MINNESOTASTAN: Oh, NOES! A second St. Paul police office may be guilty of donning a Muslim headbag

imagesAfter a second photo surfaced this week of a St. Paul police officer dressed in a Somali Muslim woman’s clothing, apparently for Halloween in both cases, Police Chief Thomas Smith has ordered an internal affairs investigation and is planning changes in the department.

Star Tribune  The first photo surfaced on Twitter Sunday, depicting K-9 officer Robert Buth dressed as a Somali Target employee in a red jilbaab, a type of hijab. The second photo surfaced Wednesday on an anonymous Twitter account, was e-mailed anonymously to police Chief Thomas Smith Thursday morning and gained more momentum on Twitter Friday.


In the second image, an officer, who hasn’t been identified by the department, is wearing an orange jilbaab and what appears to be blackface makeup. Police said it’s unclear if the second officer was a sworn officer at the time the photo was taken, apparently in 2010. It appeared to originate on Facebook before it landed on Twitter.


Smith said officers will be retrained in MUSLIM cultural matters. He also has recorded a message to be circulated department-wide about the oath of office that officers took, conduct unbecoming an officer, and the dangers of officers using social media.

The two pictures, apparently taken at parties in 2010 and 2012, have set off a storm of criticism from some Somali and Muslim community members who feel mocked and belittled by the images. St. Paul City Council Member Melvin Carter III called out the second image for the officer’s apparent use of blackface makeup. The first image did not include blackface makeup. (But the officers do look a lot like the Somali Muslim women in Minnesota – fresh off the illegal alien boats)


“The actions of the officers depicted in these photos are offensive and embarrassing,” Carter said in a written statement. “Mocking culture, skin color and religion for a laugh may seem trivial, but any behavior that violates the sacred, essential trust between our officers and residents is reckless and inexcusable.”

Although St. Paul officials have not commented on whether the officer is wearing blackface makeup, many community members believe he is, said Lori Saroya, executive director of the Minnesota Chapter of the Council on Islamic-American Relations (CAIR-MN).”We’re getting a lot of calls from the community,” she said. “I think it’s a lot more serious. It just opens a whole other door.”

Hamas-linked CAIR-MN (Council on Anti-American Islamic Relations) offered to provide diversity training for Buth, and will now call for department-wide training, Saroya said.







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      • You idiot, “Ali Jarpaasi” is a joke name, sort of like “Mike Hunt”. Not only are you a bigot, but you’re stupid too. But then again, there are many studies out there which show a correlation between bigotry and a lack of education and a low IQ.

        Your blog’s reliance on stereotypes, alarmism and fear-mongering kind of fits the bill. The fact that you didn’t get that “Ali Jarpaasi” is a joke name kind of confirms what most people who have more than a room temperature IQ think of you Islamophobes.

        P.S. Hint hint… Ahmed Adooti isn’t my real name, LOL.

        • All you ragheads disgust me. Who cares what screen name he used? My blog posts stories right out of the news. If people fear muslims, it is directly attributable to their repugnant behavior. Now, get lost.

  1. You are absolutely correct , this poor cop is out there risking his life daily to protect human rights, and when he excersies that right in his own home he is called on the carpet? No wonder recruitment is so hard for law enforcement? This is just another ploy by the Muslim extremists to attack our infrastructure!
    Wake Up America! Stop this B.S

  2. Dear BNI:

    So there is an officer’s “oath” as well as conduct “unbecoming.” Well, legally can either of these “stand” in a court as a reason to punish cops for doing things in the privacy of their own homes? Sadly, the way American courts are embracing sharia law it probably could be used against the individual officers- that is if they attempt to take legal action against any punishment dished out by the department.

    The officers may well have families or feel they can’t find other work. However, just like the Austrian journalists who have recently been punished for publishing facts about a violent muslim crime in the Huete (Today) newspaper… both the Austrian journalists and American cops have careers that are “over” even if they continue to get a paycheck.

    For not fighting this- the officer is going to be suspected of “bigotry” for every suspicious person he pulls over, witness he interviews or traffic ticket he writes.

    Worse yet is the upcoming “department wide training.” Yes, I know CAIR is just wanting it at this point… but unless officers, their families and the public protest… the training will indeed be implemented. This will be nothing more than MUSLIM INDOCTRINATION. Will this be like what coalition soldiers in Afghanistan have been instructed to do? Soldiers have been told to look the other way with wife beating, child abuse/pedophilia, animal cruelty, drug trade, anti-Semitism rants, etc, etc. Basically, the soldiers are risking their lives toprotect and promote islamic supremacists and terrorism. How twisted is that (courtesy of the muslim president of the USA).

    Same thing for these cops- any “muslim sensitivity training” will re-enforce that muslims in St. Paul can break any law and perform any perverse act and it will not be punished. Even if the cops get out of the CAIR training, the cops are getting trained in muslim “cultural matters” by their own department.

    Translated- accept your status as a dhimmi and whether it takes just years or a decade or two… when muslim do their hostile take over… DO NOT RESIST.

    Most muslims I know do not like or celebrate Halloween. Look for more and more anti-Halloween actions, decrees, vandalisms and movements by muslims to further restrict or ban the holiday. Making non-muslims think twice on how they should behave IN THEIR OWN HOMES AT A PRIVATE HALLOWEEN PARTY must have given the local muslims a jolly little smile.

