6 comments on “CAIR is cooing over its coup to force a Detroit gun shop owner to stop selling popular Muslim Terrorist Target

  1. Perfect for puppy litter training. What nonsense. Apparently the owner of the store’s name was jihad. That is perfect nonsense at it’s best absurdity.

  2. Whoever printed these should now get street peddlers to sell them at cost with a small profit to the peddlers. They could become collector’s items. Folks could paste them up on their front doors. Get school kids to peddle them. Let them try to stop the community from distributing them. Make it a national issue!

  3. Odd, we have Saddam posters when we invaded Iraq so what is the real difference.
    Or, is this just another case of a vocal minority forcing their beliefs on the American majority. booksbyoliver.com is about Americans taking a stand against this type of govt. forced morals on us.

    I miss my freedoms! And this is another freedom of speech as far as I am concerned so the govt. needs to leave the poster alone.

  4. just ordered ten packs of the Muslim Terrorist at a buck apeice a bit pricey but they are so ulgy you just want too shoot them ! I am talking targets muzzies don’t be adding two and two and come up with five we know how you are

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