EGYPT: Death by Muslim Brotherhood torture chambers

Please remember, BNI Readers, the Muslim Brotherhood is the group that founded al-Qaeda in the first place. All the torture methods you will see below are practiced by both the political arm of the Muslim Brotherhood as well as the terrorist arm, al-Qaeda.


UK Guardian  An Egyptian protester has died after allegedly being beaten and strangled for four days by police, just days after another high-profile case of alleged police brutality, strengthening fears among the opposition that Egypt‘s new democratically elected government has as little respect for human rights as the dictatorship it replaced.

Funeral for 2 anti-amorsi Egyptian protesters killed by torture

Funeral for anti-Morsi Egyptian protesters killed by torture

According to official hospital records, Mohamed el-Guindy died on Monday as a result of injuries sustained in a car crash. But activists allege that Guindy, a 28-year-old activist arrested following protests in Tahrir Square on 27 January, was left in a coma by police after officers took him to a police camp, strangled him with a cord and beat him until his ribs and jaw cracked – before abandoning him at a hospital in central Cairo on 31 January.


“You couldn’t recognise his face from a photograph, it was so swollen,” said Islam Khalifa, a human rights lawyer investigating Guindy’s death, who visited him in hospital before he died. “It was horrible.” According to Hossam Bahgat, the director of the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights, Guindy even suffered injuries to his tongue.

Guindy’s case follows that of Hamada Saber, a 50-year-old labourer who was filmed being stripped naked, dragged across a road and beaten by eight riot police during protests outside Cairo’s presidential palace on Friday.


The Blaze  A chilling report recently published in the Egyptian newspaper, al-Masry al-Youm, reveals that despite the Obama administration and worldwide media’s insistence that the election of the Muslim Brotherhood leader was a watershed moment for democracy in the Middle East, it would seem those hopes are on a rapid downward trajectory as reports of savage beatings and brutality against Egyptian protesters, abound.


This disturbing revelation came to light just days ago when an al-Masry al-Youm reporter, with the help of a Brotherhood-owned and operated television station, was given an exclusive tour of the torture chambers. While one might think the decision to grant a journalist access to such a chilling look into the way the Muslim Brotherhood treats its critics as counter-intuitive, it makes perfect sense. After all, what could possibly ever serve as better warning for those even thinking of resisting Morsi’s push for a totalitarian regime based on sharia law than to know what will happen to them if they do?


Al-Monitor reports that the central torture chamber is located near the Ittihadiya Palace, just opposite the gates facing the Omar Ibn Abdel Aziz Mosque. The street is reportedly “secured with a cordon and iron barriers, where the Central Security Forces (CSF) barr any and all access without the authorization of the Brotherhood.

During the three-hour visit, the al-Masry reporter explained that “protesters suspected of working against the Muslim Brotherhood are tortured and beaten with the knowledge of the police before being handed over for formal detention.”


Al-Monitor provides an English translation of the al-Masry reporter’s account:

We entered the chamber with a great difficulty, after a fellow journalist from the Misr 25 TV channel facilitated. The channel is owned by the Brotherhood. There are brigades and police officers in military uniforms, as well as others in civilian clothes from al-Nozha police station, who oversee the beatings, whippings and torture. Fifteen others from the group, distinguished by their strong bodies, are supervised by three bearded and well-dressed men who decide who will be in the chamber and who may leave, even if the person is a member of the Brotherhood.

The torture process starts once a demonstrator who opposes President Mohammed Morsi is arrested in the clashes or is suspected after the clashes end, and the CSF separate Morsi’s supporters from his opponents. Then, the group members trade off punching, kicking and beating him with a stick on the face and all over his body. They tear off his clothes and take him to the nearest secondary torture chamber, from which CSF personnel, members of the Interior Ministry and the State Security Investigations Services (SSIS) are absent.


While perhaps not shocking to those who have long known of the Brotherhood’s penchant for violence and history as the parent of all major Islamic extremist groups (including al-Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah, et al), the accounts are heartrending nonetheless. The torture was conducted right before the al-Masry reporter’s eyes in the hopes that he would share the information with fellow Egyptians as a warning.

“They tear off his clothes and take him to the nearest secondary torture chamber, from which CSF [Central Security Forces -ed.] personnel, members of the Interior Ministry and the State Security Investigations Services (SSIS) are absent,” the al-Masry journalist reported. He went on to explain that before a Muslim Brotherhood-led interrogation commences, they search an alleged dissident “seizing his funds, cellphones or ID, all the while punching and slapping his face in order to get him to confess to being a thug and working for money.”


