AUSTRALIA: Muslim illegal ‘crimmigrants’ living in retirement homes at taxpayer expense

boat_people-300x290Not only do these Muslim illegal alien invaders get tens of thousands of dollars in free stuff and subsidized housing if and when they are granted asylum, many detainees are being housed in retirement villages, where they intimidate and frighten elderly residents, not to mention taking up housing that should rightfully go to senior citizens.

AU NEWS  (h/t Colin W) The Immigration Department has ordered an investigation after asylum seekers were uncovered living at a retirement home in Adelaide’s northern suburbs. Economic Asylum seekers, mostly from Muslim countries,  have been rotating through the accommodation at the Harwin Retirement Village at Salisbury for six months – at taxpayers’ expense.

Some residents at the home say they have serious safety concerns, and say the facility should only be used for aged care. A village manager says the Muslim freeloaders have set off fire alarms nine times while cooking in their rooms, sometimes at night.

One of the detention centers burnt down by Muslim asylum seekers

One of the detention centers burnt down by Muslim asylum seekers

SMH  Australia’s immigration detention system is being clogged by growing numbers of rejected asylum seekers who should be sent home, the United Nations refugee agency has warned. UNHCR regional representative Richard Towle said large numbers of people now coming through the asylum system in Australia were not political refugees at all, but rather economic parasites, eager to grab their share of the generous Australian welfare system.


There are over 100,000 homeless Australians, most of them women & children who don’t have a roof over their head, must live in their cars or with relatives, don’t get 3 meals a day, but must take a back seat to the flood of illegals arriving by the boatload from places like Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Somalia, etc.




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  1. Australia may not be full like the sign says, but the 8 million tax payers can’t suppot the rest of the population let alone the freeloaders turning up daily in boats.
    If they are going to continue to come her they must be made to work for the handout they get.
    I want to see the greening of the Gibson Desert. Let them get to work on that little project.
    I have had a gut full of the crap the cutrrent government is pushing.
    I can’t afford to live here any more because I am supporting the unfortunates and elderly. I can even less afford to live here because I am also supporting the people turning up here unnanounced, uninvited and unwelome.
    Lucky country my ass!
    Lucky for the bludging refugees!

  2. Caller to Brian Wilshire show 2gb 873 am Sydney, Australian Public Housing tenants been given 3 weeks notice to move out to make way for illegals.
    Australia has conservatively 100,000 Australian men women and children living outdoors in drain pipes , under bridges garden sheds in friends back yards, their cars and door ways of shops in the heart of Sydney and other Capital cities this Union/ GetUp funded Federal Labor Green Loon Independent minority Co Party Marxist Government is determined to get as many VOTE People into Australia as it can before the September 14 2013 Federal Election.

    When you are housed fed clothed, educated medical pharmacy dental for free for life who ya gonna VOTE for ?

  3. Asylum seekers are being housed in a University Campus in Sydney, intermingled with young women. A 20 year old student was woken up at 3.30am with a “dark skinned, slim man, curly hair” indecently assaulting her. She started screaming and he ran off. these creeps are living right next to a hundred or so young women attending university. The detention centres are overflowing with these illegals so they’re housing them wherever there is a bed. The Red Cross pays for their accommodation while the students have to pay rent. I cannot believe our pathetic government has allowed this to happen.

  4. It is a huge crime against humanity that Australia takes in and provides for Muslims whilst ALLOWING Australians, including Australian mothers and their children to go homeless. It is unforgivable.

    Eternal shame on Australia’s government for their great wickedness to their own people.

  5. I live near Salisbury and i can tell you the last 2-3 years its been like an explosion of muslims coming into the area,i had a family of Afghans move in next door to me about 2 years ago there were 5 of them now in the 3 bedroom house there are between 12-15 of them on any given day,none of them work all they seem to do is walk up and down the street like they own it,there are now 4 Afghan families in my street and there would be close to nearly 40 of them living under the 4 roofs every time i see one of the bagheads i always think to myself thats my taxes at work,we need a leader in this country to stop the infux of these economic scumbags or even better we should have gun laws like America.

