CAIR’s Ibrahim ‘Uncle Dougie’ Hooper’s weekly wrap-up of CAIR’s anti-American Islamization activities

Most of these stories have been covered at BNI, but if you missed any, here’s your chance to grind your teeth and hurl disparaging epithets at the screen.



9 comments on “CAIR’s Ibrahim ‘Uncle Dougie’ Hooper’s weekly wrap-up of CAIR’s anti-American Islamization activities

  1. This is a third world bunch of people trying to infiltrate and influence America and the West that they are people too.– People who are really here as a not so seceret sleeper cell. Theri purpose is to end America as we know it. “Islam breeds tolerance” BS, Tolerance has their woman wrapped up and allows for beating them. Do they tolerate other religions? They really want tolerance for terrorists. God Bless America, and let us defend against this invasion.

  2. That old devil strikes again! What a frightful little man! Bitch , bitch bitch! Never has anything uplifting or encouraging to say. His stupid weekly wrap-up should be called “Weekly Victim Update” Also, why don’t we have national Jewish Day at some of these capitals?? Or National Amish, Buddah, or Sikh Day. Why THEM all the time?

  3. The TV update provided free publicity for BNI (and Pamela Geller). When otherwise disinterested people become aquainted with BNI they often become addicted to the site.

    Go Bonni go! Down with political correctness.

  4. uncle dougie try’s to hang out with the big dogs down on the cornner but he just can’t get by girls who kick his ass everytime he try’s to bark . Yea we know him he is pathetic

  5. I don’t listen to the vids of this PoE (excrement), but I like to read the comments of who do. He reminds me of a whimpering dog that has been tethered for too long.

  6. I know this guy is a liar but I actually saw the O’Reilly thing and Hooper is pathetic!! Awad said he wasn’t offended… so they are trying to take credit for something they didn’t even do. What’s new.

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