“ANTI-ISLAM” – A fast-growing sentiment in the UK, too

ummahjack-viAs rampant Muslim immigration continues to plague Europe, right wing anti-Islam parties are rising rapidly. Now that 75% of Brits have also come to believe that Islam is a threat to Western civilization and the British way of life, perhaps right wing parties will also gain popular support there?


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  1. I’m surprised that ONLY 75% see Islam as a threat. There is boiling anger here in the UK about appeasement of Islam. This is starting to spill out of seething resentment about such appeasement by the authorities and into people kicking back. I don’t agree with threats against property or people but sadly I can see more of such things if the unwarranted ‘special privilidges’ that Islam has in the UK are not removed. See this on my place http://www.fahrenheit211.net/2013/02/10/chipping-norton-mosque-story-update/

  2. Who do they think they are fooling with this stuff?

    Muslims dominate the drugs trade, prostitution, counterfeiting, fraud, terrorism, theft and so on.

    Anti-infidel hate crimes are enormously more prevalent yet Muslims want to be both the “victims” and the oppressors.

    • FOX News is the best we’ve got over here, but it’s a lot worse than it used to be ever since the Saudis bought a share in it. The rest of the leftist media are communists and Islamofascist sympathizers.

  3. Don’t know if I buy their research data; I doubt it is reliable. The Islamic Human Rights rep said 17% of those Muslims they interviewed reported being violently attacked but perhaps they only interviewed Muslims who’d reported crimes. In addition, the wording was that 60% of hate crimes reported were by Muslims as against Muslims. But that could merely reflect that ethnic Brits are unwilling to report crimes to police because they don’t see the point because they know police have, to date, been directed to assume ethnic Brits cannot, by definition, be targets of violent hate crime. Also, like Bauer noted in his book “While Europe Slept” about the Islamization of Norway, when non-Muslims go to police to report hate crime, police often tell them their attackers have beat them to it and reported their victims as provoking a violent self-defence. Bauer reported that tactic is widely used by Muslim gangs to target homosexuals, women, musicians and other groups.

    My own experience living in Canada is that police fabricated evidence in records to cover up what is accurately described not only as hate crime but as cleansing; the systematic misuse of violent attacks on targets in order to drive down real estate prices, drive owners out of certain neighbourhoods, then purchase the properties cheap, take over the neighbourhood and control the remaining residents with jizya.

  4. Press TV, lol, what bunk!!!! Why don’t the muslim invaders go back to the sandbox where they can be close to their death-cult, pedophile, inbred cousins. They don’t like their “adopted” country, then get the hell out! Wherever they are, they are invaders. They don’t “assimilate” into society, they want to change it to their perverted sharia and enslave the populace. Jihad is their way and anyone who isn’t one of them is the enemy. NEVER FORGET that!

    • AMEN!!I totally agree!! Its the nations warped political leaders that let these “invaders” in!!I hate gov’t and those that run the country!!!Our Christian based countries are completely destroyed thanks to them!!!!!

  5. Muslims posing as victims is an extremely important part of Islamic WAR strategy. This psychological warfare is aided and abetted by Western governments and media.

    Experts have stated that Muslims who carried out terror attacks in Western countries could not have done so without the support of the Muslim community.

    When Muslims have been polled in Western host countries, a significant number of Muslims SUPPORTED the terror attacks in our countries saying that the terror attacks (mass murders of innocents) were justified.

    A HUGE percentage of Muslims polled in our Western countries say they want Islamic sharia law enacted in our countries. The ENSLAVEMENT and total DESTRUCTION of non-Muslim human rights. All of this horror has been designed by TRAITOR British and European ruling elites who have colonized our countries with many millions of hostile, infidel-hater Muslims.

  6. press tv is a taqiyya muslim owned media. The hate crimes are such as she looked funny at me. She pulled my scarf. What about 7/11 blowing up busses and so on. The muslims need look no further if they want to know why the UK people are finally waking up to the threat of islamization of their country. The actions of the savage muslims speaks louder than their taqiyya lies of BS. I wish that 100% of the UK people realized that islam is a threat to the english way of life and the english culture. For the other 25% wake up before it is too late to save your country from the jihad invasion.

  7. Not rampant enough, not even close! It never ceases to amaze me how amazingly efficient they are in PR and public opinion manipulation. Israel had been crashed by Palestinian PR machine, Just less than 12 years ago after horrific crime perpetrated by them on the US soil, one might think they should be very, very quiet and practically invisible trying not to irritate the society, but now even mentioning Islam other than in a”Religion of Peace” concept is a hate crime. How did this happen???

    • This has happened because European, British, and other Western ruling elites HATE our Awesome, Wonderful, Magnificent God – our Glorious Creator. Western ruling elites HATE the Bible and HATE Judaism and Christianity. They worship the same god as Islam, they just give their god a different name. But SAME god, different name.