  6. NZ’s Prime Minister who has shown himself to be weak-kneed and opportunistic in involving NZ in Australia’s criminally farcical illegal immigrant problem. What he should have said was that we want nothing to do with queue jumpers and will immediately deport each and every “boat person” as soon as they arrive.

  7. The violent invaders should never be allowed to come to shore. NEVER! The supremacist, totalitarian political system of Islam commands all Muslims to wage jihad and conquer all nations.

    Australia’s wicked ruling elites like other Western ruling elites, are aiding and abetting in the Muslim conquest of their nation. And FORCING infidel taxpayers to finance Muslim invasion and conquest.

  8. All these young male illegal people (should be sent back to fight for their country) they are not immigrants as they contribute nothing to this Country so we need to get out of the UN treaty and close our borders and only except people that want to come here and work not bludge and one more thing if the Government is so set on people who smoke stop giving these parasites money for their smokes and stop the money being paid to them and give them food stamps (no cash they might look else where)STOP making it so easy for them to come here without a valid reason

  9. If I was the Australian government I would deploy a ring of hunter killer subs and torpedo the muzzie boats as they approached Australian waters. Problem solved.

    • Andrew L,
      This Government does not want to stop these Muslim Insurgents.
      The present (Madame Gillard) and previous (Lu Kewen aka Kevin 07 Rudd) Socialist governments implemented the “Open Borders” Policy that has facilitated and encouraged the 20,000 plus illegal (predominantly male Muslims average age 18 – 27) entrants.

      Why? in short their VOTE ,in exchange for lifelong social security. Labor’s VOTE People, see my previous comment for more detailed explanation.

  10. What utter nonsense! Kick those beasts back into the Islamic hellholes they slithered out of! The retirement homes are for people who are retired…you know, people whoWORKED and paid taxes, thus earning a chance to retire and take it easy in their twilight years.

  11. I just have to ask! Susie, what the hell are you doing renting space to a bunch of young able bodied asslifters, who should be earning their own way?!! The space in that “retirement village” IS for ELDERLY retirees not invading asslifters who are NOT even citizens!!………

  12. Perceptor.We have a change of government coming later in the year .The trollop in charge will thrown out on fat arse big time.She is disciple of the chocolate jesus.Also she is a big fan of hillart.Nuff said

  13. Mozzies flee from countries that are dysfunctional because of Islam and immediately demand to make the successful countries Islamic failures.

    Australians, WHY are you importing more headaches?

    Sharia law discriminates against women and ‘others’. Mozzies want to destroy your country after they suck it dry.

  14. There are no Muslim countries who have signed the UN treaty regarding asylum – so they can happily practice THEIR aparheid. I believe here is a massive groundswell in Australia against this completely unfair treatment of original Aussies – it’s just that at present there is not a party to vote for who will stop this madness.

    • There is a HUGE groundswell JS! Back in 2001 there was an election based on who can come into Australia (refer a boat called Tampa) – the PM John Howard (Conservative – Liberal & National Party) who SHOULD have lost the election – didn’t – because he had strong Border Protection Laws in place i.e. the “Pacific Solution”.
      In short any ‘refugee’ sent offshore & processed in Nauru or Manus Island (off New Guinea) & if accepted were given a Temporary Protection Visa (TPV’s) – in other words they could stay in Oz until the situation in their home country improved. If they went back to their country during their TPV period, they were not allowed re-entry – butthe clincher was – NO RIGHT to Family Reunion – they couldn’t bring family over to leech off the system & THAT is what stopped the boats filled with parasitic scum!

      The LNP HAS a Policy virtually identical to the Pacific Solution plus will turn the boats around “when safe to do so”.

