AUSTRIA: Two journalists who told the truth about Muslim misogyny must do unpaid work for Islamic organizations

austriansurveyThe Austrian Press Council has condemned journalists at newspaper Heute [Today] for discrimination against Muslims because of a ‘massive’ number of complaints (66 in all) received from Muslim readers about an article justifiably critical of Muslims.

Islam versus Europe The judgement came in response to the article: “Jealousy: Man strangles wife in front of nursery school”, which appeared in the newspaper on 7 December. The following passage generated an uproar from a few Muslims:

“The driver (43) is the type of man who fortunately tends to live behind the crescent moon. In countries where the backside is higher than the head while praying, they consider their partners to be their property. If women act independently, their (Muslim male) pride is wounded and they crack up.”


The two authors, Jörg Michner and Wolfgang Höllrigl, who wrote the article, will be required to do unpaid charity work for Islamic organisations. In conjunction with the managing board, the editorial team intends to develop an internal editorial code of conduct. New review loops for the editorial team and there will be training sessions to heighten the Muslim sensitivity of the Heute writing staff.

Interview with Heinz-Christsian Strache, leader of anti-Islamization Austrian Freedom Party



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  1. Do any of us think of having everlasting peace in this world by castigating each other? jail this, hate that because he is so and so, freedom of this and that, life experience of so and so. O God! when will the world come to be one when no one will be taking much important than the other, diplomacy will come to rule, our brains will become our full term thinking faculty, and seeing will not become beliving, our mindful good taught will over rule our bad expressions. Selfish intrest will be no more, recism and religous sentiment will die down, understanding, good development,love, care and concern will become our points in our aguements.

  2. Hello Bni,
    do not have your e-mail address, could I have this whem your time permits.
    Have you heard, PRO NRW boss must have police protection from now on as our dear peaceful immigrants wish to blow him to smithereens. An attempt to play Guy Fawkes fortunately has just been foiled. Toni.

  3. It is a crime against humanity and a huge sin against God that Western ruling elites have massively colonized our countries with Muslims whose Koran and mosques command Muslims to wage violent jihad against non-Muslims.

    Non-Muslim taxpayers are forced to finance Muslims, their multiple wives and huge number of children. A Muslim army implanted into Europe and Britain by European and British ruling elites.
    …It is estimated that one and a half million Armenians perished between 1915 and 1923. There were an estimated two million Armenians living in the Ottoman Empire on the eve of W.W.I. Well over a million were deported in 1915.

    Hundreds of thousands were butchered outright. Many others died of starvation, exhaustion, and epidemics which ravaged the concentration camps.

  4. Hundreds of millions are dead because of Islam! Turkish Muslims perpetrated barbaric, satanic genocide against Armenian Christians because the Koran and mosques command Muslims to wage violent jihad against non-Muslims.

    To prevent future terrible genocides by Muslims, all Muslim immigration to our countries must be permanently ended!
    …The Armenian Genocide was centrally planned and administered by the Turkish government against the entire Armenian population of the Ottoman Empire. It was carried out during W.W.I between the years 1915 and 1918.

    The Armenian people were subjected to deportation, expropriation, abduction, torture, massacre, and starvation.

    The great bulk of the Armenian population was forcibly removed from Armenia and Anatolia to Syria, where the vast majority was sent into the desert to die of thirst and hunger. Large numbers of Armenians were methodically massacred throughout the Ottoman Empire.

    Women and children were abducted and horribly abused.

    The entire wealth of the Armenian people was expropriated. After only a little more than a year of calm at the end of W.W.I, the atrocities were renewed between 1920 and 1923, and the remaining Armenians were subjected to further massacres and expulsions…

  5. This is a sanction against freedom of speech. When 66 out of thousands of readers can force an end to freedom of speech the end is near. The reporters were telling the truth about islam and misogyny. When they were punished it is because there is no longer complete freedom of speech in Austria. Wake up Austria.

  6. You can blame all this on the left wing propaganda virus known as political correctness that has slowly spread it’s corrupting tentacles throughout Europe over the last 20 years & labotamised a generation.

