Just what Sweden needs…even MORE Somali Muslim ‘crimmigrants’

sweden-explodesThe Swedish Public Employment Service is in the initial phases of opening an office in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, to prepare Somali Muslims immigrating to Sweden in advance of their arrival, reports Swedish Radio news.

(That’s right, prepare the Somali parasites on how to avail themselves of Sweden’s overly generous welfare benefits for them and their large families which will increase substantially after they are settled into public housing funded by Swedish taxpayers)

The Local & Swedish Radio The purpose of the pilot project is to assist Somalis who have received a Swedish residence permit on family reunification grounds but who have not yet arrived in Sweden.

In 2012, a Swedish Migration Court decision opened the door for MANY Somalis to join family members who have permission to stay in Sweden. The Swedish embassy in Addis Ababa processes these applications.


By mapping out the educational and employment backgrounds of job-seekers, the employment service hopes the pilot project can save time by identifying appropriate courses for these Somalis to take once they reach Sweden, or even possible employers to offer them work.

Mattias Wahlsten, a coordinator at the employment service, tells Swedish Radio News that, above all, they want to communicate to these people that when they come to Sweden, they can get help from the employment service, which offers an introduction program for two years.


In May 2012 the Swedish Migration Board (Migrationsverket) estimated that around 23,000 Somalis with relatives in Sweden would apply to join them under the new rules. But figures released this month showed that few have taken up the offer. So far, ONLY about 12,000 Somalis have applied, and while a third of the applicants have been given permission to stay, only 1,000 have actually come to Sweden.


Most of the rest are waiting in Addis Ababa, where the Swedish embassy is located. Somali organizations in Sweden have been suggesting that, like other countries, Swedish authorities should open offices in the places where Somalis are waiting to leave.

As of November, Somalis were the fastest growing immigrant group in Sweden, but only one in five has found work. (Gee, what a surprise!)


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  1. really i get confused of reading this full of hate islamophopia and racism ideas. i never thought that a developed country like Sweden has such ignorance and hate towards the Muslims, actually Islam is the religion of peace. why you see some thing great to invite your rich country number of people from war-torn country. we are a small unrecognized country separated from great Somalia. we have peace education and every thing. there are thousands of christian Ethiopians who work and beg in our streets we never harm them because they are Christians. if we had the potential to help them improve their lives we would have helped them more. so please spread love and responsibility instead of hate and old fashioned ideas. whether they are Muslims Christians or whatever they are,they have their basic human rights entitled to them God given. its not Muslims who eliminated peace and mercy from the earth its the Jews why don’t talk about them, they are killing thousands of babies and mothers simply because they are a Muslim and they want to eliminate them from existence who has given them the right to do so?

    • Confused? Fuck off back to sandland then.”Islam is the religion of peace” -so how come you sunni/shiites are always fighting and killing each other. You muslims are the most ignorant, uneducated bigoted, dross parasites of the World.

  2. Freedom-destroyers, European, British and other Western ruling elites are 100% GUILTY along with the EVIL Muslim perpetrators of EVERY single violent crime and atrocity committed by Muslims. Muslims are OBEYING Koran commands and commands in mosques to wage violent jihad against non-Muslims.

    Only the most evil people-ruling elites, would massively colonize our countries with Muslim infidel-haters. Because of our traitor leaders, non-Muslims are no longer safe in their once safe, peaceful countries. The victory of the Second World War has been utterly destroyed by these traitors.

    • You’re right, they’re not only in Sweden. So many other nations has similar problems like us. UK has also been betrayed, so has the french, the dutch, the germans, spaniards, aussies and so on. When it comes to sheer islamisation, we in Europe are way ahead of US and Canada. But you’re catching up with us now, thanks to your potus that is either a muslim, a cultural marxist or possibly both. Too bad you didn’t got rid of him in the election. I’m sure he will speed up the islamisation now but at least you got guns. So far at least. Don’t let them take those away from you. Because then you will be sitting ducks just like us.

