SHARIA ISLAM: Equal Opportunity justice for both men and women

Remember when Secretary of State Hillary Clinton declared that Malaysia is a shining example of a truly ‘moderate’ Muslim country? I think the recipient of sharia justice here would disagree.

The Muslim Issue h/t Susan K

This is Sudan, where a woman gets flogged for the ‘heinous’ crime of wearing trousers in public.

If Youtube removes it again, here’s another link:


26 comments on “SHARIA ISLAM: Equal Opportunity justice for both men and women

  1. This video has been removed by You Tube, saying that it’s against it’s policy of harassing, bullying or threatening! They’ve got it backwards!!! This video is to expose Islamist criminal acts and hope PREVENT them from continuing. No other media has the cojones to step up.
    Thanks for shedding light into this dark chapter of human history!

  2. America! Coming to a State near you! Liberals you will truly suffer. Why? Because you think you are smarter, then everyone else, and you can talk your way out this misery. The only way out for you is to get armed and fight against the Progressives and the Brotherhood.
    Or else you get Muslim Brotherhood fairness for all.
    When I stop and think how this religion of peace will act against the liberals I can’t help myself, peals of laughter come forth out of my throat, shaking my entire body.

  3. How dare they treat her like this -as a woman I feel so sorry for her and feel -violent towards these arrogant -ignorant pigs,they are gutless cowards hiding behind their cruel laws of -sharia,they have no -shame ,animals treat each other better than these poor excuses for human beings,these videos should be made more public so those who support this hidious cult of hate are made aware of just how they treat women in their religion of peace.

  4. The attack on the buttocks is especially concerning as it constitutes a sexual assault that someone thinks it is okay to document for entertainment. Of course, it’s okay for BNI to post it but whoever thinks it is okay to do this in public, as if it’s not really perverted, is seriously flawed. What kind of law makers are making such laws?

    • When viewing this I tried to give the executors of corporal punishment the benefit of the doubt because the leather shield protected the man’s thighs and lower back from injury. Although the fleshly buttocks may have a sexual implication as pointed out by Joan, that is the most humane place to apply the whip. Also one of the staff tried to console the prisoner with patting his back after the flogging.

      If the man using the whip could have avoided striking the same location repeatedly that would have reduced the hide cutting, bleeding, and likely scarring. I noticed the single lash cut the hide with one blow at the top of the buttocks.Fortunately that very hard blow did not fall on an open cut.

      Harsh as the punishment was it was administered in a controlled uniform manner.

      A butt tanning like this would do wonders in modifying Clinton’s worldview.

  5. Keep in mind..
    The muslim that ignorant and stupid liberals voted for now has the authority
    to fly drones over the American people!
    How long before he starts picking off his enemies?
    JESUS is coming, and he is going to send the false-messiah and this shitbag cult
    TO HELL, and I look forward to that soon coming day!
    There will be rREAL peace!

  6. considering that their is a device placed around the buttocks shows this type of barbarity is done on a daily basis.
    this is the religion of peace Hilary. thought maybe st he concussion would have knocked some sense into you. guess not.

  7. Alleged Kidnapper Threatens Family of Christian Girl in Pakistan
    Police refuse to arrest politician’s aide who allegedly forced 15-year-old to convert, marry.
    February 6, 2013

    LAHORE, Pakistan (Morning Star News) – A powerful Pakistani politician’s aid who abducted a Christian girl from her home in Karachi has warned her parents that the same fate awaits their other daughters unless they drop charges against him and leave the city, the family said.

    There is no love or mercy in Islam. Only cruelty.
    FILTH Muslim kidnappers are aided and abetted by the police and government.

  8. The men are enjoying it, did you notice the one officer watching, he was smiling and chuckling. Walid Shoebat is correct Muslim men HATE women, it shows in so many of their actions. Islam is a satanic cult!

  9. If I was a woman in that sh*thole country, would get my hands on a weapon with several high capacity magazines, and take as many of these “men” with me as I could. Brutal, animalistic, cold hearted bastards!!!!

  10. Either way one looks at the sharia laws, it is neither equal, or justice for any, its pure totalatarian dictates, and who pray tell among the Patriots is not going to shut these MUTTs down at the first sign of their involvement in their communities. Hold thy anger, thy tongue, wait for the yellow in thier eyes up in your face, cower not to evil, strike it whereever you find it, you know what to do next. It is only a matter of time before the yellow in their eyes will be fully awake of the consequences intended of the Patriots. Good luck scooter, brothers from your hood, islam, not on my watch. You’ve been warned, I make promises I keep, and I promise it will not happen here, no matter how many you get to cower in your presence, you’ll have to kill my types before we even consider submission to your brand of evil. MOLON LABE, my freedoms if you dare.

    Semper Fi. do or die, freedom is not free, nor was it intended to be.

      • NO animal is as vile, base, evil or anything compared to MANKIND!!!!

        In fact, to compare Moslems to animals is surely THE WORST possible INSULT to the latter!!!! Animals are God’s Creation as they stand, with their specific purposes, whereas Moslems – and all other totalitarians, notably Commies and Nazis, are Satan’s handiwork!!!!!

        Alkidya is completely correct – and I’ve zero doubt that the Clintons, just as much as the Obamas, are secret Moslems as well as Communists!!!! [Given how “allah” is such an IMPOTENT “god” as to virtually be of no worth other than as the DEVIL that he is, it’s very easy to combine Communist atheism with the Islamic idea of a god who needs men to do absolutely every last single thing for him!!!!]

  11. What do they do next, rub salt into the wounds? This ideology can only come from a Satanic being, that it could last this long throughout 1400 years of its existence. It is truly sickening, that we live in a allegedly civilized world and this form of barbarism is still going on. It’s quite obvious that Hillary Clinton, like Obama, is one of them or, that they have absolutely no clue as to what is going on in the Muslim world. I rather doubt that because Obama was raised in Indonesia and he must have seen some of this in his childhood. Sadists…

  12. /Whaddya wanna bet the chuckling sadist who thinks it’s so funny has an erection.
    Normal for filthy, uncivilized, penis worshipping muslims. All goats and donkeys beware! Achmed just saw someone tortured.

    • I would bet at least some of these muslim animals get their rocks off on violence, torture, blood, gore and inflicted pain and injuries.

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