MICHIGANISTAN: CAIR pantywaists demand gun shop stop selling a target that looks just like a Muslim

And the owner of the store, Target Sports, agreed to stop selling it. Even more interesting, the owner of the store is named ‘RAY JIHAD!’

imagesDetroit News  Dawud Walid (photo right), the executive whiner of CAIR (Council on Anti-American Islamic Relations), said he received a complaint last week about the image and met Thursday with the owner of Target Sports in Royal Oak, Ray Jihad, about it.

bildeHe said Jihad agreed to stop selling the target, which depicts a skeleton with a long beard wearing a Muslim robe and turban and carrying an AK-47. “He was extremely friendly and understanding,” said Walid. “We welcome the decision of Target Sports to discontinue selling such targets, which could have the effect of perpetuating misconceptions that Muslims, in particular those wearing certain attire, are to be viewed as a threat that should be eliminated. (Gee, who would ever think that Muslims are a threat?)

The image is distributed by Thompson Target of Canton, Ohio, which also features targets such as “Wall Street Zombie” and “Redneck Zombie.” Rick Thompson, the company’s owner, declined to comment when reached by phone Thursday. Walid said he asked Thompson Target to stop selling the Muslim-themed target but was told to put his complaint in writing.

“It’s provocative and dangerous,” said Walid. “There are law-abiding Muslims in this area who dress like this minus the AK-47. With the incredible surge of gun violence, an unstable person can see a Detroit-area Muslim as a potential target for shooting.”






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  1. CAIR is a bunch of crybabies and silly whiners, and they are also the suit-and-tie branch/subspecies of the mujahedien and jihadis. They are very dangerous… if they are allowed to, they will use our own systems against us, and at the current time, they are not only being allowed, but actually enabled to do just that. CAIR is subversion and subversive cultural and legal jihad at its best.

    I think the target is both rather good and somewhat funny. It is rather good because guys who look like that (dress, towel on the head, big beard and AK47) are very dangerous and should be treated as targets. Somewhat funny, because of the target in the pelvic region. I notice just a slight hint of irony there, given the various sexual preoccupations and inclinations of islam and muslim. Hit’em where it hurts, right?

  2. I like the “Calvin and CAIR” cartoon even better than the target! Had to pass that along. Thanks for this post: made my day! AND I’d love to have a couple targets like that to practice Black OPs maneuvers on!!

  3. Well, well, well cry them a river of blood, that’s what its going to take, you do realize this don’t you and by the way they are sure to remind us of that consequence if they had their way with us. How thin skinned are these MUTTs, the brothers from their hood, islam, why so thin skinned they are having a hard time kneeling before the true God of Issac, Jacob, and Moses, for their skin is that of an ass, tough, inprenatrable and lacking brains enough to discern the differences between a Loving Father and that of whom they worship, satan, they prefer to keep banging their heads to the smell of hell, right under their noses. Hea, that o.kee-dokee with me, just like we are suppose to forgive, as some say, but I look at it as leaving it to the judgement of God to forgive, I just here for the purpose of arranging the meeting. O.k. Mutts, its called capitalisom for a reason, and when demand is out there, some one will always fill it, outside of law or inside of it and doesn’t matter if it is offensive to you sensablilities, you just don’t give a sheet about that part of it, so get over yourselves already assimilate or be gone, you are wanted or respected for worshipping satan in these parts, the ” Patriots Plains”.

    Semper Fi.

  4. Any guy dressed like that AND holding weaponry is going to be a threat, like DR DEATH Nidal Hasan. Shoot to kill before they slaughter innocent civilians.

  5. So they have the sole rights to a white Robe and a Beard do they?? one of our Local Priests had a Beard and wore a White Robe,so thanks for sticking-up for the Christians you scewed up bunch o’ NUMPTIES.

  6. Good for you BNI ! Perhaps you could publish the companies address & Email so we could contact them directly for amounts of purchase and cost etc. It’s one of the better targets I’ve seen. Also likes to have a source for the tissues. Christmas is a’comin’ y’know !

  7. The people you encounter in your daily life should not be viewed as potential targets. Only aggressors should be viewed as targets.

    Zombies are fictional, not real. There are no bare bones capable of holding, aiming and firing an AK47. Muslims can, and some do, particularly in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya, Syria & Yemen. Those are legitimate targets, and there is nothing wrong with paper targets that reflect that fact.

    There is precedent for this: CAIR demanded abandonment of a female Muslim image used as a target in military training.

    Sooner or later, someone must grow a pair and a spine; tell CAIR to go to Hell.

  8. This Crap is going too far. BoooHoooo CAIR-Babies! Get over yourselves! Everything OFFENDS you EXCEPT beheadings, chopping off fingers, stoning women, honor killings, the list goes on and on!
    – well guess what, YOU offend me. What do you do, spend your days LOOKING for something that “offends” you so you can start demanding! God, you’re all disgusting – the PC, bowing and kowing to these asslifters has to Stop now- Start assimilating or leave our country

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