KUDOS TO FLORIDA! House Civil Justice Subcommittee approves Anti-Sharia Bill

Terror-linked CAIR goons are fuming.


From a CAIR-Florida press release today:

“Islamophobes” in the Florida state legislature think that the third is a charm.


After anti-Shariah legislation was killed and defeated in 2011 and 2012, Florida lawmakers Larry Metz and Alan Hays are at it again, peddling laws to restrict OUR religious freedom.

These cleverly-worded bills focus on family law, but are targeted specifically against Muslims and impact the religious family laws of everyone—Muslims, Christians and Jews. If passed, these anti-Shariah laws would restrict and/or deny the use of religious law for matters involving marriage, divorce, and child custody.
Florida state senators Alan Hays and Greg Evers have sponsored SB 58: Application of Foreign Law in Certain Cases. Florida representative Larry Metz sponsored the companion HB 351. We need your help to defeats these bills.
 “The Legislature’s leadership should block this legislation because it is legally unwarranted and morally abhorrent,” said David Barkey, counsel for Anti-Defamation League, in the Tampa Tribune.
Do not allow state legislators to use the politics of hate and foxy ploys to limit your religious freedoms. It was your support that defeated anti-Shariah laws in years past. In 2013… prejudice and bigotry have no place in our country.”

The movement to ban the practices of the Muslim faith, or Sharia, is an unconstitional assault on our religious liberty. CAIR Florida has defeated the effort to ban sharia and thereby restrict religious freedom in 2010 and 2011.


Sunshine State News  One of the most controversial pieces of legislation confronting the 2013 session passed the Florida House Civil Justice Subcommittee Thursday, largely along partisan lines,  to curb the influence of certain “foreign laws” in family court proceedings.

HB 351, formally titled “Application of Foreign Law in Certain Cases” but more popularly referred to as THE “Anti-Sharia Bill.”

The bill is modeled after legislation proposed by conservative activists who claim Islamic law, which discriminates against women and non-Muslims, is stealthily encroaching upon the American judicial system.


The measure, sponsored by Rep. Larry Metz, R-Yalaha, is a scaled-down version of one that passed last year in the House but failed in the Senate: it prohibits the application of “any foreign law, legal code, or system” only in family law courts, if that foreign legislation “does not grant the parties affected by the ruling or decision the same fundamental liberties, rights, and privileges guaranteed by the state Constitution or the United States Constitution.”

The four Democrats on the House panel fielded a number of criticisms of the proposed legislation: that it is redundant, is motived by anti-Muslim bigotry, would paint Florida in a bad light for foreign investors, and would bog the state down in costly litigation as its constitutionality is challenged.

“Any bill that could potentially have consequences on how we as a state are perceived as a place to attract talent from abroad and investment from abroad really is of concern to me and those I represent,” said Rep. José Rodríguez, D-Miami.


Metz struggled to offer concrete examples of foreign law nefariously affecting Florida’s system of family law when challenged to do so by Rep. Jim Waldman, D-Coconut Creek, though he did offer a hypothetical example of when such a conflict might arise:

“Let’s say a couple moves to the United States and they have a prior agreement about the disposition of assets that would occur in the event of a dissolution of marriage, and it’s based on the law of a hypothetical foreign country. … Let’s assume further that that country has a bias toward the male in the relationship; the wife in that situation might object to the application of foreign law.”

Waldman replied that Florida law already has mechanisms in place to protect a woman in such a scenario.


“This bill was triggered by blatant bigotry; that is what this law came out of,” Waldman told the panel, after citing several remarks by ultra-Orthodox Jewish attorney David Yerushalmi, who authored the model “anti-sharia” legislation and who is reported to have made disparaging remarks about African-Americans and Jewish liberals. “It’s offensive, it doesn’t cure any problem that we have, it is solely designed to get at what some people don’t like, and that would be the Muslims. … It’s a waste of our time [and] it’s a waste of our effort.”

“The fact of the matter is the bill basically takes our fundamental rights, liberties, and privileges in our federal and state constitutions and turns them into a front and center filter through which foreign law will run if it is going to be applied in a family law proceeding,” Metz countered. “I don’t know how that can be offensive.”

The bill passed by a vote of 9-4.





19 comments on “KUDOS TO FLORIDA! House Civil Justice Subcommittee approves Anti-Sharia Bill

  1. The Christian religion as taken a big hit from the immorality that as taken place in our Churches. Plus we have one more problem in our churches. It called Heretic’s. The Heretics I speak of are Democratic Christians. They support Abortion, They support gay’s, They support every Anti America Group in the World. They support people that would kill them because they are Christian. The Democratic Convention where they were shouting no more God. Yeah! Christian Democrats were there to. It’s as created a whole new Christian hating group of people. They don’t even know that they are helping the enemy. That also wants to destroy them also. They are like people say useful sheep. Which only serves to help the Muslim with their agenda of a take over in this country in the future. Once they get a good foot hold in America the last place that has not been overrun by Muslims. The inevitable will happen in America. Muslims don’t want to be Democratic. They rather live by the dogma of their religion. Christian need to stop being passive. Because being passive will get you thrown into the Lion’s cage for the entertainment of Heathen, Liberal, and Muslims.

  2. I just don’t understand why the law makers who are fighting to stop sharia don’t make it absolutely clear that disallowing sharia in American local, state, and federal courts in no way infringes on the supremacist’s right to practice their vile creed in private, or public.

    It does protect non-muslims from being tried and punished according to sharia which would be a violation of their right to NOT be forced to practice islam.

    It’s that simple. And why no one has called out the supremacists who are trying to stop the anti-sharia legislation is beyond me.

