GERMANY: Infidels ‘spreading’ the words of the Holy Quran

Ripped out pages of several Qurans rain down outside Islamic institutions to demonstrate exactly how many Germans feel about the bigoted, misogynistic, and violent teachings of Islam.


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  1. Kelly, the ‘violence’ in the Old Testament cannot be compared to the extreme violence in the Koran. The era of the OT was that God established the law. People disobeyed God and He punished them. Also, the ‘violence’ was never used to lure people to a religion, like in the case of Islam.
    The Koran is making EVERY Muslim man a judge and executor. So, they are criminals, or potential criminals depends how they adhere to the criminal Koran.
    Yes, you are right that Jesus brought to us THE GRACE ERA, extreme love, freedom and salvation.. That is why millions upon millions of Muslims arcoming to Christ every year.
    The real problem is not with Muslims as it is with us (the western PEOPLE).. We allowing them in our countries and bowing to their criminal demands.

  2. I keep my Qur’an so that I can SHOW people the crap that is in it! They don’t believe until I show them. Then they are shocked! When Devil’s Advocates try to bring up the violence in the Bible, I remind them that the difference is that we do not do the old testament things because Jesus came to forgive us and be the final sacrifice… There is no such figure in Islam so the violence continues and there is no grace or forgiveness – only vengence.

  3. The koran should be eradicated from the earth for the common good of mankind. It is the only book now at work in generating endless human pains.

  4. Perfect justice for the crappy coran. The pages should have been greased with bacon fat and set on fire too. We all need to tear up and to burn corans at will. I hope that every one will dress up in a burka with a mask, for halloween. This cult of islam worships the book and not the meaning. They worship the pedophile profit and not their lunatic moon god allah. What a messed up cult of evil. Burn all corans as a sign that we are not going to surrender to their demands for our silence and our loss of our freedom of expression and speech.

  5. It’s starting and the leftist governments all over the world will not be able to stop it. Eventually truth is always exposed and evil is revealed for what it is. Man has an innate yearning to be free and patient good people will only be repressed for just so long. Just wait until Obama and his thugs try to suppress our 2nd amendment right even more he’ll have a big surprise. On this subject lots of regular people both Republicans and Democrats agree, they understand having personal fire arms is the difference between being a free man or a subject.

  6. Germans appear to be ahead of the rest of the world in being REALISTIC about the SOURCE of the problem.
    The Koran PREACHES VIOLENCE against ‘others’ and women.
    The Koran teaches VIGILANTE MURDER.
    The Koran teaches BLIND FOLLOWING, rather than critical thought.
    Islam makes people shut off their brain out of fear.
    Islam says: do as you’re told; don’t ask questions.

    The HATRED comes from Islam.
    We are not ‘hating’ when we want to protect our societies from this EVIL DEATH CULT.

    • Please don’t forget the French like our friend Monsieur Alain: they seem to have started igniting just as early if not earlier.

      [Probably the French penchant for revolutions will for once actually prove to be for the good – whereas the German blind obedience didn’t help matters under Hitler and World War II, the efforts of Rommel, Stauffenberg and Bonhoeffer (and those were fine people who all got killed by the Nazis!!) notwithstanding.]

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