since the skin is not allowed to breathe under all these layers of black heat-soaking and light-impairing islamic coverings.

    I’m pretty sure the babies of the muslimas in our countries probably suffer from some kind of ailment as a result of these cover-ups.

    A drain on our health system.

  10. that’s one way to lessen the Muslim population. maybe Mubarek wasn’t wsuch a bad guy after all. Country had a higher degree of civilization then.

    • If I may suggest?Instinctively there is a fear for SEX among the Islams and that propagates all kind of things!!In this instance?The Prime Minister has no respect for the women’s breasts! They are like tools!The Western way we treat them as `sacred’ and exposure until today is still much debated.So the way the Egypt PM put it is more like breasts are just womens’ `things’ or objects!

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