    • One correction: it’s not just the last 20 years – it actually started over the last 50 as the “baby-boomer” generation was getting schooled!!! FAR too many of its teachers were themselves alumni of the “Frankfurt School” of MARXISM-Ljéñinism, only in a more subtle way than the European Communist parties of the period were at least part of the time trumpeting forth.

      As one facet thereof: in the Italy of the 1960s and ’70s, there were not less than FIVE openly-Communist parties, one of them being the PCI (Partita Communista Italiana); then you had the PR (Partita Radicale) and several smaller splinter groups. Then of course you had the PSI (Partita Socialista Italiana), the Social Democrats and maybe one or two others. The main, somewhat centre-right DC (Democrati Cristiani – the Christian Democrats) was forced again and again to make “grand coalitions” with either the Socialists or – later – the Communists, whose leader at the time, Enrico Berlinguer, was relatively “moderate” (at least on the surface, in comparison to the much more blatant Georges Marchais of France). That he died after serving only a decade with his party sharing power gave rise to rumours that perhaps he was poisoned for not being Marxist enough…

      Another point is how when West Germany’s Socialists (Sozialistische Partei Deutschland), the SPD, came into power, it didn’t take too long for scandals linked to its being infiltrated by East-German agents from their secret police (Staats-Sicherheit, the infamous “Stasi”) to ruin the coalition government formed with the centrist FPD (Freies Partei Deutschland), allowing Helmut Kohl to sweep into power and hold it for a good long time.

      The point remains that these left-of-centre parties forced the median-line of politics in those countries (and their equivalents in other countries did the same thing elsewhere) way over to the left – without people really noticing until we’ve finally reached the point we’re at now…

  7. what a load of crap. the journalists told the truth. that is exactly how male Muslims feel didn’t anyone in Europe get a cluewith their behavior over a video?

  8. 70 years ago it was Hitler, today its the muslim brotherhood – trained by the nazis. Do the Germanic countries revel in destruction or do they just not recognize danger when the see it?

  9. Dear BNI:

    Years before 9/11; my Austrian friend Kurt was pursuing an advanced degree in mathematics. He already had extensive education in music and was a classical musician when he went back to school.

    Even before 9/11 muslim immigration to Austria was beginning to cause problems. Including problems for Kurt. Though experiencing negative aspects of muslim immigration in his beloved Austria he still would interact with a muslim who was civil; with civility in return.

    Kurt experienced daily rudeness to being a victim of muslim criminals. He noted how first world quality standards were disappearing rapidly wherever in Austria there were muslims. Medical care, business areas, shopping, accessing government offices, museums, parks, housing… all took a hit when muslims arrived.

    However, he had a rest from muslims while in the USA getting his advanced mathematics degree. WRONG! Some dhimmi girls who were screwing muslims at the university (the girls themselves were not muslim); kept engaging him in conversations that were “curious about life in Austria” and “what was that you said about muslims in Austria.” The girls had overheard in a privatre conversation; Kurt mentioning having been the victim of muslim crime in Austria. So, unbeknownst to Kurt he was being set up. The dhimmi wenches tattled to the “muslims-they-screw” who apparently wanted more information about this gentle blond classical musician who doesn’t like being beaten, robbed and mugged by muslims back in Austria. An attack where he was the victim because HE WAS NOT A MUSLIM. How horrible said the dhimmi spies! Apparently complaining about this crime meant Kurt was EVIL and therefore should not study or teach mathematics.

    Imagine his surprise when the mathematics professors- muslims (including an Iranian-American muslim) confronted him about his “bigotry.” The term “islamophobia” was not part of the vocabulary then. Outbursts by the muslim professors against Kurt were done repeatedly and in the most embarassing circumstances as possible.

    His homework was always being “lost”, he had more points taken off a quiz math problem while someone who had answered the question/problem the same way got full points. Finally, they went after his TA (teaching assistant) position and got that taken away.