    • There has been two seasons of the reality show Allt för Sverige (Everything for Sweden) now. It’s all about 8 or maybe 10 americans seeking their swedish roots and learn about their swedish branch of their families. I usually don’t watch reality shows but has made an exception for this one. Because it has been fun to see my country not being totaslly denigrated for once in media. They have the right to be proud of their background, which I as a native doesn’t. Not unless I want to become a racist, nazi or islamophobe and things like that. The show has not entirely free of multiculturalism but kept on such a low level that even I have gotten surprised by it.

      Anyway, it has been kinda touching when they learned about the hardships they had back then 100-150 years ago when most of them immigrated. Some even cried a bit. They went over to get a better life than here and it seems most of them actually did. The old language is of course long forgotten excdept for some words that has been with them since childhood. Most commonly expressions like “mormor”, “farmor” or “morfar” and such. It literally translates to mother mother, father mother and mother father, so you can probably guess the meaning in english. We have similar expressions for uncles and aunts and none of them are even tongue wrenching.

      • Robin, the problem is the harm that muslim immigration has done to Sweden NEVER gets reported in the American media. Most people here have no idea how muslims are destroying Europe and the Scandinavian countries. If not for the bloggers, no one would know about it at all.

  3. Sweden is still a democracy and you can still win your country back at the polls by voting in a government that will stop muslim immigration and deport all illegal muslims and muslim criminals. The time is 11:59:58 and fast running out for Sweden. Importing people to go on your welfare rolls is just plain stupid.

  4. As a regular reader of one of the best sites on the web, (thank you Bonni for all the energy you put into this valuable site) these photos are frightening.
    With the spotlight focused on Sweden, it brings fresh perspective on the psychology of, “Stockholm Syndrome.”
    You would think they would read their own research!
    As the plague of locusts were sent to destroy the land in Egypt, the muslims are the plague of locusts sent to destroy Europe and make her people slaves of the invaders.
    When, when, when are the people going to wake up and see that their governments are systematically, mercilessly destroying them, their cultures and their posterity?
    Politicians will have a hefty price to pay as they attempt to explain the reasoning behind this, “suicide of the nations” but, it will be in vain. There is no explanation. This is the folly of their vanity.
    It is sickening.

    • It’s actually the 40th anniversary of the original hostage event this year. You can read more about it on Wikipedia if you want. That is actually one of two things I remember best from that year. The other being ourr old king laying on his death bed. Those two events was huge here back then. And funny enough, there was hardly any enrichers at all back then either. As growing up in a small town in the county or landscape Scania (Skåne) in the south, it was almost like a Pippi Longstocking kind of idyll back then. The crime rates were very low and even Malmö was a nice city back then and safe I might add. We had relatives there so we visited it from time to time. In my teens we went there for concerst, fun and shopping, just like going over the strait to Copenhagen or Elsinore (Helsingör). That was of course before the bridge, so we went over by ferry. From Malmö or Landskrona it took about 75 minutes only. At the narrowest point of Öresund, between Helsingborg and Helsingör it just took 15-20 minutes. I remember it as a lovely time. Very peaceful and safe. Not many worries at all really. I really mourn that loss of innocence we had 30-50 years ago.
      As a child I remember vacations in other places of Sweden. The midnight sun is with me although more than 45 years has passed. I remember forests and lakes in mid-Sweden too. Everything was very clean and beautiful. So I guess we can all guess what all that nature will look a hundred years from now having being under the islamic boot for a century. Everything will be gone and burned down. The former clean water will be dirty and poisonous just like in the own countries.

  5. I’ve never seen more trash piled onto one truck. This should be the new definition of garbage truck. This is the same human filth that the traitor Obama is bringing into the U.S. all native, non Muslim inbred scum, need to form malitias to fight the sharia patrols.

  6. Dear BNI:

    In a previous post on the islamization of Scandinavia; I listed the places affected by Scandinavia’s “big bad meannie ethno-centric European guilt trip horror of colonialism.” This includes first and foremost- Iceland, Scotland, Ireland, regions of the American midwest and the US Virgin Islands. Sweden if you want “diversity” then invite Icelandics, Irish, Scots, Swedish-Americans, Indians from Minnesota American Indian tribes and black (and Christian) American citizen Virgin Islanders.