“They ask him why he took to the street, whether he got paid to take part in the protest and whether he supports Mohamed ElBaradei, founder of the Constitution Party, or Hamdeen Sabahi, founder of the Egyptian Popular Current or the dissolved Egyptian Nationalist movement,” the al-Masry reporter continued before explaining that the entire interrogation process is recorded on video by the Brotherhood-operated news channel.

“As long as this person denies the allegations, they beat him and insult his parents.” Al-Masry adds:

Beatings continued while the victims were transported from the secondary torture chamber to the central one. Many of the prisoners were unable to answer questions after severe beatings, and they were not given medical aid despite bleeding over their entire bodies.

Once the protesters are handed over to the police, the Muslim Brotherhood thugs fall out of the picture.


“We left the place and found blood flowing on the sidewalk of the palace,” the journalist continued. “Someone had tried to cover the blood with soil to remove it. However, no one will be able to clean the image of this blood from the memory of Egyptians for hundreds of years.”

Al-Monitor’s translation continued in even greater detail, revealing that young prisoner was found shouting at fellow inmates that he, himself is a “bearded sheikh,” and that “Sheikh Safwat Hijazi will avenge me…I am a Muslim just like you.”


According to the report, a man accused of representing the former leader of the People’s Assembly took the brunt of the beatings while another man who’d been bloodied said, “I am educated. I am not a thug, leave me alone.”

Of course it comes as no surprise that the prisoners currently being held in captivity are reportedly in poor health so much so that they were unable to answer even simple questions. “Some of them were bleeding all over their bodies, severely exhausted and not receiving any medical aid,” the report continued.


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  1. And the Left continues to excoriate those who supported Mubarak in Egypt and the Shah in Iran. Well, their bloody successors upped the ante on torture and power – and that explains why BHO abandonned the Iranian people in 2009, then the Sgyptian people in 2011-12. I have suspected from the get-go that O is an agent for the Mullahs – and everyone in the West (the USA, Europe & Israel) will rue the day that this imposter came to power! If my crystal ball is correct, history will NOT be kind to the modern-day Nero/Caligula!!

  2. Remember Obamo wears the ring no god but Allah for 30 yrs following his fathers footsteos that did not give a toos about him in an effort to get his acclades from the grave and no Muslim is a Muslim without following the Qur’an to the letter!! So all the none pracisers for now will when the Islamist takeover follow Sharia like like the brainwashed morans that they all are, there is not moderate Muslims in those times even the moderate ones only eat Halal they are all psychopathic satanists for that alone enjoying their Vinaloo knowing they are eating a torured animal is all we need to know about Islamic barbarians.

  3. If a way isn’t found to get rid of Obama and have him tried for treason and other high crimes and misdemeanors, we will soon start seeing these methods of interrogation over here too. Damn that man! And damn him for setting all this misery in motion! Make no mistake people, Obama is the enemy!! My hatred forf him grows daily!!!

  4. It is inexcusable and EVIL that U.S. leaders give billions of dollars and weapons to such a cruel, barbaric regime. Why are these monsters REWARDED with American money and weapons?

  5. I’m sure they must miss Moubarak by now. They have a long way to go.

    What disturbs me the most is Obama’s support of this regime. He knows. Hillary knows. They all know.

    Between Egypt and Tunisia, we live in interesting times.

  6. And we give this asshole Morsi f-16s and m-1 Abrams tanks. The man who prays for the destruction of Israel every day. Obama should be tried for treason.

  7. Mohammed’s torture methods will always inspire Mohammed’s worshipers!

    As long as Mohammedans are in charge, they will imitate the perfect man!

    The same methods will continue until Egyptians realize ISLAM IS THE PROBLEM.

    Get rid of Islam, then democracy and pluralism will produce stability, the rule of law and prosperity…just like in Israel.

  8. imam obama must be so proud! He stopped any such to his people while giving them the green light to put the pedal to the medal so to speak. Obama is pure evil and we are in his hell. He just hasn’t turned the fire up on us yet.

    • not yet but with the use of drones it won’t be very long now we just sent them more planes and no one stopped the transaction . With the NDAA all is needed is trumped up charges

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