      It was in 2005 when PM John Howard said “Australians will determine WHO will come into Australia, WHEN & under what circumstances” – has been attributed to many others including the Commie whore Gillard, but it was John Howard who said those immortal words.

      The Loony left Australian Labor Party/Greens dismantled working Border Protection laws for “more humane” laws upon gaining office in 2007. In fact it was Gillard who drew up those laws.
      Well in the last 5 years, well over 1,000 boat people humanely drowned in the rush to get to Oz. Unfortunately more than 30,000 have been let in.

      Come September 14th, it’s all gonna change.

  15. anything related to the UN IS A JOKE.inste4ad of granting them asylum the should e sent vack to the hellholes they came from. As long as dhimmis have control this will continue. Why should women and children be forced to live on the street so that the muslim parasites live on welfare/

  16. It’s only a matter of time before the thefts start,not to mention the 1st.Rape,and anyway,have they no waiting lists for these places,get them out on the barren ground and let them stay beside the the rest of the Animals – who would probably reject them as well.

  17. There are many many pissed off people in Adelaide….
    and everything is done always so surreptitiously. I’m surprised the MSM got onto this & actually put it out there.
    “Crimmigrants” describe these parasites to a ‘T’.
    There also seems to be a bit of a back-lash against the Red Cross – they can pay the rents for these parasites but have no money for homeless Australians – so when I say people are pissed off they really are!

    • Not quite Monsieur Charles. Over the weekend the Australian PM Gillard negotiated an agreement with the piss week NZ government to take 150 of these crimmigrants off of Australia’s hands & stated that it would send a “clear signal to people smugglers” – well on one day last week a boat came with 153 crimmigrant scum on board!

  18. The recent Queensland Flood victims were “given” one million dollars towards the costs of re housing them and compensation.

    This Generous allocation of Australian Taxpayers money was announced by Madame Gillard and her Union / GetUp funded Labor Green Loon / Independent minority Socialist “Co Party” Government the same week her Foreign Minister Bob Carr announced a gift of Ten Million for Mali.

    I would not mind so much if the money for Mali was going towards the Christians and not towards the re arming and re supplying their Islamic oppressors.

    This Communist Government of Australia will use any MAD DOG it can get into bed with to destroy Australia and its people, what better Mad Dog to let loose in the Community than as many members of Islamic Sociopath’s Inc. as you can import into the Nation with NO identification papers of any description and preferably 80% been single males average age 18 to 27 years.

    Why? because when you tell any group of people from anywhere, in this case the Islamic hoards, that in exchange for their vote they will be housed fed clothed paid to reproduce as many of their kind as they can are permitted to have four wives receive subsidised Housing public transport utilities schooling chemist ($5 a prescription) FREE Medical Dental $10,000 welcome to Australia package and no obligation for them or their off spring to ever WORK or pay tax.

    The same government turns a blind eye to the inevitable crime these swine bring with them eg. Car stealing and re birthing to overseas destinations to finance Terrorism,Gang Rape of “Aussie Sluts and Pigs” FGM,Drug and Fire Arms importation and distribution,Monopoly on the Taxi and Hire Car Security Stand over Man Industry Polygamy.
    Not to mention the rapid rise in incest and the subsequent physical and mental birth defects arising from these first cousin marriages and the millions of dollars in costs for treatment for same on the public health system, Australians born here and those who immigrated legally from all over the world are forced to the end of the line at every opportunity due to the policy of Multiculturalism that excuses and facilitates these Islamic Swine these parasites who’s only purpose since their infamous Paedophile Slave Trading Mass Murdering “Prophet’ invented the ideology of the Sociopath, Paedophile, Rapist the Thief and the most vile and called it a Religion.

    No wonder the “Progressives” are so enamoured by Islam and it’s Pathological wickedness.

  19. OMG! Here is a possible explanation for “liberal madness syndrome” in Australia.

    Sea foam enters through the nose and ears, working its way up into the brain, and dissolves sections of the brain that control rational thought.

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