  8. Mapleleaf, Agreed living amongst Muslims most of them would be too afraid to critioise Islam. There are a lot of dopey politicians that will feel sorry for the Muslims and fail to identify the ‘Hate Speech’ of Islam. The fact is politicians if you ever read these comments: “Islam is focused on destruction of ‘Freedom of Expression in Speech and Choice.’ Any person, any politician that accepts or tolerates Islam is guilty of ‘high treason’ against God, decency, children, humanity and the ‘Free World’ and thus becomes automatically an ‘enemy of the State.'” This ‘sob story’ Iranian News presentation is ‘Taqiyya’ the art of Islamic deceit a Trojan Horse tactic to trick non-Muslims into dropping their guard so that Muslims can easily force us to submit to the will of Anti-Freedom Totalitarian Islam.

  9. Just as in France and Germany, the British voters will soon be instructing their politicians to protect society from this PREDATORY Death Cult of inbred, brain-damaged terrorists.

    • we English have been through this before, look at our history, we overcame all foreign enemies and that trod on this good Land, we also overcame traitorous governments, we will be Victorious

  10. Let’s hope so, Ms. BNI: it will at best be in the nick of time!!!

    Personally, given the British system, I fear that even if the people of the UK turn against Islam, they’ll completely fail to influence the governmental “élite”, who’ll continue on with their JUDAS-policies and likely even stomp upon those who they’re supposed to represent!!! Élitists often have such contempt if not hate for their constituents as to be more than amply capable of deluding themselves into thinking that the “people” will in the end see why they (the “élite”) have done what they did and will endorse them in the end – OR, worse yet, they’ll think everybody but themselves are EXPENDABLE (precisely the totalitarian mindset of Moslems, Commies and Nazis!!!!)… As part thereof, they’ll become even worse with those who know the truth like the EDL rather than admit to any wrongdoing on their part.

    • Isn’t that situation which brought about the French Revolution??? Only here, we have the survival of a NATION, and not a ruling regime, though that is embedded in the challenge facing Britain at this time.

      • Except that Louis XVI called together the Three Estates in 1789 FIRST, aiming for a relatively-conservative kind of discussion of how to help France pull herself out of an economic and political slump that had been going on FAR BEFORE he came to the throne in 1774. Alas, things became much more heated and seemed to be turning leftwards so much that he was prepared to call in the Army – which triggered Bastille Day (1789/07/14)’s riot and actual Revolution.

        In the end, what really killed Louis XVI was neither the Assemblée Nationale of 1789, nor the Assemblée Législative of 1790, but the Paris Convention formed in 1792 in response to other nations declaring war upon France and wanting to bring Louis back as an absolute monarch.

        In the end, Louis was killed by a fraction of PARISIANS, not the whole country by a long-shot: France overall mourned him bitterly!!

        On the other hand, will the “Ancien Régime du Royaume Uni du Grande Brétagne et Irlande du Nord” survive THIS potential upcoming revolution, if it comes to that?? I strongly fear the result will be like what happened with China in 1989 instead…

        • Thank You, My Friend. Your grasp and knowledge of History is much greater than my own, and I appreciate your elucidation.
          Have a Wondorious Day, Kind Friend !!

        • To “Grouchy Fogie”:

          Thank YOU for your compliment!! [And I love the face of that dog you have there – a sable German-Shepherd?]

          My prediction about the “élite” using even the most brutal force to hang on to their rule in the UK is based on one of two strong possibilities one can foresee:

          1) they (the élitists) will suddenly wake up as to what they’ve been doing AND REFUSE to admit it, so that then they’ll lash out at BOTH the Moslems AND people in groups like the EDL.

          2) Alternatively, they’ll then be bought out by their Moslem masters, who’ll then come over, take over the actual rule and rule the UK “with a rod of iron” (i.e., with the utter mercilessness and hate they use upon their Arab lands).

          These two possibilities are not mutually exclusive – and either way, those groups won’t then hesitate to even use nuclear weapons upon their own people (as South Africa’s whites were prepared even to do upon their black colleagues) if it becomes a question of their surviving with their privileges, land-ownership, titles, &c. intact.

  11. Oh… From Iran’s Press TV….

    This piece of crap, like others made by Islamists in the Western world, is another attempt to try to claim victim status in the hopes of preempting any valid criticism of Islam by trying to make non-Muslims feel guilty that if they something validly negative about Islam or Muslims, then their words will be necessarily translated into violence against Muslims.

    This is part of psychological Jihad, and unfortunately it’s been working for Muslims quite well. But we need to call this for what it is, and make people aware that they are being egregiously manipulated by the Islamists.

    If there really was any real or significant backlash to Islamic immigration swamping the U.K., and elsewhere in the West, this little psychological ploy would have had a lot more on substance, rather than the hyperbole and lack of substance they tried for to support their bogus contentions.

    You have to admit, they try to leave no piece of garbage unturned.

  12. Press tv is an Iranian station and proscribed in the UK so how come these hijabed harridans are allowed to do their thing on our streets?

  13. I notice that non of those interviewed were asked if they would speak out against
    Christians being murdered in Nigeria and many other muslim countries. Or raise the flag of democracy and get Christian pastors released from prison in iran.

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