    End result? Kurt stopped his mathematics studies and went back to Austria, though he eventually got his degree… this time with a math department that had atheist Chinese, Christian Korean and WASP professors. All of whom did not think Kurt was a monster because he was beaten and robbed by muslims.

    One of Kurt’s “refuges” from muslims when in Austria is Western cultural venues. Classical music performances, art museums, Austrian history museums, architectural walking tours… not many muslims around.

    Why? Because at an art museum a muslim might see a SHOCK… painting a man or animal…. or a GASP statue of a bare breasted woman. Muslims don’t care about history of non muslims. Especially, when some of the history is how Austrians REPULSED a muslim invasion back in the 1600s. Architecture tours? NOPE. Muslims don’t want to see any building that is related to INFIDELS (ie a cathedral) or a building that does not have minerets.

    Muslims in Austria (according to Kurt) are more visible in outdoor parks, carnivals, arcades, restaurants, outdoor cafes shopping centers, public transportation, etc. Where they make things miserable for everybody.

    Sadly, Kurt isn’t the only classical musician I know who has had life altering encounters with muslims. I have a friend who was a music teacher and classical musician. During the Bosnian/Yugoslavian war back in the early 1990s he as targeted by muslims because he was Serbian Christian. He also spoke out how what was being reported in the media that blamed the entire war on the Serbs was not accurate. Also, he was critical of what was the inflated numbers of persecuted/executed Bosnian muslims and the absolute silence on the murders of non-muslims by muslims going on in the region during that time. However, my Serb friend’s experience is another post entirely.

  10. It won’t be long before these judges too will be personally affected in a negative manner by the muslim immigration and the butt-kissing to them that they’ve embraced, and then see them wail.

    • EXACTLY – and in fact, this reminds me of a Canadian case where a Christian minister by the name of Mark Harding was forced to undergo Islamic brainwashing by a judge, the alternative being jail. The experience ruined the poor man’s health and reputation, especially when the Supreme Court of Canada sided with his Moslem persecutors!!!

        • Is this relative to his being forced to complete his sentence of 340 hours of indoctrination labelled as “community service” (for which he has to travel 3 hours every week)? Or is it something else?? [If the latter, can you please fill me in?]

          Either way, the right thing would be to completely PARDON him, followed by an abject and total apology by the Government for doing all this MONSTROUS evil to him!!!!

        • I should have made it clear that I already searched Google relative to what’s happening to him, and that all I could find was his being compelled to continue this Islamic “indoctrination”…

  11. Dear BNI:

    From what I found online this Heute/Today newspaper had a circulation of 500,000 with over 330,000 editions being distributed in the metropolitan Vienna area. The stats were from 2009; so this newspaper may actually be reaching more people in 2013. A half-million readers in a nation the size of Austria is significant.

    Yet 66 irate muslims who don’t like the truth being reported by this paper of HALF A MILLION copies per edition… can totally change the paper’s focus. Only 66 people have helped shut down and destroy press freedom in Austria. Where are 50,000 or 100,000 or 400,000 Austrian readers of this paper to complain?

    Something tells me that people in America, England, New Zealand, etc- who read anti-Jihad sites may actually know more about this attack on the Austrian press than people in Austria! Unless, did the Heute newspaper report how they have hung their own reporters out to dry?

    The article itself… interesting that NONE of the 66 irate muslim complainers seem at all concerned about the woman attacked in front of a NURSERY SCHOOL FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! I hope no Austrian children so the attack. Did the woman survive the attack? Apparently for muslims in Austria the life of the woman meant nothing. For these two Austrian reporters Michner and Holrigl their story highlighting this horrific attack- they should be considered upstanding professionals in their field instead being reprimanded.

    Scarier still is the stats on what Austrian Imans believe about the nation they live in. So, they oppose the Austrian constitution and voting; but support violence to spread islam. Mmmms? Notice how they don’t oppose getting free welfare payments and having comfortable lifestyles with “free everything courtesy of Austrian taxpayers.”

