EGYPTIAN Cleric: “Women who go to Tahrir Square to protest the Muslim Brotherhood are “crusaders who want to be sexually harassed and raped”

imagesThe notorious Jihad-friendly Egyptian TV-preacher, Ahmad Mahmoud Abdullah, also known as “Abu Islam,” has stated on his personal television station that sexually harassing and raping Egyptian women who protest against President Mohamed Morsi is justifiable because the women “have no shame, no fear and not even feminism.”



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15 comments on “EGYPTIAN Cleric: “Women who go to Tahrir Square to protest the Muslim Brotherhood are “crusaders who want to be sexually harassed and raped”

  1. It is often stated: all Nations are judged as to how they treat their woman. I’d say just for starters, this goes against the very grain of God’s purpose for the womans role, to nuture, love, to teach acceptance, tolerance, even kindle the hope of its future children. These Mutts are so far gone, it is becoming obvious to the average thinking man, we are dealing with the unhinged among us. Where to go from here? ignor, harass, intimidate, laught at them, stick a mud pie in their eyes, what?

    Of what does this mutt know of his role, a slave preaching to would-be slaves, disciples of satan, seekers of world domination through the means of arms, destruction, death, decay of morals, on purpose for the very purpose of domination of the weak and undefended even by their own rot known as their grubmint. So who in the *u*k died and left this mutt in charge to speak such vile discourse, anyone? Yeah that’s what I thought, no one, but hey better listen least you too be raped, murdered, submit to the devil himself as a means to illistrate your manhood-right. Not on your life scooter, I have already decided whats best for mine, and it does not include mutts of this type or their ( p/c pussy club) members involvement to assure me if it is safe to speak my mind. They all can go pound sand, and if they don’t like it, tuff titty girlyboys, its still a man’s world, and we mean to keep it that way, of course with the cooperation with our woman.

  2. Let the women watch, listen and learn about islam from this idiot actually telling the truth on how muslims view and treat women as nothing and nobody.

  3. ‘Crusader’ is a code word meaning a ‘Christian woman’ who is ‘fair game’ for the jihadists. All Moslem men understand that they may rape any woman who resists Islam, especially Christians. There will be no punishment under Sharia law.

    Moslem women who resist the Muslim Brotherhood have become ‘slutty kafirs’ who may be raped because of their wrong politics.

    Not a funny joke. Egyptian men take this as the word of their god.

  4. DISGUSTING!!!!!
    This cretin needs to be de-balled and lobotomized.
    If anyone wanted to know what satan’s legion army on earth looks like, look at this guy and the tens of millions of sick muslim males that think and act just like him.

  5. morsi seems to suck, and so do his so called holy men. The women in Egypt are like women everywhere, equal treatment. The mentality of some of these fuckwads astounds me. God gave more brains to cavemen and apes than this cult of islam and its followers.

      • God Grant the day when both the Al-Aqsa mosque AND the “Dome of the Rock” will cease to exist come ASAP!!!!!

        Let the Third Temple be built there ASAP!!!!!

        DEATH TO ISLAM!!!!!

  6. I mean, yeah, what woman could resist such vile, fugly, diseased ridden, blood thirsty, utterly stupid, vile assholes that smell of sodomy with animals and children.

  7. The ‘moderates’ will say: “He doesn’t speak for me.”, or “He was taken out of context.” What context?

    Best to quote islamists like Tayyip Erdogan Armenicide: “There is only one islam.”

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