SICILY: Dog-raping Moroccan Muslim illegal alien arrested after terrorizing agricultural community

imagesFor more than a year, the Muslim invader terrorized the countryside of Ragusa, the Sicilian province most threatened by illegal Muslim invaders from North Africa, with a rate more than twice the regional average. Not only did he rob and vandalize several farms, he repeatedly raped a hunting dog at one of them.

Novopress (h/t HalalPorkShop He started in November 2011 by burning 3000 m 2 of greenhouses where tomatoes were grown: 20,000 euros worth of damage to the farmer. Last December, he still fired a shed and two greenhouses on a farm owned by two brothers in the region, causing a damage of 10,000 euros. In the meantime, he had committed a series of robberies of all kinds in the farms, poultry, TV, farming tools, a stove with the gas bottle, a coffee machine, stereo, and more.

The criminal regularly disabled surveillance cameras but during his last crime he forgot one. Its images allowed the carabiniere in Acate to identify him. He was finally arrested on Monday. He is a 32-year-old Moroccan, an illegal immigrant, already known to the police for acts of theft and violence. A search of his den (an abandoned cabin) allowed most of the stolen objects to be recovered. 

Surveillance camera images

Surveillance camera images

In the farm where he was filmed, the camera also captured him in the course of raping the dog – a hunting dog of average size – which he subjected to repeated sexual acts of sodomy. 

The Moroccan illegal had been employed for a few days in one of the farms in question, but had quickly been sacked because of his low productivity and his drinking. It is assumed he was partly inspired by a desire for vengeance. 

The Moroccan was taken to the prison in Ragusa. He must answer an impressive list of indictmentsL violation of a domicile, damage followed by fire, theft in the home of an individual, theft in an agricultural enterprise, abuse of animals … All of this “with the aggravating circumstance of having committed his crimes while he was on Italian territory illegally”.



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      • The maffia generally does what suits them. If it would suit them to let the muslims run amock or even to cooperate with the muslims, they would.

        By the way, I remember reading somewhere that much of the practices and techniques were learned from Arab muslims when they occupied Sicily somewhere in the past (can’t really remember when it was).

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  5. Aayyyeeeeee ! He is but a poor traveler in a foriegn land where they will not allow him to practice the usual and normal customs of his people! He will probably sue for discrimination.

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