AUSTRALIA: Muslim illegal ‘crimmigrants’ living in retirement homes at taxpayer expense

boat_people-300x290Not only do these Muslim illegal alien invaders get tens of thousands of dollars in free stuff and subsidized housing if and when they are granted asylum, many detainees are being housed in retirement villages, where they intimidate and frighten elderly residents, not to mention taking up housing that should rightfully go to senior citizens.

AU NEWS  (h/t Colin W) The Immigration Department has ordered an investigation after asylum seekers were uncovered living at a retirement home in Adelaide’s northern suburbs. Economic Asylum seekers, mostly from Muslim countries,  have been rotating through the accommodation at the Harwin Retirement Village at Salisbury for six months – at taxpayers’ expense.

Some residents at the home say they have serious safety concerns, and say the facility should only be used for aged care. A village manager says the Muslim freeloaders have set off fire alarms nine times while cooking in their rooms, sometimes at night.

One of the detention centers burnt down by Muslim asylum seekers
One of the detention centers burnt down by Muslim asylum seekers

SMH  Australia’s immigration detention system is being clogged by growing numbers of rejected asylum seekers who should be sent home, the United Nations refugee agency has warned. UNHCR regional representative Richard Towle said large numbers of people now coming through the asylum system in Australia were not political refugees at all, but rather economic parasites, eager to grab their share of the generous Australian welfare system.


There are over 100,000 homeless Australians, most of them women & children who don’t have a roof over their head, must live in their cars or with relatives, don’t get 3 meals a day, but must take a back seat to the flood of illegals arriving by the boatload from places like Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Somalia, etc.