GERMANY; 74-year-old pensioner charged with sedition for warning of Turkish and Muslim threat to Europe

64217-viProsecutors wanted her thrown in jail for 90 days for speaking out against Islam, but the judge gave her 3 years probation and a fine of 1,000 Euros (payable to the Muslim advocates of Amnesty International) for her “hostile attitude toward Muslims,” a charge that equals sedition in Germany. She asked to be allowed to pay the money to a charity for persecuted Christians instead, but the judge said no, it had to go to Amnesty International!

PI (English translation) Maria Frank, a 74-year-old woman, who leads an organization called “Association for the Future of Germany” peacefully gathered signatures calling for a referendum on whether an “Islam in Europe” centre should be built in Munich. She is constantly mobbed by leftist gorups, so her placards are hardly visible. Despite that, she was prosecuted for incitement to hatred.


Franks posted a sign that said “Now the arrogant Turks and Muslims threaten Europe again.” Result: She was charged with sedition. “For me this is the truth and nothing wrong,” said Frank.  The court said the accused thus established and suggested the reference to a war of aggression by Turks, and thus, a fear of Islam is warranted.

The prosecutor conceded that there is a fundamental right to freedom of expression. But the line was drawn by laws when facts are distorted, they make themselves contemptible, and the statements were hate-motivated. The risk of aggressive war was inconsistent with objective facts in line, but in the population leads to fear and hatred of Muslims and Turkish citizens.


The ‘dhimmi’ judge warned Frnak against posting negative comments about Muslims and Turks on the internet. An admonition directed not only at Frank, but at other critics of Islam, including political parties.


Supporters of Frank in Germany argue:

 Turks are pretentious as demonstrated by 1500 Turkish VIPs from all over Europe 11 months ago who went to Ankara in order to proclaim “World Power Turkey.”

Muslims threatened France and Switzerland, and today they demand emphatically that Spain and the Balkans must again be Muslim or Turkish. This objective is also a threat to us.

In Turkey, we are called “Western Turkey”, a clear indication that they want to take us. Moreover, individual Turks in this country already have their own province. Prime Minister Erdogan and his extended fifth Column, have called for Turkish as a first language at local high schools.

 Turks and Muslims also threaten our culture with pork bans, forced marriages, honor killings, no piggy banks, bans on mixed gender swimming lessons, school trips and excursions, demanding special swimming days just for Muslims, arbitrary no-go zones for mosques, etc.,  – all of which threaten Western culture. Muslims want to restrict our freedom of expression, press freedom and art and thus threaten our human rights.

Erdogan demanded in the Cologne Arena that all local Turks not assimilate and always remain Turks. For this he received thunderous applause of the visiting Turks. He calls indirectly parallel and counter companies that threaten the peaceful coexistence and compromise.