    The law of this land is secular common law.

    sharia is religious law. If mohammadan supremacists really feel that they must be allowed to drag non-mohammadans to court and try them under sharia to be able to practice their religion then it’s time that the greater debate consider that mohammadan supremacists really have no place in the secular West.

    I am also sick of no one calling out the supremacists on their “but Christians and Jews have their own courts” canard. Yes, they do. Private, religious courts which issue rulings on adherents of those two religions and not on non-believers. Their decisions are also not binding under common law.

    It’s insane that this dialogue is allowed to continue.

    It really is black and white.

  3. Do you Americans want to see this happen in America now? Because the Muslims are fighting for this? Men make an effort to speak to other men to help fight against Sharia Law…Women depend on the men to fight this… Does the women have to fight Sharia Law for the men and the women too ??? American men fight against Sharia Law now while you and your families have freedom…This should have been done along time ago that is Americans should have protected their rights and freedoms in a greater way than what they have done…

  4. 1.American women stoned with rocks for adultery.
    2.Homosexuals killed because they are homosexuals.
    3.Americans either accept Islam as their religion or die.
    4.Men stoned for certain wrong doings also.
    5.Watch videos of Muslims who boldly put brutal killings and stonings on Youtube for all Americans to see and by doing this they think they are putting fear into the Americans to the point of submission to what they believe…
    6.Muslims control what you think and they know what you think by what comes out of your mouth.
    7.Worship for a Muslim is words to their god and bowing down where ever they are at certain times. It is a strict rule that their foreheads and faces must touch the ground or floor where ever they are when they pray. This is also watched and if you do not do this they will correct you then if you still do not do this they think you are not a Muslim……

  5. How many Americans want to be tortured or die? Do you want to be killed because you do not believe the same teachings that the Muslims believe? With the Muslims there is no other way. You either believe in their false god or you die !!! Understand they think they are cleansing the earth of all the people who do not accept their false god….So with the bans on Sharia Law in some states to help that does not help in the rest of the states right now. Muslims are fighting to have Sharia Law in all states in the U.S. They are using every method possible to accomphish this. They believe many lies about the Americans and that is why they want those who do not believe in their religion to die. There is no room for our beliefs period in their minds. They believe eye for eye. You want freedom of speech and freedom of expression and freedom of what you believe for your lives.? Then each American must do something to help in the fight against Sharia Law now …!!!

  6. I want to make my point very clear…All the states in the United States must see and understand what they have not before. They must be responsible to their country and to their state and do everything possible to stop Sharia Law from getting past here in America. All people who live in the U.S. should do something even if you perceive it to be very small. Anything is better than nothing. And just think about what Sharia Law will do to eliminate the population in America. Everything I have researched and heard so far is that Muslim extremists want all Christians and Jews dead !!! Research it for yourself. And do not justify their evil ways while you research it.

  7. i had no idea that the National Organization of Women was that stupid. i would love to see some of the liberal women live in a Muslim country without any rights for awhile. see how fast they backtrack

  8. Well done Florida and well done to the states that already have laws banning the use of any foreign based laws in their state courts and so on. We need all of America ensuring that only American laws determine the outcomes of any and all legal situations. This is a must be the end of 2013,

  9. I am an American. I am a woman. I am a Floridian. I am angry. Why is it that muslim can come over here and use terroristic actions and we are supposed forgive and forget. NO. They come here to live because of our freedoms and then want to change it and/or keep their old religious law that don’t match our laws. NO. We need to protect ourselves (men, women and children) from this. We need to let our elected officials that we want protection from them. They need to know that we are their boss not the special interest groups. Please let our officals know how you feel and let them know that it is their best interests to say YES to this bill here in Florida.

  10. Take that bachi boys. Cry, have sissy fits all you want, I suspect the good people of this state are on to you, your lies and the good dhimmi’s you keep on paying to lie for you and your GOD foresaken stinkn’ sharia law, Yea shall know them by their fruits. Good its about time someone stood up to your bullie tactics, its been long overdue and just think, its only as we say: a good start, but no the end all. You’ll know your time is short when????????????????????????????????????????????, take note of what is not being stated while planning is ongoing.

  11. You would think that Florida has had it’s fill of these low lifes…at USF alone they had Sami al Arian and a few of his friends either imprisoned or deported…

  12. Why is this even being considered ?aren’t you aware of the changes that have occured in England -Norway -France -Belgium -Germany? by allowing sharia law these countries no longer belong to their original inhabitants,they are becoming -muslimized and are doomed to a life of misery ,no country can have two sets of laws ,those who have allowed this to happen -shame on you -you will reap what you have sown.

  13. Anyone find it funny when Ku Klux Kair whines about religious freedom when they defend the Saudis who put people to death for not lifting their asses while facing Mecca?

  14. Oh, David Barkey, Shariah law, is not compatible with the United States Constitution and that includes the Florida Constitution. Shariah law is Quranic law, “religious law” – the Constitution is “common law” – the law of the land for everyone, to be treated fairly.

  15. You need to add WA state – We have our bill HB 1392 that was introduced on Jan 24th and we need to get it out of the Judiciary committee by Feb 22nd or it dies!

  16. Kudos, to Florida state senators Alan Hays and Greg Evers and to Florida representative Larry Metz . Thank you, thank you, thank you! A thousand times and day thank you. I am a Florida resident, something I felt I had to apologize for. NOT so now. One small leap for true freedom and the upholding of the Constitution.

    • I am jealous ! we work diligently to get our red state house and senate to lead instead of wait an see , I live in the only wait an see state in the union ! going over to get me boat load of muzzies plant them on the state senate floor with ass in the air , The seeing part will be over

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