    Sweden you would get plenty of different skin colors and religions IF you simply invited persons who are the descendents of those connected to Scandinavia’s colonial past. Most importantly, it would be something you were actually connected with.

    Oooooppps! Those populations mentioned above- whatever their religion or skin color have a problem apparently with Swedish government officials.

    One- those people would work for living. Two- they would respect Swedish society and follow Swedish laws. Three- they would actually contirbute to Swedish society.

    Three strikes and your out! So, the above groups are not even considered by Sweden. Instead the Swedish government wants muslims. And it is muslims they want. Sweden has actually DEPORTED Iraqi Christians back to Iraq where they face persecution and possible death. Iraqi Christians who did not harm Swedes.

    Muslims from North Africa, arabic lands, Persia, Asia and the middle-East. Muslims who have no concept of democracy, Western culture, first world standards or getting along with any culture, religion or population that is not a cesspool muslim. This is what Sweden’s government wants and this is what it actively seeks.

    The most hilarious and outrageous statements in this article are the ones about Somali muslims being recruited to “work” in Sweden. Most Swedes I know (including relatives) state that the muslims simply do not work. Also, you will still find ethnic white Swedes who are… orderlies in hospitals, janitors in schools, laborers, construction workers, waiters & waitresses, kitchen help, child care workers, farm workers, etc. Do not believe that NO SWEDES do manual labor or NO SWEDES toil at difficult jobs. The belief that ethnic Swedes refuse to work and it is necessary to bring in muslims is wrong. Swedes do work. Most muslims do not.

    I also find it disappointing that the Swedish government is setting up shop in order to bring in MORE muslims from Somalia. What? There isn’t long enough lines at Swedish embassies or UN organizations or humanitarian aid camps for people to clamor for entry into Sweden… the Swedish govenment has to go LOOKING for muslims? Yet the government kicks out Iraqi Christians (genuine refugees), does nothing to protect Jewish Swedes (who are fleeing Malmo due to anti-Semitism); and does not try to stop ethnic Swedes (Jew or Gentile) from emigrating away from Sweden.

    I remember seeing recently the article about a little Somali muslim child who DEMANDED that his host Scandinavian nation provide him and his mother with a large home WITH a playground on the property. Scandinavians used to think their tolerant, clean and orderly society had a quality of life if their neighborhoods had a local playground for the ENTIRE neighborhood’s children.

    Now, those playgrounds and parks are no go areas for Scandinavians because of muslims who control these public spaces… sites for them to congregate in their criminal packs of islamo-jackals and sell drugs or stolen goods, molest local non-muslim girls and assault Scandinavian passersby.

    Yet, the threatening little muslim whelp probably WILL GET a “big house” with playground equipment in the backyard. The Scandinavian taxpayer are slaves to illiterate, violent and lazy muslims. Even the muslim children put the dhimmi Scandinavians in their place. Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Faroe Islands… please remember your Viking heritage. Please save your nations, and embrace your people, save your Jewish citizens… and most importantly, please start doing this now!

  7. Guy,
    With all due respect the the average Sweede, working class folks Like you & I are at the mercy of their government, the gov’s. whims & fantqsies re: or how moronic, dangerous & how many American’s are killed.
    I doubt average folks would voluntarily allow their culture to be watered down & destroyed. If your right then they are indeed stupid.

    • Yes, guy, you’re right and we have heard as much from Swedes who post comments here. But as they say, “You get the government you deserve.” Like we did with 4 more years of the Muslim traitor in chief.

  8. Mrs. B
    That first photo right after the video at first sight I thought it was an impressionist painting like the famous Monet of the red

    Once my eyes adjusted to the picture, I was just amazed.

