Michael Coren talks to Lars Hedegaard about surviving assassination attempt

Recently, renowned anti-Islam critic Lars Hedegaard was nearly assassinated by a Muslim, who wished to silence his opposition to Islam’s rampant violence, misogyny, bigotry, extremism, and intolerance.


9 comments on “Michael Coren talks to Lars Hedegaard about surviving assassination attempt

  1. Those criminals (Muslims) try to scare us so we shut up and let them invade our countries force their ugly uncivilized Sharia on us.
    ” “I will instill terror into the hearts of the unbelievers, smite ye above their necks and smite all their finger-tips off them. It is not ye who slew them; it was God.” Surah 8:13-17.
    We showed them that we are afraid and their terror tactics is working for their plan to islamize our country. Our perfidious mainstreamem media is helping them big time.

  2. Recently, I showed Fitna to my Current Events class. You could have heard a pin drop when the film ended.

    After the film, I brought up some more recent examples. Yes, my class was stunned into silence.

  3. Dear BNI:

    Muslim men for all their posturing and puffing out their chests while howling their anti-Israeli, anti-Western, anti-Buddhist, anti-gay, anti-woman, anti-Christian… (continue the “anti” thing for several hundred other categories under the heading of “muslims don’t like”) slogans… are by nature and to their very core- cowards.

    They shout their anti-Israeli slogans while blowing up buses of Israeli women on holiday in Bulgaria or while murdering small Jewish children like they did with the Fogel family. They shout their slogans against Buddhists in Thailand…when their targets are peaceful Buddhist nuns and monks. Anti-gay slurs and their woman hatred shows in their “sharia patrols” in London. Yet what is obvious is the muslims “good luck” of being so successful in their violence.

    Why? Because they make sure they target innocents or those weaker than themselves. However, there are times when to the shock of muslims the victims fight back.

    IDF soldiers are more formidable foes than Israeli Jewesses on vacation… then there were those Buddhist villagers who rioted against muslims last year (AWESOME)… lets not forget the young gay man who stood his ground at Hunter College recently… or even the MOST AWESOME WEAPONS OF ALL. Bare breasts. Those Eastern European and secular muslim women who shook their tits against moHAMmed’s followers and had the muslims cowering over naked boobs. From IDF reserves with guns to angered Buddhists with sticks to a gay kid using just his voice to those all powerful infidel knockers…

    Fight back and the cowards show their true selves.

    I state the above because what happened to this newspaper publisher Hedegaard. He is in the Scandinavian press with all of his speaking engagements, articles, etc- and everyone knows he is a gray haired older man. He is going to be 71 years old soon for crying out loud. He is an old man.

    So big strong AND 50 years younger muslim immigrant slime attacks him with gun in hand. I bet the inbred camel rapist thought this was going to be so easy. Elderly man as a target. Though brief in the description… Lars’ statement that camel rapist was surprised at the unexpected… that Lars actually tried to fight back and took a swing or two at the immigrant had to have unnerved the would be assassin.

    Notice that with an old man that at least attempts to fight back… that the immigrant did not then physically attack Lars. Muslim physical attacks are for those who cower or who simply cannot fight back or who are outnumbered by inbred camel-rapists.

    I am very glad Lars is okay. It looks as if a life under police protection is going to be for Lars from this time onward.

    The free world needs to step it up a notch… be rude. Be abrasive. Do not show ANY sign of weakness around a muslim. We now live in a society that is so embracing of its future murderers (muslims who will destroy the West) that every interaction with a muslim (if it has to occur) has got to be one of DO NOT SCREW WITH ME OR YOU WILL REGRET IT. And doing so… just might get them to back off. Because if you don’t stand up for yourself with a muslim you will be their next victim.

    Oh, and of course there is… DEPORT, DEPORT, JAIL and then DEPORT SOME MORE.

    • I am pleased their are more than a few with their lights on in the brain pan group. I concure, there is but one way to dealing with these MUTTs, it called overwhelming force, this is what they understand as being the law of survival. There are more than a few Nations, who sherk at the responsibility to defend theirs, why, well I believe it to be cowardice on their part, they are afraid of the consequences of both their Patriots, and that of the islamist among them to become a great turmoils, and believe me, if so warrented, many Patriots of these Nations would be right there to mix it up with these demons of the flesh ,otherwise known as the brothers from their hood, islam, for one simple reason, no one fears the good, righteous or faithful, but they do fear a righteous man, armed, willing and able to defend his, theirs and yours against a force who’s only understanding of the word peace, is “superior forces, disguised as a religion.I guess it is true, all great minds think alike. Semper Fi Patriot.

  4. Vigilante murder is condoned by Sharia law :

    “There is no indemnity obligatory for killing a non-Muslim (harbi) at war with Muslims.” -Reliance of the Traveller, o4.17, p.593

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