‘APORKALYPSE’ NOW! Prepare to have your Muslim sensibilities offended

UnknownHOGSBACK BREWING COMPANY introduces limited edition Bacon Beer. CAIR-Canada’s Litigation Jihadists are frantically searching for a way to have this charged as an ‘Islamophobic’ hate crime and will probably demand that the company stop selling it immediately.

SUN News  (h/t Susan K) Ottawa’s Hogsback Brewing Company has officially launched ‘Aporkalypse Now’ Oatmeal Bacon Stout — a limited-edition beer featuring bacon made from Canadian pork. The unique beer combines two tastes North Americans love: Bacon and beer.


“This proves it. Everything tastes better with bacon, even great tasting beer,” the company said in a statement. “Blending roasted malt and oatmeal, this smooth, dark beer has a sweet caramel aroma and a rich and creamy unbridled taste that comes from a unique infusion of local bacon.”

The bacon part of the bacon beer comes from Pork of Yore, a pig farm about 100 km west of Ottawa, “and the bacon produced there is second to none.” HogsBack will launch its breakfast brew Friday at Ottawa’s Heart and Crown pub and Saturday at Toronto’s The Only Cafe.

Aporkalypse Now is a limited-edition beer, available at select locations, on draft, during February only.


The company’s website has this to say about their “Aporkalypse Now” beer:

Look into the heart of darkness of this pitch black beauty. Take in the sweet caramel and roasted malty notes on the nose with a suggestion of the bacon goodness within. This full-bodied, rich and creamy oatmeal stout trots out a bold, unbridled taste that comes from a unique infusion of local Ottawa Valley heritage-raised “Pork of Yore” fine bacon. Blending in roasted malt and oatmeal for a solid footing, this smooth, dark beer has the perfect finish hinting of the fine swine contained within.

Over 13kg of Pork of Yore’ fine bacon was used for every 780 litre batch brewed — and was fried up personally by the owners of the brewery.

Wondering what bacon beer tastes like? You’ll need to hurry to find out. This limited-edition bacon beer is only available throughout the month of February on tap at select Ottawa restaurants and pubs. Rogue Brewery also offers a bacon beer called “Voodoo Doughnut Bacon Maple Ale” featuring applewood-smoked bacon and maple flavoring. The company’s suggested food pairing for the beer? Doughnuts and pork.


27 comments on “‘APORKALYPSE’ NOW! Prepare to have your Muslim sensibilities offended

  1. I remember a picture of a sign stating “perfect for Haunikkah (sorry I know is spelled it wrong) dinner” next to a rather large ham. No antiSemitic thought intended and the photo got passed around the internet as funny- which it was. Switch to “Ramadan” and there would be riots.

    • Chubee, Jewish comedians have cornered the market on self-deprecation and laughing at themselves. I don’t know any Jew who wouldn’t see the humor in that. But maybe that’s because not many Jews keep Kosher anymore.

  2. hmm ! bacon beer I myself being a connoisseur ” had to look the spelling on that one ” have tryied billy beer , ice cream beer , green beer, old stump beer , near beer, stale beer , light , dark use to call a brand that stood out by itself pork chop beer, WHy Not its a free country name your poison , Muzzies

  3. We have turkey and ham with bacon imbedded in it in my area. Not sure if the store closest to the muslime area carries it in their deli. Next time I’m in the area, I’ll have to go in and take a look at the delis section.
    Just one more t hing for the muslimes to whine about, they are never happy.
    Have a porkalicious day Uncle Dooooogie.

  4. It’s time the Pork Producers of Canada and the U.S. got together and produced a continent wide advertising blitz urging people to, ” EAT MORE PORK “

  5. If someone left a bottle of this on a mosque step would it be considered a hate crime in Canada?

    I think we all know the answer.

    You’d get some arrogant whiner from CAIR contacting the police, local rag and town authorities. They’d talk about interfaith bridges and how this despicable act is destroying them.

    Next they’d wheel on a tearful hijabed muslima gushing of how her children came home in deep psychological trauma.

    Then the local smooth talking imam speechifying about why can’t we just get along?

    An ‘Honest’ Ib Hooper-a-like will talk to local reporters and anyone who’ll listen about the massive islamophobia sweeping Ontario and how this must be stamped out.

    And if they get what they want and that’s sympathetic media attention a few demo’s will draw attention to the horrendous plight Muslims suffer at the hand of the kuffar and hell, why not bring that awful apartheid state of Israel into the mix for good measure?

    Meanwhile the media and establishment will join forces in fulminating against this foul deed.

    And that’s over a mere bottle of beer.

  6. Correct, they have the same choice as anybody else,theres a few thins i don’t like and guess what???….i don’t buy them..simple solution..problem solved.

  7. I don’t know what they are moaning about, Muzrats aren’t supposed to drink alcohol are they? Halal makes me feel sick, so I want that removed from my country NOW!

  8. well, I don’t know what they would have to complain about. Was the pig on the label dressed in a hijab? they don’t drink beer anyway, they drink camel piss, but do they hear us whining about that? why don’t they mind their own business!!!!!

  9. Total Freaking Bullshit! Hey, asslifters, YOU don’t have to drink it! How in the hell do they even think that’s a HATE crime!? Has nothing to do with them – Mind you’re freakin business! God, go lifti your asses and bang your heads! You’re so disgusting…wawwww wawwwww we are pooooor victims!! Guess what, people actually LIKE BACON you idiots! yummmmmmy! What a bunch of fools!

  10. Oh my God this is just so funny. I love it!!!! Yeah let’s wait to see if any muslimes have one word to say about this beer. I just can’t wait to see every day what they will come up with next to bitch, or sue about. This is becoming a real sport with me, seriously. Unbelievable. But I still wish that they would just go away and leave the west alone.

  11. Im offended every time I see HALAL certified on any food so what do I do simply dont buy the product.You cair crybabies need to grow up and stop your unending whine about being offended.54 shitholes that dont have pork products so pick one and piss off

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