  9. It is impossible for me to understand how anyone can believe allowing, much less encouraging, these undesirable bottom feeders into their country. And reimbursing them for what? Breathing your air, maybe. They will destroy your country and any others that act this stupid.


    • Tom, bill Clinton let a shitload move into Minnesota and Arkansas. Call the police in Minneapolis and see how it’s working out……same as sweden

  10. I guess they’re competing with Norway as to which country will hit the highest number of violent rapes.

    In ten years, Sweden’s economy will be destroyed.

  11. Sounds like the Swedes need to get a posse together and find the POS’s that did this to the young man. A nice pile of burnt to a crisp somali muslime POS.

  12. That tells you right there that the “élite” have totally betrayed their people!!! Perhaps at least some of them are not even any more of Swedish stock…

    It’s so SATANIC – and yet only the imagination can portray just how much worse things can and WILL become!!! [After all, much as there’s a good chance that either of Obama and/or Pútjin indeed could be THE Antichrist (perhaps one as the Beast of the Sea and the other as the Beast of the Land), we still need to see them identified as such so as to be irrefutable.]

    • With what I wrote above, I just find it so hard to believe that NOBODY is complaining to those wretches and traitors from their own families, their own relatives, their own friends and acquaintances!!!! That’s why I wonder if some of them are actually non-Swedish…

    • Our PM Fredrik Reinfeldt has stated officially, “original swedishness is barbarism. All developments has come from the outside”. Meaning ouside of Sweden and meaning that the viking berserk rage is the only thing that is really swedish. And he’s not a real swede either. He has also stated that “My great great grandfather was the result of a romance between an afro-american circus artist (flea circus really lol) and a latvian maid. This is typical swedish”, end of quote. Mr John Hood as his name was, was also a typical rolling stone and left the maid shortly after giving birth to the baby. There is actually a photo of him ca 1880 dressed nicely with top hat and all. Just google his name together with our PM’s and it shouldn’t be hard to find it.
      Contrary to the cultural marxists, I don’t blame earlier generations of neither americans or latvians for that matter. I do however, house a huge dislike and contempt for Mr Reinfeldt though. All based on his hatred for our country and ethnical swedes in general. Now, he’s far from the only hostile politician but we can stay there for today.

      • Robin, I understand the leftists have decided Sweden is too ‘white’ so they are importing 3rd world black garbage to balance your population. In other words, take the IQ levels down to about 60 while increasing your welfare numbers more than ever before.

    • Guy, Do you live in Sweden?, do you know what goes on in the minds of the real Swedes? Do you follow Swedish politics at all? Trust me, Swedes want to live their Swedish life’s as much as Americans want their own country back and live their own American dream again but guess what happens when traitors pull the strings in parliament..

      • Our traitors even houses them in mansions, in castles even! Or buy up houses, villas or apartments for them while more and more swedes becomes homeless and no one gives a damn about that. They’re just f**king swedes anyway. The government provides them with slaves to take care of them all day. While at the same time elderly homes more and more starts to look like concentration camps. However, the only swedish friendly party Sweden Democrats, has more than doubled from around 5-6 % to 14-15% in just a year alone. in some polls they’re even around 20%. They are now definetively the third largest party in the parliament. Two of the liberal parties are most likely to fall under 4% in the 2014 elections. The green party has been halfed in just a year too. Even the two biggest, Moderaterna and Socialdemokraterna has lost some. But we seriously needs foreign observers to watch the election in september 2014, because we fear the election will be even dirtier than in 2010 and that they will cheat massively. So please send observers. If SD continue to grow like this, they might be up to 25% by this time next year. With only six months to election it will make the traitors very nervous.
        They are also working very hardly right now to silence dissent on the internet. They have made up this orwellian newspeak word “net hatred”, just to give them a reason to clamp down on the still free internet. It also so happens that the lamestream enema doesn’t go too well these days. They loose a lot of readers every day and many dailies has sacked journalists to save money. They are very desperate now.

        • Robin, we pray that your election won’t be the disaster ours was. You need conservatives to watch every polling place and check the machines to see if they haven’t been tampered with.

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