    The terms “internal editorial code”, “new review loops” and “training sessions” used by the staff of Huete… is ghoulish. It is simply capitulating to muslim supremacism. PC terms to purge any objective and truthful reporting about islam. Also, the training sessions are going to be “re-education” for reporters and editors to accept sharia.

    I wonder if they (the newspaper staff) are going to have make statements about acknowledging moHAMmed was a prophet and how sharia actually “liberates women.” I’m sure the woman thought she was being “liberated” as the man’s hands were crushing her windpipe.

    Now, I don’t know if this a “positive” thing… but the two reporters were “forced” by the Austrian Press Coucil to do their “penance” (ie community service). At least it was NOT a decision from Austrian courts of law. So, I’m assuming that in Austria it is not as bad as England or Sweden where such complaints could have landed them in jail.

    However, the fact that the Austrian Press Council did the punishment isn’t much better. A free press is supposed to go hand-in-hand with democracy. Sadder still is that with Austria’s Nazi past… the nation has not learned its lessons in standing up to tryranny.

    Michner and Holrigl. I know nothing about them. Do they have families to support? If they do I guess thats why they will do their “community service” with islamist groups. If not I assume this “Austrian Press Council” can in some way prevent them from legally working as journalists in Austria. Bet the APC does nothing about the ILLEGAL muslims in Austria… but lets prevent two Austrian citizens from legally being employed in their profession.

    Regardless if these two men do their “service” for the most part their careers as journalists are OVER. They will forever be “branded” as anti-muslim and every story will be luke warm and hiding facts to appease muslims. It might be in their best interests to find another career. However, like the policeman in Minnesota who wore a Halloween party burkha… to lose an income with a career they have had for years is a hard choice to make. So, apologies and dhimmi status is an option.

    The reporters are obviously going to be given overkill at their “community service” in order to be dhimmified as a lesson to others. I bet the reporters will be forced to see a lot of the misogynist woman hatred and sexism a la islam courtesy of their community service… misogyny just like they reported on… but this time they will be helping to foster it during their community service.

    Maybe the journalists can write a tell all book about their experiences and how they were treated by islam as a warning to other Austrians.

  12. I tend to believe that Muslims and Soros are buying up news sources, press councils, schools, et al so as to control the message. One only has to look at the U.S. press to see the results.


  14. But even Herr Strache makes the mistake of thinking that there is radical Islam. Just substitute Naziism for Islam and then sentences like,”We respect moderate Naziism,” reveal how stupid the idea of ever living with Islam is.

    And in the end, it is NOT Islam that is the danger, it is Muslims.

  15. Austrians are now suicidal. Moslems cannot accept criticism of any kind because they believe Islam is ‘perfect’ even though they see it isn’t.

    Islam destroys the mind with constant drivel, supremacism and misogyny.

  16. So in a Democratic country it is now illegal to speak the truth. What a sad state our Western society has become. We preach democracy to other 3rd world countries but we cannot practice it ourselves.
    When will Europe wake up ?

  17. Austria is giving us a sample of what is to come as a result of mass Muslim immigration and liberal dhimmis. If only the Strache’s of the world were given as much endorsement for their views on freedom and honest assessment on Islam as Muslims were given for their ‘religion of peace’.

    I don’t understand why the left aligns itself with Islam – yes they both want the demise of America and everything it stands for, but in the end, does the left think Muslims will play nice in spite of history proving they aren’t capable or do they really want to be dhimmis/slaves/target practice? The Muslim vote will only be useful to you for a few decades, idiot liberals. You’ll see how Muslims don’t permit tolerance or equality or your precious gays/transgenders/ atheists and when they rape your daughter and sell her to fellow Muslims to gangbang, you will be left with the memories of encouraging and abetting these terrorists. You will offend them by simply existing and be put to a brutal, public, celebrated, and Sharia Law compliant death wishing you hadn’t destroyed the Constitution. Burn in hell, traitors.

  18. This now means sharia is firmly in europe.lets see how the so called free press live under sharia law . I hope they suffer for their stupidity and pc behavior .

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