    Muslim complaints about ANYTHING always has to be self-absorbed. The muslims complain about muslim costumes- yet there are limitless costumes based on living and dead “real people”, different professions, ethnic groups, cross-dressing (with no burkhas), objects, etc…

    I’ve seen someone dressed up as a “hamburger” and what if they offends vegetarians or Hindus? I’ve seen a “condom man” costume- what would conservative Christians think of this? I’ve seen people dressed as gurus, priests, nuns, catholic school girls, rabbis and “saints.” Doesn’t matter what I’ve seen- go to any Halloween shop and see costumes of pirates, American Indians, doctors, Roman solidiers, politicians, etc, etc. What about the “donut eating” shlumpy “cop” look… which disrespects St. Paul’s “finest in blue” who risk their lives daily.

    Would muslims protest this or any of the above? NO. Because EVERYTHING ABOUT MUSLIMS is only a one way street.

    Muslims cry out for global laws against “religious hate.” As in don’t criticise islam. One way street- as its still okay to claim Jews are pigs and to burn down Hindu temples.

    Muslims demand that Israeli’s be vilified for all aspects of their society… while ingoring muslim cesspool nations and the hippocracy of muslims pouring into Israel to take advantage of the Jewish state’s 1st world democracy. One way street!

    Recently BNI posted how a mosque is in an uproar for not being able to build a new bigger mosque on the site of an old one. Yet, across the muslim world- non muslims cannot build NEW houses of worship, nor REPAIR old ones. I prefer that hateful muslim congregation had NO mosque. Well, don’t build a new one whiners… repair your old one. At least they could repair their old one… non-muslims cannot even repair a building.

    Though this muslim uproar over Halloween costumes and “sensitivity” is just a very, very small grain of sand in muslim supremacism… it is standard behavior. That muslims will claim they want to support a cause or “rights” or stand against discrimination…. yet only AND ONLY if it applies to muslims. Giving lip service to other populations only so that those populations will support the muslim cause. Then when something is implemented any concern for non-muslims is gone.

    The residents of St. Paul are seeing their police force becoming a willing dhimmi insitution that will not care for or protect the non-muslim population.

  3. Ever hear of freedom of expression. And what police officer do OFF the clock is their business. From what I understand its a breach of the first Amendment.

  4. Yet dressing up as a Catholic Nun by men is perfectly okay? Get over it! In America you can mock whatever you want. Don’t like it? Go back to the sandbox.

  5. What I fail to understand is that WHY????? does every Western country throw it’s arms open to all these Heathen Inbreeds. When even Joe Soap in the street can predict the future internal civil strife that is going to go on between two totally different cultures. One a modern free thinking normal culture and the other a medieval despotic backward sadistic culture.
    These people can’t be brought into the 21st century. they want to live in the 7th. They are only here for what they can get and to try and spread an evil ideology.

    • The people were never asked. Same in Europe, Canada, Australia, etc. Decades ago, these plans were made, and when news started coming out, the ol’ “You’re a tin-hat-wearing conspiracy-theorist” stories started. In “Eurabia,” by Bat Y’eor, you can read how it happened in Europe. Here, think back to Bush 1’s CIA work and his “new world order” speech, quickly hushed up.Read about the meetings between Canada, Mexico, and the US for the North American Union.. The people’s wishes are ignored, as traditionalists lives are endangered by a coalition of the left- socialists and communists, islamists, and those who use “environmental impact” as an excuse to transfer large amounts of First World money to the Third World. This is no accident, unfortunately. Before the last election, we said, “If Obama wins, it’s over.” Well, it looks like it’s over.

  6. The headbag is one of the terrorist tools that muslim male supremacists use to totally subjugate and terrorize women over the world

  7. So I guess the Catholics need to start burning down the village square over Zombie priest and pregnant nuns on Halloween too…? lighten UP!!

    • Complain to your government about that! And see how far you get? As Khrushchev said years ago, America we will bury you from within! This is exactly what these extremists are trying to do now! They use our laws when convenient for there causes, but hate our way of life, their thinking is back in the 7th century!

  8. I won’t say build a bridge & get over it, more like build a bridge & jump off of it FFS!
    Karma is a bitch & payback is gonna be an even bigger bitch.
    When the cops have finally been pushed too far, the shit will hit the fan.

  9. These officiers could have dressed up as the queen, obama, clinton, Jesus, hitler, minnonites, japanese, cowboys, indians and so on and there would be no sensitivity training ordered because this was done at halloween and in the privacy of their own homes and so on. So every time we dress up for halloween we will have to take sensitivity training. I would hope that everyone will dress up as muslim or mohamad every halloween so that the muslims finally get the fact that this is America and we can have fun dressing up as we please. Cair does not have the right to tell us how to dress up unless we d’himmi out and let them order us around with their sharia laws of evil.

    • The next act they will complain about is Christians putting up Nativity Scenes on their own property! You watch! We need to stand up for our rights for a change!

  10. if I was going to make a guess I would say the man in the second picture is a muslim dressed in his wife’s sheet ! another muzzie bait and switch , the part of her I can see she looks like a muzzie house wife preparing her halal feast

  11. The Saroyas earn a healthy income for a young couple – between Kashif’s job in IT [spying on the US?] and Lori’s work for a victims’ services program, they make $117,500 a year. This is she talking:

    “Over the years, especially after 9-11, it became even more apparent to me that while we seek to protect OUR nation [islam?] from harm, we must also PROTECT the CONSTITUTION and the principles OUR nation was founded on.”

    On ‘no interest’ money making:

    “Invest through a mutual fund that screens companies on the basis of their ADHERENCE to ISLAMIC PRINCIPLES. Examples include Amana Growth (AMAGX), managed by Salam’s company; Azzad Ethical Mid Cap (ADJEX); and Iman (IMANX).”

    So those are three funds which civilized Americans/all humans should divest themselves of and never ever consider using.

  12. Who gives a flip what they dress up as. They need to get a life and what they do outside of work as long as it is legal should not matter. They should sue the popice dept. Peadce to all non-muslims who agree.

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