Women’s dirty breasts cause diarrhea?

Egyptian Prime Minister says, “Ladies, your babies have diarrhea because you are too ignorant to clean your breasts.”

Is it the inbreeding that makes them so smart?
Is it the inbreeding that makes them so smart?

UK Daily Mail (h/t Mary Lynn)  Prime Minister Hisham Qandil said he had witnessed children suffering from diarrhoea immediately after they had been breastfed because their mothers hadn’t cleaned themselves probably. He added that many women in rural Egypt don’t even bother to clean their breasts at all before feeding their youngsters. (Actually, he might have a point. See below)


Qandil was speaking about the spate of recent epidemics in Egypt’s rural communities during an address at a cabinet meeting. Women members present were noticeably uncomfortable as Qandil made the comments, according to a report from International Business Times.

Qandil, 50, is the youngest Prime Minister of Egypt in the last five decades. He served as the Minister of Water Resources and Irrigation before being appointed by President Mohammed Morsi. Qandil previously caused widespread anger by offering a bizarre solution to Egypt’s power crisis. He urged the Egyptians to wear cotton clothes and gather in a single room to conserve power. (And we are gifting these people with the most advanced fighter jets in the world?)