Israeli Apartheid Week’s Free Gaza movement bars Tom Trento of The United West from filming a public seminar at Florida Atlantic University

Greta-Berlin-Gaza-Protest-in-SFFree speech and the Press were banned at Florida Atlantic University as well-known pro-Hamas terrorist, virulent anti-Israel Greta Berlin (holding Palestinian flag-photo right), was allowed to freely address students without questions from the media.

Greta Berlin, The founder of the Free Gaza Movement, which uses flotillas in trying to break Israel’s blockade of Gaza, tweeted that Zionists were responsible for the Holocaust.


The original tweet, sent Sept. 30 from @freegazaorg, read that “Zionists operated the concentration camps and helped murder millions of innocent Jews.” It linked to a video of Eustace Mullins, a conspiracy theorist, claiming that the word “Nazi” combines the words “National Socialist” and “Zionist.” Mullins died in 2010.

In 2006, Berlin co-founded the Free Gaza Movement and was the major spokesperson for the flotilla involved in the Gaza flotilla raid on May 31, 2010. She continues to criticize Israel’s blockade of Gaza, and claims it is unlawful. Greta Berlin calls Israel an “illegal entity” and “a country founded on terrorism.”


23 comments on “Israeli Apartheid Week’s Free Gaza movement bars Tom Trento of The United West from filming a public seminar at Florida Atlantic University

  1. Several weeks ago, Robert Spencer and Nonie Darwish spoke at UC Irvine. 4-5 MSU guys filmed Spencer’s talk then left. It was their right to do so, but then they try to stop others from filming them.

  2. Twice in the past month at UC Irvine, MSU/SJP members have asked me not to videotape their events (Zahra Billoo and Omar Barghouti). I informed them that I had every right to video since it was a public event at a public university. Since no campus police ordered me not to film, I went right ahead and filmed.

  3. I think it’s about time to tell Florida Atlantic University what we think. It is necessary to intimidate them with the truth to their Alumni! See how they like the decrease in endowments.
    BNI do you have the address or fax #, e-mail etc?

  4. Banning Tom Trento is imposing sharia.

    Notice the haters don’t protest against Muslims taking slaves. The haters don’t demand that Muslims set the Christian slaves free in Sudan and other countries.

    The haters don’t protest against the atrocities, kidnappings and mass murders of non-Muslims by Muslims in Egypt, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Africa and other countries.

  5. Tom Trento clearly made his point in front of the American people the anti Israel people lost cause by baring Free Press on U S public dirt or ground if you prefer

  6. We need more and more people like Tom Trento, BNI, Spencer, Geller and so on, to out the dominance/take over evil jihad agenda of the muslim invaders. We can support these brave people of the truth to stay strong and to stand in the gap for our American way of life. We can support by showing our support and appreciation for all that they do to protect America and the world from the muslim’s evil plan of conquest by any means. Thank you to all of you including the writers on this site.

  7. The NEW NAZIS.

    The Nazis never went away…they moved to Arab countries where Mein Kampf is still a best seller.

    Israel was set up by the authority of the United Nations and in accordance with the UN Charter to be a modern, secular, democratic state. The Jewish character of Israel depends on its language and population.

    Zionism was founded as a secular movement to provide a state in which Jews could live without discrimination.

    Discrimination against ‘others’ and women is inherent in Islam.

    I can see Greta Berlin in 1938 screeming ‘Sieg Heil’ to the Fuhrer.

  8. Tom, if you’re not on the wrong side of all the things that happening in and to America, then you’re not an American. I’ve been on the wrong side of everything my entire 60+ life. To date I’ve yet to vote for someone that I really wanted, someone who stood for my bedrock, constitutionalist values. At best voting is a lesser of two evils sort of thing. Go down the list of the culture war battles and I’m always on the “losing” side (but it’s the winning side with the Lord and common sense). Immigration, public unions, the life issues (at the beginning, at the end), homosexual “marriage,” foreign policy, and on and on.

    • FS you are in good company. I too have been on the wrong side of government policies too such as being against allowing abortions, roe v wade, same sex marriages, gays in the military, illegal immigration and so on. Take heart you are indeed on the right side and the winning side with the Lord and common sense. We abort almost 4,000 babies a day or over 1,000,000 babies a year. That makes God weep. Do not give up. Please keep on outing the atrocities of taqiyya experts like obama and his muslim cronies in our government. Be like Paul Revere with the warnings of jihad goals of defeating us and the end of America if we do not wake up.

  9. Tom Trento, this is about the same as how the same as how Islamist sympathizers, and friends of convicted jihadist Tarek Mehanna, in Worcester, MA recently got the Worcester Diocese to bar Robert Spencer from speaking at a scheduled annual Catholic men’s conference event March 16th.

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