AUSTRIA: Two journalists who told the truth about Muslim misogyny must do unpaid work for Islamic organizations

austriansurveyThe Austrian Press Council has condemned journalists at newspaper Heute [Today] for discrimination against Muslims because of a ‘massive’ number of complaints (66 in all) received from Muslim readers about an article justifiably critical of Muslims.

Islam versus Europe The judgement came in response to the article: “Jealousy: Man strangles wife in front of nursery school”, which appeared in the newspaper on 7 December. The following passage generated an uproar from a few Muslims:

“The driver (43) is the type of man who fortunately tends to live behind the crescent moon. In countries where the backside is higher than the head while praying, they consider their partners to be their property. If women act independently, their (Muslim male) pride is wounded and they crack up.”


The two authors, Jörg Michner and Wolfgang Höllrigl, who wrote the article, will be required to do unpaid charity work for Islamic organisations. In conjunction with the managing board, the editorial team intends to develop an internal editorial code of conduct. New review loops for the editorial team and there will be training sessions to heighten the Muslim sensitivity of the Heute writing staff.

Interview with Heinz-Christsian Strache, leader of anti-Islamization Austrian Freedom Party